What are the 7 Major Features of the Oil Tank Vehicle Monitoring Equipment?

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Today, at China Vehicle Cameras Manufacturers, we will introduce a series of functions and characteristics of oil tank vehicle monitoring equipment. In our business scope, oil tank vehicle monitoring equipment is one of the service areas.
Vehicle monitoring systems refer to in-vehicle electronic products that use GPS/Beidou and other satellite navigation technologies and wireless communication technologies to send vehicle location information to the operating platform in real time. Based on this product, the operating platform can provide services such as location tracking, trajectory playback, data return, anti-robbery and anti-theft, and information release. It is widely used in taxis, logistics vehicles, "two passengers and one danger" vehicles, engineering vehicles and other industry vehicles and Some passenger cars. The details are as follows:
180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera
180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera
Real-time: The vehicle terminal and the monitoring center communicate interactively through the 4G network, and the host can transmit audio and video at any time independently or according to the monitoring center's instructions.
Expansion functions: The motherboard has a wealth of expansion interfaces, supporting a variety of peripherals and the accompanying new functions.
Camera unit: 4 on-board cameras, real-time synchronized audio and video recording of vehicles, to provide evidence for handling disputes.
4G wireless video transmission: It can transmit the current situation in the vehicle to the control center in real time.
Vehicle positioning monitoring function: The terminal receives the current GPS positioning information of the vehicle in real time through the GPS receiving module, and sends positioning information to the center at a set time through 3G according to different situations. The monitoring center can store the vehicle's trajectory, which users can query at any time.
Remote download: remotely download audio and video files and device parameters wirelessly to facilitate maintenance, management and upgrades.
Power saving mode: The terminal is designed with a power saving mode. After the vehicle is turned off for a certain period of time (determined according to user requirements), the terminal automatically enters the power saving mode. In this mode, the terminal consumes very little power.
What are the main functions of installing surveillance cameras, mainly divided into the following six points for your analysis:
   1. Drivers and passengers cannot switch or delete video recordings;
  2. Can store 30 days of video data;
  3. Management personnel can inquire about relevant video data over time;
  4. Important video data can be backed up to other mobile hard disks or CDs, and there needs to be a time reminder on the backup video;
  5. The video quality is required to be clear, and the playback can clearly distinguish the characteristics and behavior of the perpetrator, which can be used as evidence in the court;
  6. It is required to have a power saving function, and the vehicle should not be affected by power loss on the next day.
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