What is the Importance of Rear View Waterproof IR Car Camera to Dangerous Transport Vehicles?

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As a Vehicle Car Camera Factory, share with you. In recent years, there have been frequent accidents in the transportation market. How to better ensure the safety of people's lives and property is an urgent problem faced by the entire transportation industry. In particular, if an accident occurs in a dangerous goods transportation vehicle, if it is not handled in time, it will not only threaten the vehicle itself, but also cause injury to surrounding vehicles or personnel. Using on-board video surveillance can understand the status of the vehicle in real time, eliminate the potential danger of the vehicle or deal with the accident that has occurred in time, so as to avoid or reduce losses. At present, the coverage of Vehicle Car Camera for domestic passenger transportation has been initially fully covered. The collected video, position, and speed information are usually monitored by passenger vehicle companies for real-time monitoring. However, major passenger vehicle traffic accidents are still forbidden, and the monitoring effect cannot meet the needs of regulatory authorities and passenger transport companies, nor is it enough to satisfy the people.

Rear View Waterproof IR Car Camera

Rear View Waterproof IR Car Camera

The on-board video recorder is connected to the Rear View Waterproof IR Car Camera to realize real-time monitoring of the vehicle's surrounding environment, fuel inlets / outlets, driving positions, tank trucks and other key parts to ensure full and effective control of the situation of the vehicle and various regions. Need to be able to view any one or more channels of video within the jurisdiction at any time, to achieve video recording, playback, snapshot and other functions.

If there is an unexpected situation, you can press the alarm button or other abnormal conditions to send out alarm information. You can promptly notify the relevant personnel to go to the scene for proper handling, and can record all the incidents for future verification and evidence collection. The monitoring center prompts through sound and light alarm, voice alarm and other methods, and automatically records the alarm, pops up the scene monitoring screen, and supports mobile phone monitoring.

As more and more industry users pay attention to vehicle explosion-proof cameras, vehicle explosion-proof cameras are developing in the direction of intelligence, high-definition and industry segmentation. Car explosion-proof cameras have also developed from a single image surveillance to a more professional solution.

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