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As a 1080P HD Car DVR Supplier, share with you. In today's transportation, vehicle monitoring has become an indispensable part. With the rapid development of technology and the growth of global car ownership, with the rapid increase in the demand for public travel, how to provide a safer and more convenient car environment has attracted more and more people's attention, and the car monitoring system has become a traffic An important part of travel, while adding a "lock" to the taxi industry, also guarantees the safety interests of drivers and passengers.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Taxi video surveillance management is a win-win situation for drivers and passengers. For passengers, during the driving process, the presence of video surveillance will make drivers more vigilant during driving, safe driving, and civilized driving, and reduce the probability of drivers asking for prices, refusing to load, and bypassing. In case of missing items, the driver can call the monitor to find the lost owner, and the lost owner can also retrieve the items through the monitoring. At present, taxi monitoring has not only recorded the picture, but also recorded the sound, so that it can be completely reproduced.

After talking about the advantages of installing video surveillance in a taxi, let's talk about video surveillance itself. With the gradual popularization of 4G and 5G networks, the network bandwidth has increased exponentially, which can meet the needs of video data transmission with high frame rate and high image quality. The in-vehicle video surveillance solution that used to be mainly local recording gradually developed towards systemization, networking and platformization.

The vehicle monitoring system on the market today combines the latest video and audio codec technology, vehicle power management technology, wireless network communication technology, global satellite positioning technology, vehicle vibration reduction technology, and GIS geographic information technology in the cutting-edge technology field, which can meet the needs of vehicles. In the process of driving and operation, the requirements for the collection, storage, transmission and analysis of information such as internal environment, external environment, body running status, etc., effectively monitor and manage vehicles and personnel.

It can ensure that the vehicle is adapted to the momentary low pressure and transient high pressure situation, avoiding the blurring or smearing of the monitoring screen due to vibration. During the operation of the vehicle, it will also be able to export the internal heat of the device to prevent dust from entering and ensure that the device works normally. Ensure connection reliability and signal transmission integrity, ensure the loss of video data at the moment of sudden power failure, ensure the smoothness of the remote preview of the central platform, and also bring a one-key emergency alarm mechanism, which can be linked to the relevant department to formulate an emergency response to the scene. Handling plans.

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