Is In-Vehicle Monitoring the Core of Intelligent Transportation?

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As a Car DVR Wholesale, share with you. The on-board monitoring system is an advanced integrated information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology that is effectively integrated and applied to the entire ground traffic management system. Real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation management system.

A complete vehicle monitoring system consists of traffic information service system, traffic management system, public transportation system, vehicle control system, freight management system, electronic toll collection system, emergency rescue system and other parts. In today's society, due to economic development and the acceleration of urbanization, public transportation, long-distance passenger transport, school buses, taxis, etc. have become the main means of transportation for the public. Travel safety has become an issue of increasing concern to the society. However, traffic accidents caused by traffic congestion, illegal driving, fatigue driving, overloading, overweight, poor management, etc. are frequent. In China, more than 100,000 people die each year from traffic accidents. The issue of public transport safety has become a focus of public concern.

AHD IPC Hybrid Mobile DVR

AHD IPC Hybrid Mobile DVR

In order to improve transportation pressure and reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, in addition to constructing new modes of transportation, the government is also vigorously promoting the construction of intelligent transportation systems. It is hoped that more modes of travel and scientific methods will be used to promote the transformation of the entire transportation industry In order to make the entire society's traffic smoother, more convenient and safer, this is also a problem that must be solved for social development. The solution to this problem is to build a scientific and intelligent transportation system, and Vehicle Car Camera is the core of the intelligent transportation system.

Through the professional power supply design effect of the on-board monitoring system, it will achieve a more impulse-like environmental display through the fluctuation effect of the power supply voltage on the car side. Through the realization of the function, it will obtain more aspects through the display and more Multifaceted extensions maximize the performance of the performance process.

Through the corresponding display effect, more powerful function display will be achieved. According to the user's related needs, the user's selection effect will be achieved through the function effect. The maximum display of equipment conditions will be achieved through compression and recording. The effect of video image files is realized with a black box display function.

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