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QOHO is a renowned nationwide provider of Mobile Vehicle DVR in the market. We are proud to be the leading supplier to many of China’s private and fleet vehicles.

Our company ensures that our Mobile Vehicle DVR is made of high-quality materials and that their clients are satisfied with its performance. We also have a strict quality management system in place to ensure that our products are in the best possible condition.

QOHO is always ready to help you with your mobile vehicle DVR problems. Send us an email and we can send you a quick quote!

Mobile Vehicle DVR MDVR8108H

A mobile vehicle DVR device that supports up to 4 channels and provides a 720p full HDD camera is suitable for your mobile DVR needs.

8ch 1080P GPS 4G Wifi D_SSD Mobile Vehicle DVR

Mobile DVR system that supports 8 channels with a 4G Wifi system and a smart panel to lock on/off and high-end mainboard that is suitable to tracking or any fleet businesses.

Mobile DVR 8ch-1080P-HDD-MDVR-QH-MDVR8208H (3)

A mobile vehicle DVR system with 8 channels and a 4G Wifi system that is ideal for monitoring or other fleet businesses is available.

2ch 1080P SD card GPS 4G WIFI Mobile Vehicle DVR

Can support 2 channels with a 1080P high resolution camera and remote live view in real time, perfect for all kinds of vehicles.

Mobile Vehicle DVR

2 channel mobile vehicle DVR with GPS and a high resolution 1080P camera to ensure safety on all your trips.

1ch 1080P Mobile Vehicle DVR with GPS 4G WIFI

1 channel mobile vehicle DVR with 1080P high resolution road view camera equipped with GPS and can be connected to 4G and WIFI great for your fleet solutions.

QOHO is China's Top Maker for Mobile Vehicle DVR

Since 2005 QOHO develops various kinds of safety, surveillance devices for its customers and has developed leading-edge products up to now, just as their smartphone DVR products.

QOHO ensures that its products are made of genuine, durable, and solid materials by preparing, modeling, assembling, and packing them. We continue to have a strong quality management team that monitors each individual product.

Our company respects its customers’ time. As a result, We have a foreign distribution department that is available 24 hours a day to assist customers. We also have an outstanding research and development unit that listens to consumer feedback for quality enhancement and aims to boost it much more.

Apart from offering their different products, QOHO often supports personalized product specifications, whether they be ODM or OEM designs. QOHO is always available to assist you with whatever mobile vehicle DVR assistance you need.

What exactly are you asking for? Send us an email with your product specifications and we’ll send you a quote!

QOHO Vehicle DVR Systems Related Products

QOHO Mobile Vehicle DVR is the Answer to Your Fleet Management Problems

QOHO has been inventing and improving its products since 2005. We have been perfecting and improving our products, especially the mobile vehicle DVRs.

Our company makes its products from materials that are heavy duty and substantial. The quality control team at QOHO’s Mobile Vehicle DVR ensures that everything from the planning to the packaging of their products is in good shape to ship to the customer. We can assist you in operating and maintaining your products. This is to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase and that there are no flaws.

Knowing where your fleet vehicles are and what their status is is critical to the bottom line. No matter what type of vehicle you have bus, car, train, or any other QOHO has the best mobile vehicle DVR for you. Which can provide you with a safe and well-managed fleet business.

Email us your mobile vehicle DVR requirements and we can answer your queries at any time.

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Mobile Vehicle DVR – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Would you like to learn more about Mobile Vehicle DVR? A Mobile Vehicle DVR FAQ guide is a time-saving customer service tactic that provides current or potential customers with the most frequently asked questions and answers. It’s difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Some people buy on the spur of the moment, while others do extensive research. You can learn things about our product or service that you didn’t know before by tracking the clicks on our FAQ page. You can then share your knowledge with us as well as our product team. The product team can then make changes to improve the product or experience.

We hope this helps you with your basic mobile vehicle DVR questions, and if not, please feel free to email us at any time. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a Mobile Vehicle DVR? 
  • How does a Mobile Vehicle DVR system work? 
  • What are the features of a Mobile Vehicle DVR?
  • What are the different kinds of Mobile Vehicle DVR? 
  • What is the difference between DVR or NVR?
  • What are the benefits of having a Mobile Vehicle DVR? 
  • Is a Mobile Vehicle DVR necessary for CCTV?
  • What do I look for in a Mobile Vehicle DVR?
  • How does the Mobile DVR trigger an alarm and send it to the Center management office?
  • What is the important thing to maintain a Mobile Vehicle DVR?
  • How do I locate a reputable Mobile Vehicle DVR producer in China?
  • How can a Mobile Vehicle DVR be helpful in Driver’s Monitoring?
  • What is AI-Integrated Mobile Vehicle DVR, and how does it work?
  • What is the CE standard of Mobile Vehicle DVR?
  • Does the Mobile Vehicle DVR provide accurate time monitoring?

