What should I Pay Attention to Before and After Installing the SD Card Mobile DVR ?

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1. Long-distance buses have the characteristics of complicated road conditions, fast speeds, and long bodywork. It is recommended to install two or more hemisphere cameras to monitor the door and the interior of the vehicle. The baggage claim port is monitored for video.

2. The bus is crowded and the environment inside the car is relatively poor. Therefore, the car SD card recorder and hard disk recorder are required to have higher performance in terms of shock resistance and temperature adaptation. On an air-conditioned bus, the temperature in the southern summer car can reach about 50 degrees, and the northern winter temperature can reach -20 degrees or even lower. In this environment, the car SD card recorder hard disk recorder does not have good characteristics. It is difficult to meet this requirement. In cars without good anti-vibration, anti-vibration shock is also unattainable by ordinary hard disk video recorders. To monitor no blind spots and dead corners, it is best to install four cameras.

3. Equipped with on-board SD card video recorder and hard disk video recorder in public security, fire protection, and urban management law enforcement vehicles, this has been very common in many developed countries abroad, and it has gradually risen in China. Car SD card video recorder and hard disk video recorder can record the entire process of law enforcement by law enforcement officers, as evidence of law enforcement officers, can also monitor the process of law enforcement officers, and improve the level of law enforcement officers. The hard disk video recorder of law enforcement vehicles is generally equipped with an LCD display and a PTZ control interface. Law enforcement officers can control the camera's camera position and zoom parameters through manipulation keys. In this way, the hard disk video recorder can record information about the external conditions of the vehicle at different angles and distances on the hard disk.

4. Other special vehicles such as postal vehicles, banknote transport vehicles, hospital emergency vehicles, school student pick-up vehicles, logistics distribution vehicles, customs supervision vehicles and dangerous goods transport vehicles, etc. can be installed with 1-4 cameras according to monitoring needs, optional infrared Waterproof or telephoto zoom type.

5. SD Card Mobile DVR is recommended to be installed behind the driver's seat or on the luggage rack. Pay attention to the following points during installation: a. The SD card recorder and hard disk recorder on the car must be installed horizontally. Box; b. Car SD card video recorder hard disk video recorder must be installed firmly; c. Car SD card video recorder hard disk video recorder must not be installed near the engine (too hot) or where it cannot dissipate heat. Keep a space of at least 15-20CM around the machine to ensure that Ventilation and heat dissipation; d. The car SD card recorder is designed to be non-closed due to the need for ventilation, so pay attention to waterproofing.

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