School Bus Solution

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School Bus Solution

Mobile DVR Accessories

1. Student RFID reader: When one student gets on the bus and swipe his/her card, the monitor will increase 
the number(student:1)….like this, also on the Mobile DVR Accessories will show student ID on the log to match and relevant card information on the 
CMS client, once arrive the destination, one student get off and swipe the card, it will increase the number accordingly, also log and 
CMS client has a relevant number accordingly. 
2. Driver RFID reader: Install at the back of school bus, the driver has to walk the back to make ACC OFF to swipe the driver RFID 
reader, because the driver has to make sure all students are left before vehicle ACC OFF. 
3. After ACC off, MDVR connects UPS battery and set motion detection, if has someone walk nearby the school bus, alarm speaker will “beep” sound, High Performance SD Card Mobile DVR will create a recording and send video to CMS client. 
4. Stop sign, it’s separately products. When the bus stop, it will open and protect. 
5. OTA SMS command: If MDVR is not working well, you can use the SIM card to send the MDVR’s SIM card’s number to reboot, GPS 
location, device ID, etc….

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