What are the main features of Vehicle DVR system?

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As a China Vehicle DVR Supplier, I would like to share with you the main features of the vehicle video surveillance system:

(1) Wide voltage, because the car's power supply is an inverter power supply voltage range between 8-32 volts, so the power board of the host is required to have the above function;

(2) Multi-level physical and electronic shock-absorbing structure should be adopted; for example, the motherboard components should be avoided as much as possible, and the motherboard should be installed and fixed with shock-absorbing; 

(3) Professional and convenient installation interface. Our company's SD6000CH series uses standard aviation connectors, which can avoid the short circuit and disconnection of the line caused by bumps in the car after installation.

Mini Car DVR 2-CH 1080P 4G GPS WiFi Mobile DVR

1080P 4G GPS WIFI Mobile DVR

(4) The use environment of the vehicle monitoring system is relatively harsh, so it is also necessary for the main host itself to have certain characteristics of high temperature resistance, dust resistance and impact resistance. Our company has 1080P 4G GPS WIFI Mobile DVR on sale.

(5) When facing manufacturers, do manufacturers only provide individual components under monitoring, or provide a complete system? At present, domestic manufacturers have different sales and service models. Our company is currently providing customers with professional system solutions, not only providing a full range of multi-price system supporting products. For example, economy, H.264, luxury, etc. to meet the needs of customers in various industries, in addition to supporting protective boxes, cameras, pickups, etc. Hot Issue Nine: When did domestic vehicle monitoring systems begin to be used? Which cities have installations? How effective? Domestic vehicle monitoring needs have begun to rise in 2003, but with the development of the market, vehicle products have gradually moved from low-end MJPEG products. The transition to mid-range MEPG2 and high-end H.264 products, the stability of the product has also been greatly improved during the market test and maturation process, and the application areas of the product have gradually shifted from special vehicles such as public inspection methods, banknote transport vehicles to civilian vehicles Transformation, the market coverage is getting wider and wider;

Nowadays, large cities in China have installed on-board monitoring such as: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Dalian, etc. From the effect of the current installation, it mainly plays the following functions: (1) Video recording of banknote transport vehicles: the vehicle running time Monitor the video with the entourage and the external environment of the banknote transport vehicle to ensure the security of the banknote transport vehicle and cash box, which can avoid some accidents. (2) Long-distance bus video: Because the long-distance bus travels a long time, has a long distance, and has a large number of people on and off, passengers also need to sleep (night bus), and criminal acts occur from time to time; especially the theft, robbery, and other vicious events on the way It is very large; and the crimes committed by criminals are not easy to leave evidence; therefore, the monitoring of long-distance vehicles is urgent. Our company also has 4ch Double SD Card Mobile DVR on sale, welcome to consult.

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