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Mobile DVR w GPS MDVR8208H

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A Mobile DVR with GPS is a car monitoring system that also has a GPS. This gadget is useful for simple fleet tracking because it allows you to quickly find all of your vehicles that are running for the day. It can also be used to assign tasks while the fleet is running and on the road.

As a result, this system is ideal for fleet managers who control several vehicles at the same time.

Mobile DVR with GPS MC60

Equipped with a dual-lens camera gives you a front and back view of the car, as well as an interior view of the driver and passengers. It also has a wide-angle perspective, which is ideal for transportation planning.

Mobile DVR 8ch-1080P-HDD-MDVR-QH-MDVR8208H (3)

This vehicle DVR system supports up to 8 channels and provides a 720p AHD monitor with anti-vibration technology for perfect video recording stabilization.

Mobile DVR w GPS MDVR8208H

Up to 8 camera channels can be connected to this 8 channel mobile DVR, which has a 2 TB hard drive memory capacity. It also has a 4G wifi system that helps you to keep track of your fleet at all hours.

Mobile DVR MDVR8104SH (7)

4 channel mobile DVR system is equipped with a 720p AHD that can help you monitor your vehicle at any time perfect for taxi businesses, or personal use.

2 channel 1080P Mobile DVR with GPS

Supports two-channel 1080P cameras, one built-in for front road view and the other an external camera for back view/wide view inside great for your fleet businesses.

1ch 1080P Mobile DVR with GPS 4G WIFI

1 channel mobile DVR with GPS that has a 1080P high-resolution camera great for everyday use.

QOHO is the Outstanding Mobile DVR with GPS Manufacturer in China

QOHO has been the leading Mobile DVR with GPS systems producer in Shenzhen, China for 16 years now.

QOHO has a strong manufacturing staff as well as a leading research and development team that oversees all manufacturing processes. Our company also has a quality management staff to ensure that our products are of good quality and stable before and after shipping in order to ensure customer loyalty.

Not only can QOHO provide you with various vehicle monitoring devices, but we can also build customized designs based on your specified Mobile DVR with GPS requirements.

Send us an email anytime and we will gladly assist you!

QOHO Mobile DVR with GPS Related Products

QOHO Mobile DVR with GPS is an Expert in Fleet Management Solutions

Our company specializes in offering fleet management solutions for businesses that own commercial vehicle fleets. We have been developing high-quality vehicle security tools that guarantee accessible fleet monitoring for the past 16 years. We can provide a variety of tools for your vehicle fleet, one of which is the Mobile DVR with GPS.

QOHO’s mobile DVR, which is GPS-enabled, is an excellent tool for improving fleet surveillance. Installing this system is critical to ensuring that the money, vehicles, and inventories are all safe and can be located at any moment.

For a company owner who operates commercial vehicles for product transportation, the vehicles are not the only priority to check on. Some vehicles transport a load of goods that can be very expensive, but how exactly can you avoid any incidents that could cause a large loss? This is where our company comes in!

Our GPS-enabled mobile DVR can be mounted in any car, supporting several cameras that record the vehicle’s surroundings as well as the driver. This is an excellent device for tracking the precise position of your fleet as well as your drivers’ behavior on the highway.

If you already have a comprehensive requirement for your fleet tracking, you may contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions or queries you might have!

Mobile DVR with GPS Faq

Mobile DVR with GPS – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Mobile DVR with GPS is a comprehensive guide and glossary of all the basic and advanced features and terminology related to Mobile DVR with GPS based on GPS (Global Positioning System).

This guide is targeted to help sales, operations, security managers, drivers, fleet owners, fleet managers, system planners, installers, and integrators by providing information about the technology of the Mobile DVR with GPS Units used in various surveillance systems.

Mobile DVR with GPS – The Definitive FAQ Guide is a resource designed to answer some of the most frequent questions about mobile DVRs with GPS, including topics such as: What is a mobile DVR with GPS, how do fleet managers and law enforcement agencies use them, what are their advantages and what is the difference between the MDVR and MDVR with GPS), etc.

The FAQ Guide is a complete reference for fleet managers who use a Mobile DVR with GPS in their vehicles.

This ultimate FAQ for Mobile DVR with GPS is designed to help fleet management visitors find answers to the most common questions asked about Mobile DVR with GPS.

