Mobile DVR is smarter with demanding application requirements.

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  As a Mobile DVR Manufacturer, there is some information to share with you.

    Mobile DVR, a digital video recorder for mobile phones, is a digital video recording monitoring device, mainly used for public transportation such as long-distance buses, city buses, trains, subway light rails, etc. In public security, fire fighting, urban management law enforcement vehicles, and other such as postal vehicles. Special vehicles such as cash transport vehicles and ambulances are also becoming more and more popular. For the vehicle DVR, stability is the first problem to be solved. Vibration, voltage instability, frequent power failure, large temperature changes, dust, and strong interference all affect the normal operation of the monitoring system.

Mobile DVR

Mobile DVR

  In the face of the demanding application requirements of in-vehicle DVRs, high-quality, high-reliability, high-endurance storage devices are crucial. It can ensure high-definition surveillance video signal data is recorded, saved and stable all the time. Customer requirements seem simple, but in fact they face many challenges.

  • 7x24 hours of continuous work: The vehicle DVR has multiple cameras in front of the car, behind the car, inside the driver, inside the cabin. Multi-route, long-term, high-definition video data is continuously written. How to ensure the integrity and reliability of data recording?

  • Poor operating environment: frequent vibrations, frequent power outages, unstable power supply systems, extreme temperature differences between summer and winter in the north and south, and how to maintain the stability of on-board SSD operation in such a bad driving environment.

  • Large data storage: multi-route, long-term, continuous writing of high-definition video surveillance data, plus the storage requirements of extended applications such as car black box, the capacity of the car DVR storage product must be large enough.

  Car DVR is developing towards intelligent direction, such as adding face recognition, number of people statistics, ADAS+SDM and other functions, which puts higher requirements on monitoring data storage and calculation. Our company in the field of vehicle storage, we guarantee the design of the program and products with high reliability, to protect the safe driving, our products have SD Card Mobile DVR, etc, welcome to come to consult.

  At the same time, the development history of vehicle monitoring can also be said to be the history of the innovation of the car video recorder anti-shock system and power management system. Here, we briefly describe the three important technological innovations of the car video recorder for more than 10 years.

  The first generation of car production was derived from the general monitoring DVR. Due to the lack of backward technology and experience, the first generation of cars inevitably has more problems. The most important ones are the power system and the anti-shock system. The shortage of the first generation of vehicle power system is a relatively simple transformer technology, which is the main reason for the first generation of cars to burn the motherboard; the shockproof system is also very simple, using ordinary rubber column shockproof, which It is also an important reason why the first-generation car DVR is very easy to damage the hard disk. Due to the slow development of the market, the first generation of vehicles had a relatively breakthrough improvement around 2008. However, due to the low cost of the first generation of anti-vibration systems, some low-end video recorders still use this old and backward anti-shock device.

  The second generation of car: In 2008, about 20,000 sets of buses in Shenzhen were equipped with on-board monitoring, which ignited the engine of the vehicle monitoring market, and the car video recorders developed rapidly. GPS positioning and 3G remote monitoring have been applied; due to the constraints of shock resistance, SD card recorders have also been derived during this period, providing convenience for users who do not need to save long-term recordings.

  The third generation of car: Due to the rapid expansion of the vehicle monitoring market, the experience of vehicle monitoring has been accumulated, the technology has been improved, and the product has been redesigned and improved with the mass use of the product.

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