How to choose HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR correctly?

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First of all, there needs to be a power-saving function: when the vehicle is stopped, if the HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR is operated for a long time, it will cause certain loss to the car battery, which may cause the vehicle to lose power and fail to start, reducing the service life of the battery and increasing the cost of the vehicle. . Maybe some engineering companies will solve the problem by connecting the power to the switch, but the driver can control the switch of the device, and can't fully monitor it. In addition, when the device is working, the power will cause great damage to the hard disk and reduce the use of the hard disk. Life expectancy increases costs. The company's products fully take this into account, and consume less than 1W in power-saving state.

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

Secondly, we need to have automatic recording function: we all know that it is a little effort to let the customer click the video button, but the customer often forgets the key one when actually using it, and then tells you that the device has no video data, the customer is God, so the labor cost, The time cost is increasing, making the product more humane, which is also a key point for the company to consider when designing products.

The third need to have anti-crash function: the vehicle environment is complex, and various accidents may occur, ensuring that the device can automatically recover after an accident, which is an important condition for selecting a product.

The fourth is to consider the simplicity of data backup: customers need to save the video data in the event of an accident. When choosing a car video recorder product, you should consider the convenience of backup, and you need to have a direct copy backup function.

Second, the car video recorder power supply design The power supply design of the car video recorder is very particular.

Because the car's power supply is mainly from the car battery, the voltage output from the battery is very unstable during the start and running of the car. Especially when the ignition is performed, the voltage will be pulled low by the engine. When the throttle is pressed, the voltage may rise. Very high, occasional transient voltages may exceed 48V, so the power supply design of the car DVR product is required to adapt to this environment. The company's car U disk recorder product operating voltage range of 12V-36V wide voltage design, anti-shock voltage range of 7V ~ 60V, in order to ensure that the device works normally at low voltage, can also protect the device in the event of transient high voltage Not damaged.

Third, the car video recorder file system design

Car video recorders can be said to be an emerging product, and HDD Mobile DVR Factory do not have the design experience of file systems. Many car video recorder products on the market are extended to the ordinary DVR file system. These file systems are very fragile and cannot cope. Various abnormal conditions appearing on the vehicle, such as incomplete files caused by sudden power failure, unrecognized discs when replacing the hard disk, and broken files cannot be played normally. With more than ten years of file system design and four years of experience in car video recorder development, the company has developed a special file system for car video recorder products, which has strong stability and will not work properly due to various abnormal conditions. Our company also has Mini 3 4G WIFI Dual SD Card Cameras for sale. Welcome everyone to consult.

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