A more detailed description of this ultimate FAQ guide is described below:

What is Mobile DVR with GPS?

Mobile DVR with GPS Faq1

The Mobile DVR with GPS is a compact, lightweight GPS-based digital video recorder.

Its small size and light weight make it ideal for its users.

The internal GPS allows users to follow the exact location of their events as they record them on the device’s small screen.

This Mobile Video Recorder with a GPS unit is designed for the surveillance of vehicles.

It enables users to see what is happening on the road, in buildings, inside warehouses, and anywhere they want to monitor.

The GPS unit tracks the movement of moving objects while recording images or video clips.

What are the types of Mobile DVR with GPS?

There are two main types of Mobile DVR with GPS live streaming through internet-based devices.

Analog Mobile DVR with GPS: its records video footage from cameras, usually through a disk recorder (DVR), and can only be used for recorded footage.

Analog cameras are being replaced with network-enabled cameras that offer more features and capabilities.

IP Cameras Mobile DVR With GPS: IP cameras can be connected to a network and support video analytics, email alerts, and more. Here are few types of IP cameras:

  • Fixed IP cameras
  • Dome IP Cameras
  • Wireless IP Cameras
  • Indoor IP cameras / Outdoor IP Cameras
  • PTZ IP Cameras (Pan/Tilt/ Zoom)

What are the specifications of the 4-Ch 1080P 2TB HDD GPS 3G WIFI Mobile DVR with GPS?

The specifications of 4-Ch 1080P, 2TB HDD GPS 3G WIFI Mobile DVR with GPS, are given below:

  • System Language: English/Chinese/Hungary/Others optional
  • System Operation Interface: Graphical menu operation interface (OSD menu)
  • System Password Security: Permissions setting of administrator & user
  • Video-Input: Support 4 Channels CIF/HD1/AHD Camera or support four-channel analog camera
  • Video output: 2 channels (IO cable extension, 1 in the 24pin connector)
  • Video display: Single picture and 1 to 4 pictures
  • Video Signal System: PAL/NTSC
  • Video Image Compression: H.264 Main Profile
  • Audio Input: 4 Channels
  • Audio Output: 1 Channel (1 in the 24 pin connector)
  • Record format: Synchronized Video & Audio recording
  • Image Resolution: CIF/ HD1/D1/720P/1080P
  • Video coding: ISO 14496 – 10
  • Video bit rate: 8 grades of image quality optional standard bit rates
  • Audio bitrate: 8k/bps
  • Storage Up to 2TB HDD/SSD and 1 SD card for backup
  • Alarm input: 8 Channels Alarm Activated by low voltage
  • Alarm output: 1 Channel, 12v output
  • Communication Ports: RS485 x 2, RS232 x 2, 1 x RJ45 network port and 2 x USB port
  • Wireless communication: 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi
  • GPS: Built-in GPS Module
  • G-Sensor: Built-in G Sensor
  • Software: PC Playback, wireless real-time video & audio monitoring
  • Software Upgrade: Upgrade through the front USB & hard disk
  • Voltage input: +8 +36V
  • Voltage Output: 12V
  • ACC Detection: Power-ON, Power Off
  • Video-Input Resistance: 75 ohms at each video input resistance
  • Video Output Voltage: 2VP-P CVBS output analog signal
  • I/O Port: Low & High Voltage Alarm
  • Operation Temperature: -40 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius
  • Dimension: 199(W)mm x 76 (H) x 190(L)mm

What is the essential requirement to use Mobile DVR with GPS?

The most important feature of Mobile DVR is its integration with GPS, but the most significant necessity is to have a stable connection to the internet.

Every part of the Mobile DVR with GPS is essential for its smooth operation. However, without network connectivity, the entire system will not work.

Without a network connection, the device is unable to function. The only functions that it can perform are GPS location and live streaming. Without a network connection, the device would have no internet access and would not serve any additional functionality.

This is why having a GPS-enabled mobile digital video recorder is imperative for anyone who owns or plans to own a vehicle. It allows you to view the location of your car no matter where you are, and this can come in handy if you’re ever in an accident or your car breaks down.

Drivers can use mobile DVR with GPS to view the current location of their vehicles. Whether you are driving or not, it will show your vehicle’s current location on the map using GPS signals.

