Where is the Effect of Installing Bus Video Surveillance?

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As a China Vehicle Cameras Manufacturers, let me share with you. Video surveillance of passenger cars: Long-distance passenger cars are a mobile society, and it is difficult to obtain evidence for the following phenomena: passengers carrying dangerous goods in the car, stealing or robbing public security cases, driver's illegal operation, serious overloading, etc., passengers taking other people’s luggage when getting off the bus And items etc.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

During the operation of the vehicle, there will be some conflicts and disputes from time to time between the passengers, the driver and the drivers and passengers, which causes the company to be complained from time to time. Because there is no strong evidence, it is impossible to solve the problem, and the company's image is greatly affected. The driver cannot be effectively urged to operate in strict accordance with the regulations and drive in a civilized manner.

Video surveillance of passenger cars can improve citizens’ travel safety and reduce cases and accidents. Video surveillance of passenger cars can improve the level of internal management, can record the driving behavior of the driver on the vehicle and the work of the driver and passenger, and provide a reliable basis for service evaluation.

Camera 1: Installed behind the windshield, illuminating the outside of the car, and used to monitor the road and driving conditions in front of the car.

Camera 2: Installed at the front right of the car, illuminates the driver's position, and is used to monitor the behavior of the driver.

Cameras 3 and 4 are installed inside the carriage, illuminate the interior of the car, and monitor the behavior of passengers in the car.

Bus video monitoring system structure:

System design description

1. Front-end subsystem The front-end video acquisition system is composed of vehicle-mounted wireless video surveillance terminals, cameras, and alarm equipment. Among them, the network video server is the core equipment, which is responsible for uploading the video images collected by the camera to the monitoring center through WCDMA through WCDMA to realize the remote viewing of the video.

2. Bus video monitoring center

The central vehicle management server software:

The central vehicle management server software implements functions such as unified identity authentication and authority control, organization and role management and maintenance, centralized equipment configuration and maintenance management, and log management.

Communicating server software

Streaming media forwarding server software

3. Bus video surveillance client

(1) The monitoring host installs client software to realize the video browsing of each monitoring point

(2) The monitoring center is equipped with a network video decoder, which is responsible for decoding the digital signal collected from the front end to restore the image and sound to the TV wall.

(3) Built-in GPS receiver and hard disk video recording system, users can track the movement of the vehicle while browsing the video in the monitoring center, and fully understand the operation of the vehicle. The following is the functional interface to be completed later.

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