What should I Pay Attention to Before and After Installing the SD Card Mobile DVR ?

As a Mobile Surveillance System Manufacturer , share with you. Mini 3 4G WIFI Dual SD Card Cameras 1. Long-distance buses have the characteristics of complicated road conditions, fast speeds, and long bodywork. It is recommended to install two or more hemisphere cameras to monitor the door and the interior of the vehicle. The baggage claim port is monitored for video. 2. The bus is crowded and the environment inside the car is relatively poor. Therefore, the car SD card recorder and hard disk re

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Is it Better to Use EMMC Memory Chips for Vehicle Monitoring or HDD?

In recent years, the development of automotive intelligence is getting higher and higher, which will greatly change the car's demand for data storage. Vehicle DVR is more and more widely used in vehicles.

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QOHO resume working on Feb 10,2020

InresponsetotheGVMscall,theschoolhasdelayedthestartofschool,andmostcompanieshaveextendedtheSpringFestivalholiday. QOHO will resume working on Feb 10,2020. Thisisnotasignoflackofconfidenceincontrollingthevirus,itisoneofthemeasurestoputpeopleslivesfirst

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QOHO 2020 Year Chinese Spring Festival Notice

Dear Valuable Customers: Thank you for your continuing trust and support for our company. QOHOs Spring Festival holiday schedule for 2020 is from Jan 16 to Feb 2nd,2020. We will resume working officially on Feb 3rd,2020. Orders can be placed normally during the holiday.Goods production and shipment to be arranged after CNY. If theres any inconvenience caused,please kindly understand. I wish you all a Happy New Year! All the Best!Business Booming! Best regards from Shenzhen QOHO Electronics Co.,L

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What are the main features of Vehicle DVR system?

As a China Vehicle DVR Supplier, I would like to share with you the main features of the vehicle video surveillance system.

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What are the opportunities and challenges for passenger Vehicle Monitoring?

At present, Vehicle Car Monitor China has initially achieved comprehensive coverage. The collected video, location, and speed information is usually monitored by a passenger car company for real-time monitoring.

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