A GPS-enabled mobile DVR must have a reliable cellular connection because you can’t record your vehicle’s movements on the cloud without it.

If you have a mobile DVR with GPS, then you can only watch your vehicle’s live feed if your cellular network has 3G, 4G, or wireless network Wi-Fi.

Mobile DVR with GPS 2

What are the advantages of Mobile DVR with GPS?

There are a lot of benefits of Mobile DVR with GPS. However, a few of the advantages are described below:

  • Mobile DVR with GPS is more reliable than any other type of security system because they can watch your vehicles at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The video recording of the monitored location gives authorities a clear view of any criminal activity. In addition, security cameras paired with security guards are the best way to prevent threats to the premises.
  • Portable security cameras in Mobile DVR with GPS will allow you to move the cameras from one location to another, so they are always ready when you need them.
  • Mobile DVR with GPS can make crime visible and help apprehend criminals in progress.
  • As mentioned, a Mobile DVR with GPS that can run on battery and solar power is self-sustained and valuable in areas where the grid has failed.
  • It continues recording even when there is no internet connection, too.
  • Mobile DVR with GPS is perfect for each type of vehicle. In addition, the portable hardware is easy to install and does not require any cabling or tools, saving time and money.
  • Complete protection is essential for a Mobile DVR with GPS. For example, if your device is lost or stolen, you cannot be protected unless you have a tracking device.
  • A GPS built-in tracker on Mobile DVR can be programmed to alert you when the phone enters a preset area and when it has stopped moving for a certain amount of time.
  • Mobile DVR with GPS are versatile in that they can be deployed at numerous locations and situations…
  • If an incident occurs, Mobile DVR with a GPS unit captures evidence and provides tangible proof of what transpired.
  • Not only is the evidence valuable for the police and courts, but it also can be used to support any insurance claims you need to make.
  • The presence of a Mobile DVR with GPS can be a deterrent to potential criminals. Criminals fear that cameras can capture them and may change their plans to avoid detection.
  • Even if a criminal is not deterred, the video feed could give police an idea of who they are, making it easier for law enforcement to apprehend them.
  • Mobile DVR with GPS is the primary feature of these mobile security systems, and other solutions go beyond this feature.
  • Mobile DVR with GPS is a security solution that enables you to keep an eye on the location.
  • High-definition live video feeds and footage is recorded at all times through Mobile DVR with GPS so that you can monitor the site in real-time with no additional cost.
  • You can view recent activity on your site from your mobile device. Actions and Website Monitoring are also available as apps for smartphones and tablets.

What should you do if Mobile DVR with GPS is not working?

It can be because of many reasons. Few are the given below:

  • Check the power supply. If the device is not switched on, it may indicate a severe problem with the device itself.
  • Check the wire connections on Mobile Camera DVR to multiple other devices, ensuring they’re fitted correctly.
  • Check the battery. If the battery is not completely drained, there’s something wrong with the device. Also, check the car’s battery to ensure that it is working and fully charged.
  • Check the internet connection of your Mobile DVR with GPS and make sure that you have a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t have these services, the device will not work correctly.

Mobile DVR with GPS 3

How can I get a Mobile repair DVR with GPS?

If you are experiencing GPS issues and you can’t resolve them, the first thing you should do is contact the manufacturer. If your warranty has expired, you may be able to get assistance from the company’s service center.

The company is responsible for ensuring that the product under warranty is replaced free of cost and providing customer service to resolve any issue about the product within the warranty duration.

After analyzing the problem, the manufacturer will decide whether the problem can be fixed or not. If the device can’t be fixed under warranty, they will give you a new one according to the manufacturer’s standard warranty policy.

After contacting the customer representative, service agents can help you through the phone to obtain the appropriate service and repair services.

Mobile DVR with GPS 4

What is the difference between Mobile DVR and Mobile DVR with GPS?

Mobile DVR:

Mobile DVR is a stand-alone unit that records situations and events as they take place.

Mobile DVR with GPS:

Mobile DVR with GPS is the same as Mobile DVR however; a GPS receiver is built to transmit the vehicle’s positional data to the viewing screen.

The viewing screen will also display a map indicating where the incidents took place and help a fleet manager analyze GPS data over time patterns and trends.

