What Developments does the Good Market Environment Bring to the Vehicle Surveillance Video Recorder?

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As a Vehicle Car Camera Factory, share with you. For vehicle monitoring, the biggest dilemma is the challenge of stability. HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR is an unavoidable problem for the stability requirements of the device itself and the environmental response to high temperature or frequent vibration in the car. With the gradual "normalization" of vehicle monitoring applications, especially for the further demand for high-definition and stability of equipment. The quality of a car video recorder is no longer measured by a simple role.

1080P 3G 4G GPS WIFI Mobile DVR

1080P 3G 4G GPS WIFI Mobile DVR

Therefore, in addition to ensuring normal work in special environments, as an important monitoring terminal, how to improve the working performance of the device is also a development requirement that can not be avoided in future vehicle monitoring storage devices.

In the field of transportation, intelligent on-board monitoring can rely on this mobile carrier of vehicles. It is also a reliable statistical method for road motion detection, object tracking, and license plate recognition.

Recently, many vehicle hard disk video recorders have added intelligent modules for face detection and license plate recognition. The intelligent modules can be used to analyze and process face information and license plate information. In the future, other intelligent modules will be added according to the needs of customers in various industries. However, how to achieve the linkage with the system and play its role more steadily, it is still technically necessary for vehicle monitoring storage to be further improved.

In fact, for the management of intelligent cities, the positioning of buses is the direction that many cities are studying. At present, if you look at a single positioning function, today's positioning applications are not a hassle. However, if you can combine positioning and real-time monitoring, it is actually a more cost-effective application.

Objectively speaking, vehicle monitoring has become a trend of current monitoring expansion. Whether in the safe city or the monitoring field, this is an effective and irreversible application. Therefore, this also puts forward higher requirements for hard disk recorders. Although the application of on-board monitoring is still very rudimentary and has limited functions, the road to this application is destined to be long-term and broad.

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