Mobile DVR Systems

Let’s discuss the information you should know regarding mobile DVR systems. Do you actually need this device? We have the potential questions you might wish to ask here.

What does Mobile DVR System mean?

Mobile DVR Systems are designed specifically for video monitoring in transit and other moving vehicles. Several external cameras, a mobile DVR, and other security equipment make up a mobile DVR system. For improved driving assistance, it may additionally have an ADAS camera, a blind-spot detection camera, and a driver fatigue monitor.


What are the vehicles that require a mobile DVR system?

A mobile DVR system can be used on any vehicle from a small personal car to a large fleet of vehicles. It will depend on how many additional cameras these vehicles require.

Do I need to own a Mobile DVR System?

Yes! As individuals, we must put our safety above all else. We are all aware that maintaining a wide range commercial fleet can be challenging and expensive. Fleet managers are under intense pressure to attain peak performance and cut operating expenses. Different benefits of mobile DVR systems may aid you in your daily navigation.


What is the significance of the Mobile DVR System to me?

Fleet and transportation managers may instantly live-stream HD video from any of their fleet’s vehicular sensors to their desktop PC or mobile device with the help of the mobile DVR system with GPS feature.

Given how risky it may be to drive huge commercial vehicles, increased safety is important. By installing a mobile DVR system on your vehicles, you can provide your workers the increased awareness of their surroundings that they need to prevent such hazardous situations.

Several systems enable you to link an in-cab monitor with a variety of cameras, including side blind-spot cameras and cameras in or near the hopper. In order to give drivers better situational awareness, these systems frequently let you set up automated triggers that display specific views on the monitor, including the rear when backing up or blind areas when turning.


The data needed to secure your business can be obtained through a mobile DVR system that not only provides the operating views you require but also recordings to a DVR for a video record of activities in and around your vehicles.

The newest AI feature technology will reduce incidents and boost driver awareness by removing side blind zones. An AI Mobile DVR blind spot detection solution continuously collects and examines footage of the sides of the vehicle using the most recent video analytics detection in combination with AI.

Can I record videos while the car is parked?

Yes. Most of the Mobile DVR Systems has G-sensor feature that automatically start recording when any movement is detected. A lot of our clients utilize these devices to keep an eye on their cars constantly.

Does Mobile DVR System has GPS?

Yes. If you require location tracking, GPS can be built-in into the mobile DVR System and maintains track of your location.


Does a Mobile DVR system have 4G connectivity?

Yes! Most Mobile DVR System have 4G connectivity feature or Sim card Slot which enable users to use the device even without WIFI connection.

How can I purchase the Mobile DVR System?

You may check this youtube link for more information about the Mobile DVR System. Here, you can see the specific product that you would prefer to use in your car. This will help you figure out which devices you actually require for your vehicle.

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