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China's Leading Manufacturer of Mobile Surveillance Cameras

QOHO can offer you the best Mobile Surveillance Cameras for your fleet management needs. We manufacture mobile surveillance cameras that provide safety and security, as well as a wealth of usable data and insight to help you improve your transportation services, to make strategic moves.

Our company has amazing customer service representatives available 24 hours a day to help you with your mobile surveillance inquiry and needs.

Send us an email with your Mobile Surveillance Camera project specifications, and we’ll recommend the best solution for you.

1080P Rear View Mobile Surveillance Cameras

High resolution 1080P camera with excellent night vision and with 18 pcs LED to aid in viewing the surroundings.

1ch 1080P Mobile Surveillance Cameras DVR

1080P high-resolution AHD camera that can be equipped with 1 channel camera and with GPS, 4G, and WiFi connection.

720P AHD Rearview Mobile Surveillance Cameras

high sensitivity 720P high-resolution Mobile surveillance camera which comes with a defogging function perfect for all types of weather.

Infrared Freezer Heated Sealed Mobile Surveillance Cameras

High resolution 2.5″ IR vandal-proof dome mobile surveillance camera great for all types of vehicles.

1080P Mini Car Dome Mobile Surveillance Cameras

1080P high-resolution mini dome mobile surveillance camera which is great for your fleet management solution.

Mobile Surveillance Cameras MC1205

Mini front road wide view vehicle surveillance camera with 1080P high resolution which is perfect for all kinds of vehicles.

QOHO is China's Leading Manufacturer of Mobile Surveillance Cameras

QOHO has been a part of the security surveillance systems since 2005. Our company has been innovating products for the past 16 years, and one of those is our mobile surveillance cameras. We continually improved and developed our products in the market, making them new and top-of-the-line.

QOHO also has a mobile surveillance camera’s extensive research and development team that makes sure that the products are specifically designed accordingly from its planning, assembly, packaging, and shipping. Our company makes products from high-quality, durable materials for their products to be strong and heavy-duty just like our mobile surveillance camera.

Our company has also hired an experienced foreign sales team that can assist customers in any of their concerns. Our staffs are available 24/7 to answer customer’s queries.

Our company will provide you with the best fleet management solution based on your proposed new product. Furthermore, if your company provides transportation services or fleet management systems and is looking for a reliable provider, we would be delighted to assist you in the development of your mobile surveillance camera.

Allow QOHO to assist you with your mobile surveillance camera requirements by sending us an email at any time.

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QOHO is the Manufacturer of Robust Mobile Surveillance Cameras in China

For the past 16 years, QOHO has been a major provider of vehicle surveillance systems. Our mobile surveillance cameras enable you to see what is going on in and around your vehicles at all times and from any location.

Our mobile surveillance cameras convert into intelligent devices that assist you in actively managing incidents as they occur. The high-resolution images they capture add context to your fleet management and telematics data. We developed a mobile surveillance camera which allows businesses to track their vehicles where ever it goes. Our technology provides you to improve your level of service and driver performance while also protecting your passengers and employees. This allows also for a more road-safe vehicle, driver’s safety, accurate documentation, and higher work efficiency for the business.

On top of that, QOHO has the best customer service. We have online agents who will be there for you 24/7 to attend to your needs and queries anytime and anywhere. QOHO will be with you in every step of your product order to attend to your product questions, requests, and teach you how to operate your very own mobile surveillance camera.

Do not hesitate to contact us and send an email we will be available any time to cater to your needs!

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Mobile Surveillance Cameras – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What type of mobile surveillance camera is best for your vehicle? If you have questions about mobile surveillance cameras, we hope this article can help you. Because of the Mobile Surveillance Camera FAQ, our company can respond to customer needs more quickly and effectively.

This guide is equipped with several common questions that are asked about mobile surveillance cameras. QOHO believed that an effective FAQ resource can educate, inform, and guide the user generally through the content of your website and toward the goals and end results you have set.

Keep reading for more information on mobile surveillance cameras.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a Mobile Surveillance Camera?
  • What is the difference between Car CCTV and Surveillance Cameras?
  • What are the advantages of having a Mobile Surveillance Camera?
  • What are the types of Mobile Surveillance Cameras?
  • Is it illegal to install a Mobile Surveillance Camera?
  • What is the importance of Mobile Surveillance Cameras?
  • Do mobile Surveillance Cameras in cars continue recording when parked?
  • What are the features of a Mobile Surveillance Camera?
  • How do Mobile Surveillance Cameras work with a Mobile DVR?
  • How do I find a reputable Mobile Surveillance Camera manufacturer?
  • How is a Mobile Surveillance Camera helpful in Driver’s Monitoring?
  • How long does a Mobile Surveillance Camera keep a video record?
  • How do a Mobile Surveillance Camera work with GPS?

