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QOHO is Your Reliable MDVR Manufacturer

You Can Find Leading Professional MDVR manufacturers in Shenzhen, China for all your fleet management solution.

  • You can see Special designs as QOHO designs own MDVR housing, include inside PCB, and finished product.
  • Full Certificate with CE, FCC, RoHS, IEC62638, E-mark, En50155, EN301-489, EN301-511.
  • Regardless of how small or large your order is, QOHO always gives the best service and support for You.
  • Fast Delivery, Best Support, and Professional After-Service.

We are very grateful to hear from your any different Transportation requirement So that we can give our best suggestion, solution and offer to you accordingly.

NVR Mobile1080P-MDVR8208H

8 channel 1080P Full HD HDD SSD Mobile DVR, WiFi, GPS and G-sensor MDVR

8ch 1080P Mobile DVR

High-performance 8-ch 1080P H.265 HDD mobile DVR,MDVR Support  4CH audio& video GPS, 4G & WIFI

Mobile DVR MDVR8104SH (7)

4 CH 720P AHD SSD SD card Waterproof IP65 Hand-size MDVR, H.264 high profile.

MDVR 4ch 1080P single SD
512GB Single SD Card 1080P SD Card MDVR, Special vehicle port for reliable working on harsh environment, latest audio & video compression technology
MDVR Dual SD card

4 channel H.264/H.265 high profile. Industrial good vibration absorber and heat-dissipated level design


2ch 1080P AHD Camera built-in GPS, 4G, Wifi, G-sensor, Two Way intercom and Extended 2pcs Camera All in One Body.

QOHO is Your Reliable MDVR Manufacturer in China

MDVR is an abbreviation for Mobile Digital Video Recorder, which is a recorder mounted in cars for protection and surveillance when driving or sometimes when parked. This device will be your partner in keeping your vehicle in top condition. The MDVR may also capture evidence of incidents like crashes or crimes that your vehicle may have encountered or undergone.

QOHO include MDVR system, MDVR recorder for different Transportation Solution.

QOHO’s MDVR has completed a number of High-standard certifications to ensure that it can provide you with high-resolution video and long-term device endurance.

Our business values our past and future clients by providing unconditional assistance wherever possible. We will be at your service at any time thanks to our experienced and skilled staff.

Please contact us and give us your precise specifications so that we can provide you with the right solution!

QOHO MDVR Related Products

  • MDVR Camera MDVR8102SP

    4 channel 4G Car DVR uses iOs, Android, and PC to remote view at any time and anywhere. Also, Car DVR works with Driver fatigue monitor.

  • 8ch 1080P HDD Mobile DVR camera system MDVR8208H

    8 Channel 1080P Hard disk/ SDD and Mobile DVR System are suitable for the big bus or train solutions.

  • AI Mobile DVR with Driver fatigue monitor

    4 channel MDVR, PTZ Camera 360°continuously rotation, the tilt angle up to 180°, auto flip

QOHO MDVR- Best Choice in Different Vehicles Solution

Our MDVR includes GPS, WIFI, 4G and supports several channels for external monitoring accessories such as a camera and a car monitor, and we guarantee to provide you with the best security for your vehicles and fleet.

QOHO is a major provider of MDVRs, car monitors, and fleet tracking devices that meet and exceed EN50155 standards. Since our company designed our MDVR from the bottom up, we can guarantee a competitive quote based on your preferences.

QOHO has been in the electronics industry for over 16 years and has been a market leader in the production of a wide range of vehicle tracking systems for all fleet management solutions.

Send us an email right now with your detailed specs!

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MDVR – A Useful and Informative Guide

An MDVR or Mobile Digital Video Recorder is a durable system for your vehicle surveillance. An MDVR supports a specific number of channels depending on the brand and model. The number of channels means the exact number of external cameras or other devices that can be connected to the MDVR for more accessible monitoring.

If you want to have more ideas about an MDVR, the article below is a great help. You will be enlightened with solid facts regarding this device.

What exactly is an MDVR? 


Mobile Digital Video Recorder, Mobile DVR or MDVR is a device that is useful in a variety of fields. Its important features include video footage recording, GPS, audio, and storage on SD or HDD. The customer can access and remotely stream the content stored on the hard disk drive by downloading the files to his or her PC. This is usually captured as a sequence of 30-second images. Highly advanced features include the ability to send a new video file if a specific incident happens (accident observed, or SOS button pressed, and others.), usually a video of 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the incident happens.

The MDVR is perfect if you want your vehicle to have full security protection from all angles. The external cameras are connected to the MDVR for storage and processing and then transmit the video signal to your mobile devices for remote streaming.

What’s MDVR Player?

It’s a special Software to open MDVR history recording via MDVR player. Once you bought MDVR from Supplier, you will get MDVR player, MDVR software, MDVR app etc for your full installation Guide.

What is the difference between an MDVR and MNVR?


Both MDVRs and MNVRs are in charge of video capturing. a DVR is an abbreviation for a Digital Video Recorder, and NVR is an abbreviation for a Network Video Recorder. The way NVR and DVR process video data are what distinguishes them. DVR devices encode and process video data at the recorder, while NVR devices encrypt and process video recording at the camera before streaming it to the NVR for processing and remote watching. DVRs and NVRs require different kinds of cameras because they treat recorded data in different ways. NVRs are typically partnered with IP cameras, while DVRs are typically using analog cameras. It is important to remember that a DVR-based security system is a wired security system, whereas NVR systems can be either wired or wireless.

Where do you usually install an MDVR?


MDVR is typically installed in Public transit, Business fleets, law enforcement vehicles, and personal cars

For the taxi, bus, and other forms of public transportation, it is primarily a deterrent to crime inside the car and a means to supply evidence in the event of an accident. Law enforcers use MDVR to gather documentation and evidence of the validity of their acts and to improve force coordination. Many who use it for personal purposes mainly seek a sense of security in the event of a crash in which they could show they were not at fault.

