Car DVR requirements and related analysis of Vehicle Car Monitor

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  As a China Car DVR Provider, there is some information to share with you. In the current fast-paced society, as the market demand continues to increase, the car hard drive is also updated in time. With the advent of 4G networks, the in-vehicle DVR system has quickly entered people's eyes, and creating a safe and scientific management system for vehicles has become a major trend in the future development of 4G. Car DVR products are mainly used in long-distance passenger cars, intercity buses, tourist buses, and marine scenic yachts.

  Improve the income and service quality, effectively prevent the passengers from taking passengers in the middle of the journey, and accepting various disputes in the cash register to improve the image efficiency of the company. Count the number of passengers, control the number of drivers overloaded, and effectively alleviate contradictions and disputes within the car. Prevent drivers from driving illegally, provide comfortable and thoughtful service for passengers, and create a good driving environment. Improve the safety of the journey, reduce the occurrence of cases and accidents, long-distance bus travel time, road conditions and personnel complex, more rut roads, especially during the Spring Festival, various types of safety problems are easy to occur, through the 3G video surveillance system, passenger transport company and management part at any time Real-time vehicle monitoring screens can be obtained remotely via the internet, remote recording, timely and effective discovery of vehicle problems, car wifi.

Vehicle Car Monitor

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  The intelligent bus integrated machine provides passengers with internet access and enriches passengers' rides. The intelligent bus integrated machine provides WIFI account for passengers through 4G Vehicle Car Monitor China to realize online surfing, mail sending and receiving, and viewing geographical location services, which is convenient for passengers and enriches the journey life. The intelligent bus integrated machine controls the vehicle in all directions, and the command center can inquire at any time the location of the vehicle, historical data analysis, video playback, etc., oil loss. The intelligent bus integrated machine command center can cut off the oil circuit at any time, track the whole process, effectively manage the fleet and save costs.

  Although security hardware has matured in the industry, there is still a considerable gap in the construction of supporting software systems. The subsystems do not match each other, the standards are not uniform, and they cannot be merged together. How to achieve better openness and sharing requires a standard to follow. Promoting industry standardization still requires the joint efforts of relevant government authorities and industry players.

  Not only will it be targeted for different industry applications, but it will also be tailored to specific customer needs. For buses, passenger cars, public security law enforcement vehicles, taxis, etc., there should be different products and different solutions to meet.

  The development trend of vehicle monitoring systems has been highlighted. With the strategic mission of “four traffic”, from the perspective of safe transportation and smart transportation, the million-high-definition vehicle monitoring system is essential as an important guarantee in traffic operation. The government department has always been the biggest driving force for the development of the vehicle monitoring system market. In the next two years, the million-high-definition vehicle monitoring system will be normalized, and the million-inch high-definition vehicle-mounted monitoring system is about to usher in its peak. Our company also has a Police Mobile DVR for sale. Welcome to come and consult.

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