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At present, in urban bus, long-distance passenger transportation, traffic management, transportation law enforcement, bank escort and other industries, the demand for car video recorders is growing. Facing a brand-new huge HD Mobile Camera market, many engineering companies are choosing how to choose products. Worries, many engineering companies are frightened by in-vehicle engineering because they have used inferior products, and how many of them have inferior products because of after-sales service and are burnt out. After the market is flooded with all kinds of car video recorders, many manufacturers use ordinary desktop hard disk recorders The change was made when the car DVR was sold, which seriously affected the normal development of the car monitoring industry. The editor briefed a few points on the method of selecting a car video recorder, which aims to attract a lot of attention, and also hopes to contribute a little to the regulation of the car monitoring industry.

Taxi has brought a lot of convenience to our life, but in recent years, some news has also caused many residents to worry about the safety of taxi rides. The appearance of monitoring equipment on the car has added a sense of security to the residents' riding experience.

At present, many taxis have been equipped with 4G HD 1080p Integration PTZ Camera in the car. The three cameras in the car can monitor the driver's illegal driving, overcrowding and the situation in the car in real time to ensure the safety of the driving process. There is a danger warning help button under the steering wheel. If the driver finds a dangerous situation, he can immediately trigger an alarm device, and the monitoring platform center can find it at any time.

720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera

720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera

After installing on-board monitoring equipment, it is not only passengers who are at ease. Our drivers are also at ease. Monitoring is a constraint on many unlawful or uncivilized behaviors. It is also a protection for us. In case of disputes, many unnecessary disputes can be avoided. Passengers are safer and rest assured, and the rights and interests of our taxi drivers can be protected.

After the intelligent video surveillance system for the bus is installed, it can monitor the position of the bus, the driving status of the vehicle, the real-time speed, the working status of the equipment, and the working status of the camera in real time.

All the way cameras can capture the driving status of the driver in real time. It is found that the driver smokes, calls, and is tired driving. The monitoring center can call the police and remind the driver by phone. One of the cameras captures the front of the vehicle and has a driving recorder function. When traffic occurs, the responsibilities of both parties can be clearly defined. The other camera monitors the cabin in an all-round way to prevent petty theft and acts that endanger public safety. The last camera can take passengers on and off the vehicle to prevent them from falling or getting caught when they close the door. Our company also has 720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera on sale, if you need, please consult.

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