What is a Mobile Vehicle DVR? 

Mobile Vehicle DVR faq1

There is no doubt that mobile vehicle DVR is strange or unusual to some, as not all of us need it, but it is present in our lives. What does exactly a mobile vehicle DVR be? A mobile vehicle DVR is a type of digital video recorder that is specifically designed for video surveillance in fleets or transportation. It can be installed in the vehicle, along with a variety of cameras and accessories. Buses, buses, taxis, trams, metros, ambulances, and other private cars also have access to a mobile vehicle DVR system.

How does a Mobile Vehicle DVR system work? 

A mobile vehicle DVR is made up of many closed-circuit cameras that are all connected to a mobile DVR device unit or a computer that can digitally monitor. The cameras will save a digital video to the hard disk of a handheld DVR device or a monitor. Your biggest stumbling block will be the lack of room on your hard drive. It utilizes a high-speed processor and embedded operating system, as well as H. 264 video compression/decompression technology, 3G/4G, WIFI, network technology, and GPS positioning technology. It supports 720P, CIF, HD1, and D1 video recording, as well as vehicle driving data recording and wireless data uploading. It also achieves alarm linkage, central monitoring, remote management, and playback analysis with center software.

What are the features of a Mobile Vehicle DVR?

Mobile Vehicle DVR faq2

The features of one’s product or service are important characteristics that it does or has. It is essential to understand the features of the product you intend to purchase.

The sound and picture quality are the most important aspects of Mobile Vehicle DVR. As a handheld recording unit, the Sound Communications Mobile DVR stands out. This system captures the best quality video possible using cutting-edge technologies. Via an intuitive menu, the user-friendly interface simplifies the process of setting up the system. We’ve come a long way in terms of digital picture recording.

The form-factor is an important feature. Mobile Vehicle DVRs are typically smaller and have anti-vibration features to protect against road bumps. They prefer 2.5″ HDDs used over standard hard disks because they are less susceptible to shock.

Another feature is that Mobile Vehicle DVRs are linked to vehicle ignition. The Mobile Vehicle DVR begins recording as soon as the vehicle is started. It also has an integrated power supply that powers the cameras mounted on the vehicle.

GPS capability is also available on some Mobile Vehicle DVRs. You can use a 3G dongle to not only view the cameras on your vehicles from anywhere in the world but also track their routes.

What are the different kinds of Mobile Vehicle DVR? 

Product knowledge is a necessary skill. You must be aware of the type of product you intend to purchase in order to make an informed comparison that is appropriate for your vehicle.

2ch SD card Mobile DVR, 4ch Single SD card Mobile DVR, 4ch Dual SD card Mobile DVR, 8ch HDD Mobile DVR, 16ch HDD/SSD Mobile DVR, and so on are examples of Mobile Vehicle DVR. Furthermore, most Mobile Vehicle DVRs have 720P or 1080P high resolution, depending on your project requirements. 5K Mobile Vehicle DVR will be available soon.

What is the difference between DVR or NVR?

Mobile Vehicle DVR faq3

Product differentiation is important because it allows different brands or companies to learn about a product. When shopping for a security system, you must decide between a DVR and an NVR recorder. Both serve the same purpose but differ in how and what type of camera is used. When evaluating security systems, it is critical to understand the distinction between DVR and NVR. At their core, both NVRs and DVRs are in charge of video recording. DVR is an abbreviation for Digital Video Recorder, whereas NVR is an abbreviation for Network Video Recorder. The way NVR and DVR process video data are what distinguishes them. DVR devices encode and process video data at the recorder, while NVR devices encrypt and process video recording at the camera before streaming it to the NVR for processing and remote watching. DVRs and NVRs require different kinds of cameras because they treat recorded data in different ways. NVRs are typically partnered with IP cameras, while DVRs are typically using analog cameras. It is important to remember that a DVR-based security system is a wired security system, whereas NVR systems can be either wired or wireless.

What are the benefits of having a Mobile Vehicle DVR? 

