Do you know the Trend of Intelligent and Integrated Bus Monitoring?

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As a Mobile DVR Manufacturer, share with you. Intelligentization and integration are the technological development trends of vehicle monitoring. In terms of refinement, the system can achieve the following goals:

720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera

720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera

(1) Real-time monitoring of the situation in the vehicle and the process of vehicle transportation

The on-board driving record terminal can monitor or spot check the driving status of the vehicle at any time and other information. The system automatically processes and stores the information, can understand the driving status and operating environment of the vehicle in real time, and discover environmental or human problems in time, including random parking, irrelevant Ride and wait.

(2) Inquiry of transportation process information

You can inquire at any time the information of dangerous goods, highly toxic chemicals production and transportation enterprises, the release of laws and regulations concerning the management of highly toxic chemicals, and the list of highly toxic chemicals. You can query the name of the shipping unit, the name of the transport unit and the transportation route, the transportation related vehicles and transportation related personnel, the name and quantity of the transportation of highly toxic chemicals, and the validity period of the relevant road transportation permit.

(3) Emergency linkage for emergencies

Including traffic control at the accident site, evacuation of people around the accident site, emergency rescue of accidents, etc. Relevant information can be sent to the monitoring command center in real time to facilitate timely handling of the accident.

(4) Information processing after transportation

After the vehicle arrives at the transportation destination, it can download and query the vehicle driving recorder and video files through the wired/wireless network. The stored images and data information can be printed and played back, so as to check the vehicle running track and system operation log.

(5) Effectively improve services and improve safety prevention

During long-distance travel, there will be some conflicts and disputes between passengers, passengers and crew members from time to time, leading to frequent complaints from the company, especially when some passengers get off the bus and take other people’s luggage and belongings easily, because there is no force. There is no way to resolve the evidence, and the company’s image is greatly affected. After the video recording system is installed, it is possible to effectively control the embezzlement of public funds, such as the passing of passengers and the private collection of money and goods, at any time, while improving the quality of service.

(6) Improve safety and obtain evidence for accidents

Long-distance coaches have a long driving time, complicated road conditions and personnel, and there are many car bandits and road tyrants, which are prone to safety problems. Especially during the peak period of the Spring Festival travel season, there are many vicious traffic accidents involving stealing, snatching, abduction and cheating. Drivers' illegal operations and serious overloading often occur.

(7) Effectively urge drivers to operate in strict accordance with regulations, drive civilized, and improve driving safety.

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