What is a Mobile Surveillance Camera?

Mobile surveillance camera FAQs

A mobile surveillance camera is a gadget that is mounted in your vehicle to serve as a CCTV or surveillance system for your vehicle when you are away. Mobile Surveillance Cameras can stream live camera footage to a command center or directly to your mobile device and PC, enabling you to track your vehicle’s surroundings in real-time anytime and anywhere.

What is the difference between Car CCTV and Surveillance Cameras?

Car Security cameras, also known as CCTV cameras, transmit signals from one location to a monitor located at a distance. This system tracks the inside and outside of a vehicle using video cameras and transmits the signal to a monitor or number of monitors. Mobile surveillance cameras use IP networks to link the camera from a remote location to the designated secure location. Someone can monitor the video in real-time while using this camera. This has numerous advantages, including the opportunity to call the police and assist in the arrest of a suspect if a crime is captured on camera in real-time.

What are the advantages of having a Mobile Surveillance Camera?

  • Reduces the rate, vandalism, and loss- It is necessary to be able to see a situation at any time of day, and this is most likely the car owner’s most apparent benefit. According to case studies, having mobile surveillance cameras can deter a significant amount of crime. Mobile Surveillance Cameras would be able to record and archive a greater number of images of higher video footage quality. The majority of mobile surveillance cameras have improved visibility, most likely as a result of higher-definition content and wider viewing angles. The higher the quality of the videos, the easier it would be to pursue charges based on facial recognition. It works well against criminals who rob or vandalize your car. If a crime occurs, the recorded footage from the monitored vehicle provides authorities with actual evidence.
  • Insurance Cost Savings- Do you want a simple way to reduce money spent on car insurance? Consider installing a mobile surveillance camera. Most people do not realize that installing mobile surveillance cameras has a significant impact on how to reduce insurance premiums. Many insurance providers can offer you further incentives on your insurance premiums if you have a mobile surveillance camera installed in your vehicle. It is essential to have this device in order to avoid paying higher insurance rates. Purchasing a trustworthy mobile surveillance camera will convince the insurance company. They will notice your actions to secure your car and will thank you for it. Inform the insurance agent so that they can deal with you more easily.
  • Remotely monitor your vehicle. With the rapid advancement of IT technology, a variety of mobile surveillance cameras have found widespread use in daily life for surveillance and security. Having a mobile surveillance camera installed in your car allows you to easily track and monitor your vehicle anytime and anywhere. If your car is parked or located somewhere far from you, you can still know if your vehicle is doing just fine.

What are the types of Mobile Surveillance Cameras?

Mobile surveillance camera FAQs 2

  • Box Camera – A Box camera is a self-contained camera. It is a simple type of camera, with the most common form consisting of a cardboard or plastic box with a lens on one end and film on the other. The name is taken from the camera’s shape. It can be placed almost anywhere due to its sturdiness. If aesthetics is not a problem, it can be used in both outdoor and indoor mountings.
  • Dome Camera – A dome camera is a lens, camera, and roof mount all wrapped in a compact dome form. The camera is placed inside a transparent dome that can be tinted to hide the camera’s position. Dome cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is ideal for vehicles that get dusty often, such as trucks and buses.
  • PTZ Camera – PTZ Camera is a type of IP camera that allows the user to control the movement and position of the lens from a remote location using controls on an Internet browser or software application. It enables the user to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely. Movement may be controlled by a joystick or program.
  • Bullet Camera – A bullet camera is a lens, camera, and housing packaged in a shrapnel body. It is one of the most common types of mobile surveillance cameras, which are a visible deterrent. This camera is often equipped with infrared illuminators. The main advantages of bullet cameras are their range and ease of installation.
  • IP Camera – An Internet Protocol Camera (IP camera) is a digital video camera, similar to a webcam, that transmits and receives data over a network or the internet. To improve definition and usability, it sends a wireless signal over a network using Internet Protocol. It has much more powerful search functions. It also has far more powerful search capabilities.
  • Day & Night Camera – The day/night camera function enables automatic adjustments in both daylight and low-light surveillance conditions. During the day, the filter is in place to block infrared light and capture clear images. At night, the filter moves away from the lens to allow for low-light surveillance. Night vision technology has numerous applications in the military and law enforcement. It can, for example, be used to locate vehicles in the dark. It also aids in navigation and surveillance.
  • Thermal Camera – A thermographic camera (also known as an infrared camera, thermal imaging camera, or thermal imager) is a device that generates an image using infrared radiation, similar to how a standard camera creates an image using visible light. The process of capturing and analyzing the data provided by thermography. It is a camera that converts thermal energy (heat) into visible light to analyze a specific object or scene. The majority of cameras can detect temperature differences. 1°C or less. In most cases, thermal cameras, like visible cameras, can see as far as the human eye can see. The size of the object and the contrast determine whether you will “see something” at a given distance.