A Mobile Vehicle DVR is one of the best ways to monitor your vehicles, whether you are a car owner who wants to record your trips, a taxi owner, or a bus operator who wants to provide additional security to your riding customers. Since the mobile vehicle DVR is for a fleet or vehicle, additional protection and power capabilities are added to a DVR

  • With this powerful handheld DVR kit, you can record high-definition video from an infinite number of cameras, including those on moving objects and within vehicles.
  • It also has driver fatigue controls and pace monitors for two-way communication.
  • A handheld DVR is intended to be the ideal solution for monitoring your fleet of vehicles.
  • With this system installed, you can replay video clips from your vehicle going back weeks, months, and years.
  • A top-of-the-line DVR can survive the crushing movements of a city bus and the unpredictable power supply of a subway train.
  • A Mobile Vehicle DVR is a system that can be used in vehicles to record anything that happens to them. With this system installed, you can replay video clips from your vehicle going back weeks, months, and years.
  • Mobile Vehicle DVRs are becoming increasingly common because they can help law enforcement capture speeding and unsafe driver behavior.
  • This saves time and improves productivity for investigators because they won’t have to watch as many recordings, and the simpler method helps workflow run more smoothly.
  • A handheld DVR is a sophisticated mobile system that allows users to watch and record television or radio programs when on the go.
  • It connects to WIFI, 4G, WAN, and 3G for real-time fleet tracking. Restricted areas, speed limits, and hard-on breaks are examples of alert triggers.

Is a Mobile Vehicle DVR necessary for CCTV?

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a system that allows you to monitor what is going on inside and outside of your business. Cameras and monitors allow you to view events in real-time, while recorders save the footage for later use. To put it another way, a DVR or NVR is mainly used to capture footage from surveillance cameras. Without the use of DVRs or NVRs, IP cameras, including surveillance cameras with SD cards, can act as standalone monitoring systems.

What do I look for in a Mobile Vehicle DVR?

Mobile Vehicle DVR faq4 (1)

QOHO’s Mobile Vehicle DVR is the heart of the security camera system and the single most important component when it comes to installing a professional surveillance system. Manufacturers have many low-cost options to choose from, but they aren’t always high-quality or user-friendly. These are the techniques for selecting a Mobile Vehicle DVR.

  • Examine the recording and playback resolution specifications of the Mobile Vehicle DVR.

The resolutions of recording and playback (live video) are not always the same performance. To free up video storage capacity, live video is typical of much higher quality. You may have a playback resolution that is the same as what the camera can record, but you will notice a significant difference when reviewing older, lower-quality footage. When attempting to identify a license plate number, person’s face, or currency numbers on money, the recorded resolution is critical. The details matter and specifications like frames per second (fps) are a key indicator of how clear the video footage will be, with 30 fps being the best frame rate. When comparing models, pay close attention to the Mobile Vehicle DVR’s resolution and frames per second.

  • Never pay to view Security Camera Footage.

Customers appreciate being able to access their security system from any high-speed internet connection in the world. Because this is the most convenient way to check your system, most systems include a smartphone app for remote viewing. This essential service should be both free and secure.

  • Consider the Long-Term Costs and Invest in Video Storage Technology.

Better camera footage requires more storage space. It is essential to conduct preliminary research and consult with your customer. Many “quick-setup” Mobile Vehicle DVR features on the market fail to highlight the fact that ongoing cloud video storage requires monthly fees. At $15 to $50 or more per month, this adds up. Installing a CCTV system that records video to a hard drive eliminates the need for cloud-based fees. Look for Mobile Vehicle DVRs that have H.264 image compression (also known as the H264 Codec) and a large amount of video storage. H.264 compression stores three times the amount of video footage as older Mobile Vehicle DVRs. Conduct research based on your customer’s anticipated storage needs, and have them invest more upfront in proper hardware, technology, and system installation to avoid recurring monthly fees paid to a third party for video storage. Overall, you’ll be able to charge more for your time while saving money in the long run. It’s a win–win situation.

  • Make certain that you have adequate backup capabilities.

You should be able to back up your footage with Mobile Vehicle DVRs. This is particularly necessary when the footage needs to be transferred to another device for further investigation or to free up space on the hard drive. To backup videos, ensure that the Mobile Vehicle DVR has a USB port. If this is not an option, continue shopping.

  • Select the Appropriate Channel Display Options.

What format do you want your customer to see the security footage in? Do they want to see only one camera at a time, or four, eight, or sixteen? This may entail speaking with security personnel or whoever is in charge of monitoring surveillance footage for a commercial installation project. The size of the monitor may also play a role. Before ordering and installing the hardware, ensure that the Mobile Vehicle DVR’s display options meet the needs of the customer.

  • Save Time and Storage Space by Using Motion Detection.

Customers of business and personal security systems expect functional features that will make their lives easier. One of these functional must-have features is sophisticated motion identification with area masking, which saves both time and money. Instead of filtering through hours of footage, this feature allows customers to quickly review the most important events on each camera while saving valuable hard drive space. Consider motion detection if continuous video monitoring is not required.

  • Save money by reusing existing hardware.

It is common to see projects where the customer has an existing system but wishes to upgrade to the most recent features. Installing a new DVR while keeping the existing cameras in place is a quick and cost-effective upgrade. This is ideal if you were not the original installer of the existing surveillance system. There are other options that are compatible with Analog, AHD, TVI, and IP cameras up to 1080P. If you know how to install a hard drive, buying a DVR without a hard drive and installing one yourself will give you a little more profit. It saves you and the person who will install it time.