Difference between Mobile DVR & Mobile DVR with GPS:

Mobile DVR and Mobile DVR with GPS are identical in terms of hardware.

But Mobile DVR with GPS comes with a GPS tracking device and allows the fleet to be tracked in real-time.

The difference between a Mobile DVR and Mobile DVR with GPS is the addition of a built-in GPS receiver for vehicle tracking in Mobile DVR.

What are the factors that may affect the performance of Mobile DVR with GPS?

Many factors must be considered when using a GPS-enabled DVR. The following factors can help determine whether or not a GPS-enabled DVR will work properly:

Type of vehicle: A car, truck, or ambulance is the most significant type of vehicle. A DVR app should be designed for these vehicles to work perfectly. The size and weight of your car can affect the speed of the device. A GPS car tracker will be more reliable if you can mount it in your vehicle.

Camera resolution: The resolution of cameras may affect the quality of the camera and the camera’s GPS capabilities.

Memory Card: It may have no available space on your device. Then you can delete or transfer files to another hard drive and create new space for new files.

Motion sensor range: A motion detection sensor can provide the opportunity to record the events in case of a collision and can be used for security and surveillance. The device may be affected by this factor because it uses battery power.

Number and quality of sensors: Please, pay attention to the quality of sensors. This factor is also significant for the device that will affect the device performance. If the number and quality of sensors meet the requirements of an excellent product, then MDVR with GPS can work properly.

Number of Cameras: Number of cameras hooked to the Mobile DVR with GPS: The most important factors affecting the performance of a Mobile DVR are the number of cameras and the image quality of each camera. If you have a vehicle that requires a lot of cameras, you will need a DVR with many cameras.

Temperature: The device’s weather will be high and will not work correctly if mounted near the engine. It could get hot and stop recording if the heat gets too high.

Poor connectivity: Mobile DVR with GPS must have an active internet connection to function properly. Without it, live streaming and location tracking are not possible.

Vibration: It can affect the cameras, especially when mounted on a tripod. When using the camera and its vibration-free image stabilization, you will take higher quality images.

Visibility: Weather conditions affect camera performance. If it is raining, the cameras cannot capture clear images. Raindrops decrease camera lens’ performance.

What should you do if Mobile DVR with GPS is not recording?

Either the memory card is out of space, or the storage device needs to be reformatted. If the memory card is complete, the user can transfer data from another device, like a hard drive, USB, SD card, or even a cloud storage service like Dropbox.

How is Mobile DVR with GPS helpful to monitor driver fatigue?

Mobile DVR with GPS 5

Mobile DVR with GPS is designed for capturing the incident on the road, which would help reduce driver fatigue.

It has an audio input function that allows the driver to take voice notes and phone calls.

The device can also help prevent drivers from illegal activities, including talking on the phone while driving, texting and or calls, viewing media while driving, and hearing or recording customer conversations.

Furthermore, it will help in retrieve out of ordinary information, in fact avoiding potential risk issues.

This Mobile DVR with GPS is an excellent solution for monitoring driver fatigue in fleet vehicles.

This innovative system allows fleet managers to monitor vehicle location, driver actions (such as braking and acceleration), and driver alertness using video inputs from cameras or sensors built into the vehicle.

The software provides statistical reports of driver behavior, including speeding, harsh braking, and extended idling.

Management can set speed limits using the GPS module. In addition, multiple alerts can be sent directly to drivers’ cell phones via text or automatic phone calls if the system detects a violation.

What are the applications of Mobile DVR with GPS?

Mobile DVR with GPS is particularly useful for :

  • Fleet managers
  • Vehicles of the law enforcement agencies
  • Truckers
  • Tankers
  • Cargo and Logistic companies
  • Ambulance and patient transport
  • Media Vehicles
  • Public Transport

Even parents concerned about the safety of their children on the road/in transit can monitor by mapping out areas of interest along the route on live video footage.

How to test the Mobile DVR with GPS?

  • The first step in testing the Mobile DVR with GPS is to install the software.
  • After installing the software, the next step is to connect the GPS dongle and power up the cameras.
  • Test accurate monitoring through your Android the location of the vehicle.
  • Apply the emergency brakes to observe the sensor activating properly
  • Playback emergency recording

How to install the Mobile DVR with GPS?

