Do Sanitation Vehicles need to be Equipped with On-Board Monitoring?

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As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, share with you. For the current situation of environmental sanitation management, there are dead ends and inefficiencies in supervision, problems are not handled in time, accidents cannot be prevented, and punishment lacks effective evidence.

1. Realize the remote monitoring and visualization through vehicle and venue video, and the operation quality is clear at a glance.

2. All-round monitoring of people and vehicles in environmental sanitation operations, including vehicles, workers, public toilets, garbage bins, transfer stations, and garbage treatment plants, perfectly responds to the upgrade of the integrated environmental sanitation model.

3. Through ADAS and driving behavior analysis technology, supervise drivers to doze off while driving, smoking, making phone calls, changing lanes illegally, violent driving, neutral taxiing and other undesirable driving behaviors. Prevent traffic accidents, protect personal safety and reduce property losses.

4. Support mobile APP supervision and scheduling process, can work anytime and anywhere, improve supervision efficiency.

5. Collect data of people, vehicles and objects comprehensively, take advantage of big data analysis, automatically generate incident reports, and ensure that the management punishment is well-founded. It can also form an operation heat map and big data analysis to visually view the source, type, location and intensity of human, vehicle and physical events.

180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera

180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera

From a technical point of view, environmental sanitation information supervision is divided into three generations, namely location supervision, video supervision, and intelligent supervision.

The first generation is location supervision, supervisor + remote positioning. Supervisors can supervise the positions of people and vehicles, but the quality of operations requires on-site inspections.

The second generation is video supervision, supervisor + remote video. On the basis of the first generation, supervisors use remote video to check the quality of road cleaning, assist other technical means, monitor the timely cleaning of trash cans, and the cleaning of public toilets and transfer stations.

The third generation is intelligent supervision. Intelligent supervision is through intelligent analysis of video images, which can achieve four "automation", automatic monitoring, automatic alarming, automatic scheduling, and automatic report generation. There is no need for human supervision, which truly liberates manpower and improves the efficiency of supervision assessment, incident handling and post-mortem accountability.

For example, when an environmental sanitation vehicle is not cleaned or garbage is dripping along the road, intelligent environmental sanitation supervision will automatically find problems during the operation, and will notify the supervisor and the driver to check and deal with it in time, and automatically generate text, picture and video reports. Do the first time to find the problem, solve the problem, avoid the problem from expanding, and blame it efficiently and conveniently.

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