How does the Mobile DVR trigger an alarm and send it to the Center management office?

1. Install Mobile DVR on your vehicle firstly.

2. Connect relevant IO alarms and linkage well with Mobile DVR.

3. If your alarm is like a button, you can press the alarm button.

4. Mobile DVR recognizes the alarm and will send the alarm to the central management office.

5. It’s important your mobile DVR has to be connected well and remote online.

6. So the fleet manager can handle the alarm and send a message or intercom to the driver accordingly once sees the alarm.

7. So alarms can save in the Mobile DVR and CMS software platform as well.

What is the important thing to maintain a Mobile Vehicle DVR?

Mobile Vehicle DVR faq5

The most critical part of running the Mobile DVR is to ensure that the system has adequate resources, that content and function upgrades are done on schedule, and that support users are pleased. The Mobile DVR is a sophisticated piece of equipment that is influenced by both internal and external factors. It is important to maintain your mobile vehicle DVR, regardless of use, to ensure that it continues to function properly and capture video as expected.

You should also go over all of the troubleshooting measures in our online help center. The user interface will be seriously harmed if the system is not well maintained. The most critical aspect of maintaining a Mobile vehicle DVR is the amount of room available. Make a calendar to save your recordings on a regular basis. Be sure to update your memory capacity depending on the amount of room available and the consistency of the recordings.

How do I locate a reputable Mobile Vehicle DVR producer in China?

Select a manufacturer with a strong manufacturing capacity and a consistent supply capacity. Makers who strive to provide customers with cost-effective products and attentive service, while also ensuring that goods are delivered on time.

To start, see if the business has a long-term promise, preferably of at least five years. Second, see how the firm has a full 90-day money-back policy in the event that the product is faulty. Third, check to see if the company’s website is professional and user-friendly. Fourth, see that the firm has a large enough list of former clients for which it has done business.

How can a Mobile Vehicle DVR be helpful in Driver’s Monitoring?

Monitoring your driving behavior with the Mobile Vehicle DVR can be beneficial. Use one of these handheld security systems to monitor your driver’s activities if you want to keep your car running longer. Mobile Vehicle DVR can help you observe your driver’s driving patterns and predict potentially harmful driving habits before they become dangerous on the road.

The Driver Monitoring system is a new camera-based system that not only recognizes the driver but also assesses his or her level of vigilance. The purpose of the Driver Monitoring System is to alert the driver when signs of drowsiness or distraction are detected. Other applications for the system are also possible, such as driver identification and control functions using the eyes. These advancements will help to increase safety and make the next generation of driver assistance functions easier to use.

Hence, a Mobile Vehicle DVR can help with driver monitoring.

Mobile Vehicle DVR faq6

What is AI-Integrated Mobile Vehicle DVR, and how does it work?

The Artificial Intelligence Integrated Smart DVR (Mobile DVR) is a cutting-edge mobile app that integrates AI and cutting-edge mobile technologies. Users can watch and capture live TV from any location and on any device using a cloud-based digital video recorder with Artificial Intelligence Integrated Mobile Vehicle DVR.

Using emerging artificial intelligence technology, the AI Smart DVR solution handles content through streaming channels, mobile computers, DVRs, televisions, and more. Artificial Intelligence (AI) recognizes software that preserves tv content in the cloud, making the Mobile DVR the ultimate recording system.

What is the CE standard of Mobile Vehicle DVR?

The CE standard for Mobile Vehicle DVRs rates all of the device’s elements, including time, features, information, users, experience, and behavior recordings. After that, you can equate one Mobile Vehicle DVR to another using this ranking. Since there are so many roles on the market, people need to know where they stand in order to make the right choice about their needs. The CE standard for meeting the essential requirements of a system that can be safely used on the market, as defined by Directive 2004/108/EC, is met by the Mobile Vehicle DVR.

Does the Mobile Vehicle DVR provide accurate time monitoring?

Mobile Vehicle DVR faq7

When a vehicle is outfitted with a mobile vehicle DVR, the data is automatically uploaded to your suite of cloud-based applications on a daily basis.

This data can then be accessed online in real-time through your software. You will be able to track each vehicle’s speed, location, exact location, and other details, saving you time and money.

If the Mobile Vehicle DVR is connected to a WIFI network, it can provide real-time monitoring.

To upload recorded files, the Mobile Vehicle DVR must be plugged into an electrical outlet. When the Mobile Vehicle DVR is unplugged or not plugged in, it can only monitor and not record.

Mobile Vehicle DVR is a fully digital video solution that operates in real-time via cellular communication links. The Mobile Vehicle DVR is a cost-effective solution that takes your surveillance solution to places it has never been before by utilizing 3G, 4G, protocols, and applications.

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