Is Car Video Surveillance Suitable for Summer?

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As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, share with you. Car video surveillance is a new type of video surveillance equipment designed specifically for the field of car security. It uses an embedded processor and embedded operating system, combining the latest H.264 audio and video compression / decompression technology in the IT field, GPS global positioning technology, 4G wireless communication technology, USB communication technology, advanced vehicle power management technology , GIS geographic information technology, applicable to all types of vehicles for 24-hour monitoring. The product can perform audio and video simultaneous recording, global positioning, wireless audio and video real-time transmission, and at the same time reserve a variety of interfaces on the host, which can be connected to vehicle-mounted equipment such as vehicle display, IC card vehicle, signal priority control system, passenger flow statistics system, etc. Fully consider the expansion needs of users. The product has a compact and simple appearance, low power consumption, no noise, flexible and convenient installation, stable system operation, and can be widely used in public transportation, long-distance passenger transportation, tourist buses, logistics and freight transportation, police law enforcement vehicles, trains, subways, ships, aircraft and other mobile transportation tool.

180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera

180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera

According to the road transportation safety requirements, each road passenger transportation enterprise should add video monitoring function to the self-built monitoring platform or the social satellite positioning system service provider enterprise monitoring platform to implement dynamic monitoring of the passenger passenger vehicles. Transport companies can find drivers 'bad driving behaviors in real time through video, standardize driving operations, and monitor and store drivers' smoking, calling mobile phones, speeding, overloading, fatigue driving and other illegal behaviors in real time, and store them As a basis for punishing the driver, further strengthen the management of safety sources; if an accident occurs, the stored video of the on-board video terminal can be accessed for judgment and analysis, similar to the "black box" common on aircraft.

Vehicle video surveillance system, as an important branch of video surveillance in the security industry, plays an important role in protecting passenger safety and governing passenger car speeding and overloading. Vehicle monitoring applications from public transportation industry to ordinary Volkswagen will be more and more widely used, and its market still has great potential.

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