Is it illegal to install a Mobile Surveillance Camera?

It is not illegal to install a mobile surveillance camera in your vehicle if the main purpose is for your vehicle’s security. Mobile Surveillance Cameras that are used to prevent vandalism and loss are generally acceptable. If you’re in a car accident, mobile surveillance cameras can come in handy. Many of these cameras provide continuous 24-hour recording on a loop.

However, if the mobile surveillance camera is placed in an area where privacy is expected, it becomes illegal.

Mobile Surveillance Cameras raise concerns when they are used in public. Cameras are only permitted in areas where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Surveillance abuse is described as the use of surveillance techniques or technologies to track an individual’s or a group’s activities in a way that breaches a society’s social norms or rules.

Mobile Surveillance Cameras are a source of contention throughout the world. Despite their numerous benefits and applications, certain regions of the world are hesitant and strongly oppose the adoption of vehicle cameras due to a variety of significant factors.

What is the importance of Mobile Surveillance Cameras?

Safety precautions enable us to avoid danger, risk, or injury, or to accept a manageable level of risk. The idea is to work hard to keep hazards under control so that we can stay safe. As the owner of a vehicle, whether private or fleet, you are legally responsible for ensuring the safety of anyone who uses it. Mobile Surveillance Camera is important in providing security to both driver and passenger. This device is also crucial because it contributes to better safety and efficiency of a private or fleet business. You can easily track your vehicle whenever you are and at your convenient time.

If you run a fleet business, you probably rely on a variety of vehicles (and drivers) to get the job done. These vehicles, whether cars, vans, or pick-ups, are not only critical to how you operate your business and interact with your customers, but they are also one of the most expensive, risky, and frustrating sources of cost, risk, and frustration. You must effectively monitor, manage, and maintain your fleet in order to run a more efficient and profitable business today and pave the way for future growth. This is where a mobile surveillance camera comes in.

The presence of a mobile surveillance camera deters theft and vandalism. Not only that, but if they go ahead with it, you’ll have concrete evidence of who did it and when. This can save you a lot of time and trouble when it comes to providing evidence for police investigations. Because the destruction or damage is minor, the actions are not considered criminal. Young people see vandalism as a way or game to show off their bravery to their peers. The truth is that damaging public property is a crime, and perpetrators will be treated as such and prosecuted. This is the significance of mobile surveillance cameras.

Do Mobile Surveillance Cameras in cars continue recording when parked?

Mobile surveillance camera FAQs 3

Mobile surveillance cameras typically turn on and off with the engine, recording video as you drive. While you’re away from your vehicle, you can set your mobile surveillance camera to stay on and record even if the car is parked and the engine is turned off. After the vehicle has been idle for a brief period of time, the cameras can turn to park mode. If it notices a collision or a robber attempting to break into your vehicle, it will begin recording recordings using a series of motion sensors. It will transmit loop recording of about 3 minutes each, directly to your mobile phones if detected a movement in your car.

What are the features of a mobile surveillance camera?

In order to make a good and informed purchasing decision, you must be aware of the need for which you want to purchase a mobile surveillance camera and what features they have. All in all, you want your device to have a wide field of view. The wider the better, as this will allow you to get a better view of what’s inside and outside your vehicle.

  • HD – High-definition– It displays images in enhanced picture quality format or images of this type.
  • Wide-angle lens– It is a feature of a mobile surveillance camera with a focal length of 24mm to 50mm.
  • IR Led– It is typically used in security cameras, to allow cameras to capture both day and nighttime images.
  • Night Vision- It is the ability to see in low-light conditions
  • Smart size– It means that it is a size that is suitable for any vehicle.
  • Audio system– It is a feature of mobile surveillance camera used to record or reproduce sound.
  • Loop Recording– It is the process of continuously recording audio to video feeds (such as video surveillance or camera signals) on a video server.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)– It is a radio navigation system that allows users on land, sea, and air to determine their exact location, velocity, and time 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions, anywhere in the world.
  • Time and Date stamp– It is a timestamp that is attached to a file, log, or notification and records when data is added, removed, modified, or transmitted.
  • Speed/Acceleration monitor– It is one of the features of mobile surveillance camera that measures proper acceleration
  • Can be combined with Driver Fatigue Monitor- This is the best feature of the mobile surveillance camera.