Mobile DVR with GPS Faq5

The Mobile DVR with GPS has a 12V input, rechargeable battery, and a USB port.

To install the Mobile DVR with GPS, you will need a power source for camera power and for the 12V input that is inside the cabin of the vehicle.

You will need an Android/smartphone/laptop to manage the devices inside and outside of your vehicle.

Installation steps are given below:

  • Establish the place to mount Mobile DVR with GPS
  • Track the path of the cables
  • Mount the accurate position for cameras
  • Connect the Cables with the Mobile DVR with GPS and cameras
  • Hide the cables after mounting all the parts at their selected places.
  • Turn on the Mobile DVR with GPS
  • Capture the data and playback it is working.

The Mobile DVR with a GPS module equipped on it can locate the vehicle and provide real-time information through text, voice message, and push notifications through platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

This device automatically records video while the vehicle is in motion and immediately begins to search/sync for new GPS location coordinates if there is an unexpected stop or crash.

What is the life span of Mobile DVR with GPS?

The life span of a Mobile DVR with GPS depends on how you use it. For example, running it in extreme temperatures below -10°C or above 40°C and without any ventilation can reduce the life span.

Stop using the device if you are not going to use it for a while (more than 30 days) to prolong its life.

The life span of a mobile DVR with a GPS device depends on how the device is used. Since it is a relatively new technology, there are still many questions about its safe use.

If a user follows directions carefully and uses the device safely, it should last longer than usual.

In case of any mishandling, the lifespan of these devices will be reduced.

What is necessary to maintain a Mobile DVR with GPS?

Mobile DVR with GPS Faq6

Following precautions are necessary to adopt for maintenance of Mobile DVR with GPS. To maintain a Mobile DVR with GPS, consider the recommendations below.

  • Ensure that the vehicle is in good condition to prevent breakdowns and accidents.
  • The SD card should be handled carefully and regularly checked for damage.
  • Rotate the camera regularly to avoid the camera lens from getting damaged from wear and tear.
  • Use the Mobile DVR within its specified temperature range because extreme hot temperatures can easily damage the device and cause your product to stop working.
  • Keep the mobile DVR away from liquids as excess moisture tends to harm the product permanently.

The Mobile DVR with GPS (PVR/NVR) is one of the most sensitive devices in your fleet. It’s much more likely to get damaged, stolen, or hit by any means than an average car. That is why you need to pay special attention to its security and safety.

How can Mobile DVR with GPS be helpful in real-time monitoring?

Mobile DVR with GPS is helpful in real-time monitoring by tracking the vehicles to find out the whereabouts of the car 24 hours a day.

The Mobile DVR with GPS provides a global positioning system, which locates your vehicle.

Mobile DVR with GPS can help fleet managers track their vehicles and monitor driver activity with live video, video footage, and alerts.

Sensor data from the sensors in the vehicle can be gathered and integrated into the management system for tracking purposes. This is especially useful for fleets running multiple cars.

Controlling large fleets is tough enough when you are in the office, but imagine the frustration of attempting to dial your vehicles in the field.

Now, with Mobile DVR with GPS, your crews will have real-time notification of the recorded events with an option to view live and playback video on a single screen.

This unique ability allows you to maintain focus on your trucks and cars by eliminating impromptu visits from managers. Peace of Mind without Breaking the Bank.

Does the working of Mobile DVR with GPS depend upon cameras?

Working of Mobile DVR with GPS does not depend totally upon cameras. It has the option to work even if there is no camera fitted on the vehicle.

Mobile DVR with GPS is an open platform for various types of video inputs like HDMI or analog.

It can collect data from various sensors like temperature, light, and motion and work on a wide range of network connections.

With the help of GPS technology, it can also collect data with latitude and longitude of the vehicle’s location through which the car is traveling.

The data or information is then saved in a database for reference at any time.

Does Mobile DVR with GPS meet international quality standards?

Yes, the Mobile DVR with GPS contains global quality certification. The device is certified by the following international quality standards:

Mobile DVR with GPS 7

  • FCC- Federal communications commission
  • CE -Radio test report
  • CE-LVD – EMC test report for wireless equipment
  • EN50155 – Railways application electronic equipment used
  • E-9 E-mark – EEC Directives ECE Regulation
  • IEC626638 – safety test report
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