What is the Implementation and Application of On-Board Monitoring System for Logistics Vehicles?

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As a China Vehicle DVR Supplier, share with you. During the implementation of the on-board monitoring system for logistics vehicles, it can better enhance the level of safe operation in the field of logistics. Especially for the transportation of hazardous materials, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of the entire transportation to achieve some safety issues such as explosion and leakage during transportation, and further realize the safety of logistics vehicle transportation. At the same time, it can also improve the quality of the monitoring of the transportation environment of logistics vehicles related to fresh foods and refrigerated medicines and other commodities, and be able to understand the status of the goods at any time to achieve the quality management of transported foods and drugs.

180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera

180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera

(1) Monitoring on the way

180 Degree Wide View Waterproof Camera uses GPS / BD to understand the location of the transportation vehicle and monitor in real time throughout the shipment. You can track the geographic location and situation of all goods during transportation at any time, and transmit the flow and situation data of the goods to the monitoring center.

(2) Dangerous goods monitoring

The on-board monitoring system of logistics vehicles has a high value in the process of logistics management of dangerous goods. The on-board monitoring system of logistics vehicles can be used to monitor the situation of dangerous goods at any time. If the warning value is exceeded, an immediate alarm will be given to further guarantee the logistics tracking, monitoring and control of dangerous goods.

(3) Cold chain logistics monitoring

In the process of cold chain logistics, commodities are very susceptible to the intervention of external temperature, humidity and other factors, resulting in corruption and deterioration. If you want to maintain the quality and application value of products that are not easy to preserve, you should put perishable products in the lower temperature environment that they need to keep them fresh. Therefore, the vehicle on-board monitoring system is used in cold chain logistics to monitor the temperature and humidity of the goods under freezing conditions, which is convenient for logistics monitoring workers to quickly adjust to ensure the quality of the goods.

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