What are the Intelligent Applications of Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Terminals in the Field of Public Transportation?

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As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, share with you. At present, all large and medium-sized cities are promoting the development strategy of "low-carbon travel and public transport priority" according to national requirements. How to ensure the safe and efficient operation of public transport vehicles and the effective use of limited public transport vehicles and personnel resources have become a problem that confuses public transport industry managers. 

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What kind of intelligent applications can mobile terminals have in the field of public transportation? And what development bottlenecks and management problems currently encountered by public transit operators can be solved?

From the perspective of bus operation history, the bus industry has long used manual road slips as the basis for vehicle operation scheduling and statistics, and various human factors have seriously affected the authenticity, effectiveness, and timeliness of operating data, resulting in difficulty in reducing the ratio of people to vehicles. Affecting the economic benefits of the enterprise. The intelligent bus monitoring and dispatching system has evolved the driving waybill and vehicle dispatching process into an information and graphical stage, which has improved the timeliness of management and the accuracy of data, so that the staff in the enterprise can truly handle their affairs in accordance with the corresponding regulations.

Through effective and real-time data and information collection, HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR analyzes various operational economic indicators of bus companies, which can comprehensively reflect the company's operations, by integrating single-vehicle single-person operation data, various types of operating income data, and vehicle oil and gas consumption data. situation. The use of intelligent bus monitoring and dispatching system will also shorten the total travel time, improve vehicle operation efficiency and operation uniformity, so that under the same travel distance conditions, compared with other transportation modes, the bus can provide a more convenient and rapid mode of transportation. Attract more travelers and provide high-level services.

The intelligent bus monitoring and dispatching system collects and stores information such as operation, maintenance, revenue and expenditure in the operation link in the form of computerized electronic data, measures the performance of bus management through cost-benefit indicators, and comprehensively evaluates drivers, vehicles, and routes. It is beneficial for public transport enterprises to improve the overall management level without increasing management costs.

The two most important tasks of public transportation companies are operation management and engine management. Operation management is money-making work, and engine management is money-consuming work. When there is not much change in capacity and passenger flow, "open source and cost-saving" has become an important means to improve corporate efficiency. Based on actual operational statistics, the intelligent bus monitoring and dispatching system provides the locomotive work with the relevant bus vehicle operating conditions and even the relevant data of the body parts, so that the locomotive maintenance personnel can obtain the bus vehicle status first-hand, which can effectively improve the locomotive work effectiveness.

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