How do Mobile Surveillance Cameras work with a Mobile DVR?

The mobile surveillance cameras are associated with the mobile DVR, which serves as the brain, storing and processing footage and videos. The number of cameras connected differs by models and brands. There are Mobile DVR that supports from 1 – 16 channel or even more.

Mobile DVR allows you to record shows that clash with another programming so you don’t have to make a choice. It is intended for vehicles such as buses, armored cars, subway trains, and so on. A high-quality mobile DVR can record continuously for an extended period of time; it can withstand the frequent vibration and unstable power supply associated with vehicles.

How do I find a reputable Mobile Surveillance Camera manufacturer?

Mobile surveillance camera FAQs 4

Nowadays, protecting your vehicle is important. A quality mobile surveillance camera can keep an eye on your vehicle while you’re not there, potentially saving your life. However, there are a wide variety of mobile surveillance cameras on the market today. As a result, selecting the best one may appear difficult. To spot a dependable supplier you must remember these pointers;

  • Check if the business has a long-term promise, preferably of at least five years.
  • Check if the firm has a full 90-day money-back policy in the event that the product malfunctioned.
  • Check to see if the company’s website is professional and user-friendly and has complete contact details.
  • See if the firm has a large enough list of former clients for which it has done business. Online reviews are also.
  • Look for companies with more than 400 employees who have at least one year of experience manufacturing mobile surveillance cameras.

It is critical to select a business that provides high-quality mobile surveillance cameras. Anyone can create these devices, but there is more to it. It is critical to work with a reputable company, choose the best camera system for your needs, and work with a company that is attentive to your needs.

How is a Mobile Surveillance Camera helpful in Driver’s Monitoring?

It can be beneficial to monitor your driving behavior using the features of a mobile surveillance camera. If you want to keep your car running longer, use one of these handheld security cameras to track your driver’s activities. This device assists you in observing your driver’s driving patterns and identifying potentially dangerous driving habits before they become dangerous on the road.

The Driver Monitoring system is a new system based on a camera that not only recognizes the driver but also checks his or her level of vigilance. The Driver Monitoring system’s purpose is to alert the driver when signs of drowsiness or distraction are detected. Other applications for the system, such as driver identification and control functions using the eyes, are also possible. These advancements will contribute to increased safety and easier use of the next generation of driver assistance functions.

In that case, a mobile surveillance camera can aid in driver monitoring.

How long does a Mobile Surveillance Camera keep a video record?

Mobile Surveillance Cameras have a recording time of up to 2 hours in Full HD and 3 hours when paired with optional memory cards.

Sadly, not all devices record for the same amount of time.

The fastest reported time for a mobile security camera is about 15 seconds, and the longest is 480 minutes, which is also insufficient.

When the vehicle is switched on, this unit continuously records footage.

You can choose to update any additional accessories you want. Some cameras record in 30- or 60-second bursts that are then saved to an SD card.

This is perfect for most situations because it helps you to record and review video recordings of an event in real-time.

How do you view Mobile Surveillance Camera footage?

Mobile surveillance camera FAQs 5

Any computer or mobile device with a USB port can be used to monitor mobile surveillance camera video.

Connect the device to your pc or smartphone and launch the video files with your operating system’s built-in media player.

The majority of mobile surveillance cameras save footage to a built-in memory card.

The below are the three places where the video is stored:

  • MicroSD flashcard (internal memory),
  • Optical hard drive
  • Cloud memory

If you’ve established an internet connection, you can transfer data to the cloud over the air.

All of the files are in MP4 format. With the Real-time function, you can watch the recording at any time on any computer, including a tablet, television, phone, and so on.

How do a Mobile Surveillance Camera work with GPS?

Mobile surveillance camera FAQs 6

Many of our app users want to save the media files generated by IP cameras to the cloud. By using mobile surveillance camera, your photographs and videos will be auto-saved with your latest location by the Drive Cloud Web Security Camera. There are two ways in which a mobile surveillance camera can use GPS. Using GIS mapping and history tracking.

A geographic information system (GIS) is a data collection, management, and analysis framework. GIS, which is based on geography, integrates a wide range of data. It uses maps and 3D scenes to analyze spatial location and organize layers of information into visualizations. You can track your previous destinations by using history tracking.

A GPS-enabled camera that uses GPS signals to mark photos with their location and time of day. On the LCD screens of some GPS-enabled cameras, you can see the city, state, and country. This makes it simple to look for and locate the precise location of an event, such as a crash or near-collision situation; you’ll be able to pinpoint where it occurred.

You may then email the video to ambulance responders or someone else that may need it.

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