Only Newer Cars are Safer! An intriguing statement.

Only Newer Cars are Safer! Is this True?

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Do you know the phrase, “Newer Cars are Safer? Vehicles that are marketed or being sold nowadays are equipped with complete In-car security system like a Mobile DVR, set of vehicle cameras, alarms and other latest technologies. But what if you have an older model car and could not afford to buy a new one?

This article will help car owners with older model vehicles that does not have any security camera system.

1. What are the things that you think you might need as a car owner? For example, if you want to install a Dash camera to record the front road and the cabin view while travelling, purchase a mobile DVR with dual camera. These devices will not just capture your every travel, but it will also act as a security camera when your car is parked in an unsafe place.

2. Some car owners prefer to have a rear camera for safer reverse parking. There are drivers that aren’t really used to parking on reverse perfectly. Some might bump their cars on the pavements or worst, bumping to people. Rear cameras are installed at the back of the vehicle to have a perfect view of the back surrounding when the car is reversing. Once you put the vehicle on reverse, the view from behind the car will automatically popped up on the car monitor for easy navigation.

3. For huge vehicles used for transporting valuable goods, it is important to install a vehicle security camera to monitor not just the vehicle but also the valuable goods inside it. Truck haze is a common concern of logistic operators. The valuable goods they transport sometimes outpriced the vehicle price. That is why operators must install a 360° surround view camera system. This type of security system will show every side of the vehicle on the monitor to prevent accident and to capture potential crime that might happen while on the road.

4. If you want to monitor your vehicle remotely, a fleet monitoring software is perfect for you. Users may install a Mobile DVR then connect it to WIFI or use it’s 4G connectivity, then a real time report of the vehicle location with actual footages will be transmitted to your computer or mobile devices in real time.

5. Lastly, newer cars offer autonomous driving assistance. Car owners may also get the same feature by installing AI powered devices on their vehicle. An AI Mobile DVR is a perfect device for safer travel. This device supports an Advance Driving Assistance System (ADAS), Driver Monitor System (DMS) and a Blind-Spot Detection System.

If you are interested on purchasing any of the said devices, you must choose a trusted brand that offer quality and budget-friendly.

newer cars are safer? It is true but your car can be safe too!

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