In which ways do you buy a car DVR?

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Nowadays, urban bus, long-distance passenger transport, traffic management, transport law enforcement, bank escort and other industries have become increasingly demanding for car video recorders. In the face of a new huge Vehicle Car Camera market, many engineers have chosen how to choose products. Worrying, many engineering companies are afraid of in-vehicle engineering because they have used inferior products, and how many engineering commercials have inferior products because of after-sales service, and the market is full of various car video recorders, many manufacturers will ordinary desktop hard disk recorders When the change was made, the car DVR was sold, which seriously affected the normal development of the car monitoring industry. Xiao Bian briefly describes the method of selecting a car video recorder, aiming to inspire the jade, and hopes to provide a small force for the standard vehicle monitoring industry.

First of all, we have to talk about the car video recorder enterprise. At present, there are quite a lot of so-called car video recorder companies in China, which have no name, no research and development capabilities, no professional technology, purely water-fishing, and the pursuit of short-term benefits, and users have bought these. The products guaranteed are "a pity that tastes no taste."

The current Vehicle Car Black Box Manufacturers I think can be divided into three categories:

The first category is professional R&D and production. These companies have completely developed their own design products. At least 3 years experience in R&D of car video recorders. Such companies may have fewer products, but the product quality is reliable, and customers can get many follow-ups. Technical support;

The second category is production and processing. Such enterprises generally use the public board program for production. The public board solution is provided by the chip manufacturers for selling chips. It is evolved from the function demonstration board, and generally only realizes functions, and stability is difficult. Guaranteed, such enterprises reduce costs through mass production, but product quality and subsequent technical support are often unsatisfactory;

The third category is OEM manufacturers. Such manufacturers purchase products from other companies and sell them to their own company brands. The technology is almost blank.

SD Card Mobile DVR

SD Card Mobile DVR

In addition, there is still a freak in the SD Card Mobile DVR market. They generally do ordinary desktop DVRs. They simply use ordinary desktop DVRs to be sold as car DVRs. These products are not professional car video recorders. Class manufacturers do not discuss. Professional car video recorder R & D manufacturers are the premise of selecting products, then how to judge the pros and cons of the products? The analysis will be carried out in terms of product functions, file system, power processing, and shockproof processing. Product stability is a comprehensive factor. Unlike some manufacturers, the most important thing is power supply design, or shockproof design, or documentation. System design, in fact, every point is very important, any design flaws will affect product stability.

The function of the car video recorder product should be clear first: the video data should reach D1 (720*576) resolution. If the video is not clear, there is no monitoring significance.

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