Is it Better to Use EMMC Memory Chips for Vehicle Monitoring or HDD?

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In recent years, the development of automotive intelligence is getting higher and higher, which will greatly change the car's demand for data storage. Vehicle DVR is more and more widely used in vehicles. It uses embedded processors and embedded operating systems, combined with many technologies in the industry, to achieve 24-hour monitoring of various vehicle models. It is mainly used in public transportation such as long-distance buses, urban buses, trains, and subway light rails. It is also becoming increasingly popular in public security, fire protection, and urban management law enforcement vehicles, as well as other special vehicles such as postal vehicles, banknote transport vehicles, and emergency vehicles.

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Those who like photography will know that a tripod is often used to prevent video jitter during the video shooting process, and the vehicle VDR is not recorded in real time in static, which requires more stringent equipment hardware. A high quality, high reliability, High-endurance storage devices are essential. HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR must be able to ensure that the data of high-definition surveillance video signals are recorded and stored 24 hours a day, continuously and stably, and that they can work normally under extreme weather conditions. These seem simple, but in reality they face many challenges.

Technical challenges

For in-vehicle DVR, stability is the first problem to be solved. Large vibrations, unstable voltage, frequent power failures, large temperature changes, excessive dust, and strong interference. These harsh environmental factors affect the normal operation of the monitoring system.

24 hours continuous work: Car DVR has multiple cameras in front of the car, behind the car, the driver, and inside the cabin. Multi-line, long-term, high-definition video data is continuously written. How to ensure the integrity and reliability of data records? As a Vehicle Car Camera Factory, share with you.

Meet different operating environments: frequent vibrations, frequent power outages, unstable power supply systems, extreme temperature differences between the north and south in summer and winter, how can such a harsh driving environment keep the stability of on-board SSD operation?

Large storage capacity requirements: Multi-line, long-term, continuous writing of high-definition video surveillance data, coupled with the storage requirements of extended applications such as automotive black boxes, the capacity of automotive DVR storage products must be large enough.


At present, the superiority of SSD and EMMC products using next-generation NAND Flash as the storage medium is mainly reflected in the upgrade and replacement of traditional HDD and NOR Flash. Manufacturers of automotive application equipment tend to use SSD and EMMC products with better reliability and performance. Therefore, in the field of vehicle storage, in addition to meeting performance, cost, and capacity requirements, it is more basic that they must meet vehicle-grade standards to ensure stable and durable use in harsh driving environments.

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