What are the Key Points for Judging the Quality of Car Video Recorders?

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As a China Auto Rear View Camera Supplier, let me share with you. The emergence of vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorders solved the confusion of related departments. The vehicle-mounted digital hard disk video recorder is a dedicated embedded digital hard disk video recorder that is installed on a mobile vehicle and integrates digital video recording, monitoring, entertainment, and advertising. The conditions it must meet are: it can use on-board power supply, miniaturization, shockproof, can record driving information and can realize value-added.

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

As a kind of monitoring equipment, car video recorder is relatively common in daily life. How do we judge the quality of car video recorder when we use it? At this time, we must look at four points.

1. First, observe the size and weight of the car video recorder and the material of the casing. A good quality car video recorder is generally small in size, and the material is selected from light and fast heat dissipation materials, and is waterproof, dustproof, and anti-theft. Features.

2. If the car video recorder is of high quality, the functions will be relatively complete and the video effect will be clear.

3. Generally speaking, the power supply of the vehicle is 12V or 24V. During the driving and charging of the vehicle, the voltage change is relatively large. If it is above the protection range, it will easily cause damage to the vehicle video recorder. Threats, we need to test the withstand voltage range and protection range of the car video recorder during the relevant testing process.

4. The car video recorder generally uses SD card as the storage medium, and it should have the ability to resist shock and collision.

Regarding the pros and cons of the car video recorder, see the above four points to make relevant judgments.

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