Will Vehicle Monitoring be More Convenient in the Future?

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As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, share with you. The vehicle operation monitoring system has long been a key area for the development of intelligent public transportation. Internationally, systems such as IVHS in the United States and VICS in Japan have implemented intelligent public transportation management and information services by establishing effective information communication between vehicles and roads.

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

In the context of the booming of science and technology, the transportation industry is undergoing an unprecedented major transformation. Traditional manual scheduling, semi-automatic scheduling, and pure GPS / BD scheduling will gradually be replaced by intelligent scheduling. The wide application of big data mining technologies based on Internet of Vehicles and OBD can not only change the function and information level of in-vehicle video terminals, and form new industries, but also will reform transportation management and service methods, and transform and upgrade the transportation industry. Play an important supporting role.

In the construction of intelligent transportation system, "high definition" has become an inevitable development trend. The entire video surveillance system has been changed from a "visible" video security system to a "visible" HD networking system, and following the principle of "built for use, used for battle", the intelligence of "seeing clearly" has begun 1. System construction for business integration application.

High-definition is not just the application of a single high-definition technology, but starts with the actual business application needs of intelligent transportation, and can adapt to all the requirements of the city to control the high-definition image quality. The control surface of the entire city is in a complex and diverse application "eco-environment". Therefore, the construction of high-definition intelligent transportation systems needs to choose their own suitable high-definition solutions according to the different characteristics of different application scenarios. High-definition in-vehicle recording is bound to be the future A development direction.

In the storage system management of vehicle-mounted terminals in the past, managers have to face different storage devices, and devices from different manufacturers have different management interfaces, so that managers must understand the usage status (capacity, load, etc.) of each storage medium. The work is complicated and heavy. Moreover, in the vehicle vibration environment, the traditional storage medium hard drive is very easy to damage, resulting in data loss, but cloud storage will not, if the hard drive is broken, the data will be automatically migrated to another hard drive, greatly reducing the work of managers burden.

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