What are the components of an MDVR?

The basic MDVR package includes a car camera, conductors, an external PSU or power supply unit, and a mounting bracket. Although it necessitates a huge amount of load to transmit footage using a data connection, which is expensive. it can provide fleet owners with certain visibility of how their employers behave, the exact thing that happened at the scene of the collision, and the reasons for sudden braking and other unsafe actions on the part of their drivers. It may also be a valuable technology for recovering stolen vehicles. MDVR has either built-in or included GPS in the system, so it is useful if your car or vehicle has been carnapped.

What are the advantages of an MDVR?


  • An MDVR is a system that can be used in vehicles to record anything that happens to them. With this system installed, you can replay video clips from your vehicle going back weeks, months, and years.
  • MDVRs are becoming increasingly common because they can help law enforcement capture speeding and unsafe driver behavior.
  • With this system installed, you can replay video clips from your vehicle going back weeks, months, and years.
  • This saves time and improves productivity for investigators because they won’t have to watch as many recordings, and the simpler method helps workflow run more smoothly.
  • An MDVR is intended to be the ideal solution for monitoring your fleet of vehicles.
  • An MDVR is a sophisticated mobile system that allows users to watch and record television or radio programs when on the go.
  • A top-of-the-line MDVR can survive the crushing movements of a city bus and the unpredictable power supply of a subway train.
  • With this powerful MDVR kit, you can record high-definition video from an infinite number of cameras, including those on moving objects and within vehicles.

How do we use an MDVR to tract driver fatigue?

MDVR FAQ 5The MDVR can record a driver’s behavior, vehicle speed, and proximity to other vehicles.

Mobile DVR,MDVR may be used for a number of uses that we may not have considered previously.

One of these functions is driver fatigue.

We can use mobile DVR, MDVR to monitor how long our drivers have been working, how much time they spend on activities like bathroom breaks, their pace on the lane, and so much more.

You can use Mobile DVR, MDVR to monitor the number of hours a driver has been on the road by putting a marker at the start and end of the change.

This data could be used to generate graphs of speed over time and decide whether or not the driver was tired.

If there is a chance of driver fatigue, it is safer to use two drivers for the truck and add a GPS tracker to control driver movements.

Mobile DVR assists drivers in performing their duties more safely by using a range of sensors.

The device will warn fleet managers when certain events occur, such as speeding or sudden braking, by tracking truck drivers’ driving activity.

Why is it important for an MDVR to pass an anti-vibration test?

While in the past, professionals in the video equipment industry used the term “anti-vibration test” to refer to a damaging testing method in which high voltage and high frequency is applied to a part of a mass-production system, in this age of the internet, where knowledge moves in seconds, this term has become a catchphrase for MDVRs.

The mobile DVR, MDVR is equipped with a vibration-free system, which takes into account the constant vibration caused by vehicles in motion, which can contribute to mechanical breakdown.

MDVR should be able to survive the world’s most extreme vibrations without losing material. The term anti-vibration test refers to a test that simulates the most powerful vibration, such as that of an airplane landing.

Mobile DVRs, MDVR are put through their paces in an anti-vibration chamber.

When the MDVR is still in production, anti-vibration checks are performed at both product and normal frequency to ensure that any defects or malfunctions found in the system have been ironed out before it is made available to the public.


Anti-vibration testing ensures Mobile DVR, MDVR reliability and data protection in a variety of scenarios.

During the Anti-vibration Test, the engineers subjected the Mobile DVR , MDVR to three different types of vibration environments.

  1. Vertical Vibration Testing
  2. Horizontal Vibration Testing
  3. Mixed Vibration Testing

The results show that the latest Mobile DVR performs well in these scenarios and has no effect on overall efficiency.

What are the different types of an MDVR?

  • Mobile DVR, MDVR includes 2ch SD card Mobile DVR, MDVR
  • 4ch Single SD card Mobile DVR, MDVR
  • 4ch Dual SD card Mobile DVR, MDVR
  • 8ch HDD Mobile DVR, MDVR
  • 16ch HDD/SSD Mobile DVR, MDVR and so on.

Also, most Mobile DVR ,MDVR has 720P and 1080P high resolution as your project requirement.

How do you select the correct MDVR in different vehicles?

First, you have to determine the requirements of the vehicle where the MDVR will be installed into.

Different vehicles will need different fleet solutions of MDVR systems.

  •  Logistics: Cargo Van, Truck, Dump truck, Oil Tanker, Cargo truck,
  • Public Transport: Coach and Tour bus, Public Transit Bus, Taxi, private car, train, subway, Bus, School Bus,
  • Law enforcement: Police car etc.


We can make a few examples for your reference:

1.Taxi and Car:

Normally, taxi is small vehicles as only have 2 seats+ 3 seats. So, you can consider and select a 2ch SD card Mobile DVR, MDVR for a taxi solution.


If it’s a bus of 24 seats, you can consider 4 ch HDD mobile DVR,MDVR is enough. The bus also can install 4ch HDD Mobile DVR or SD card Mobile DVR. Once you confirm to save bigger storage, HDD mobile DVR can support 2TB or 4TB (optional) is a perfect choice. If it’s only a few days recording and save cloud server, 2ch or 4ch SD card Mobile DVR is enough.

3.Oil tank:

Oil tank installs 4ch HDD Mobile DVR or 4ch SSD Mobile DVR, MDVR is enough.

4.School Bus:

If it’s a bigger School bus, it needs to complete an 8ch HDD Mobile DVR system,MDVR system, which includes Mobile DVR, RFID reader or People counting camera, relevant vehicle cameras, monitor, and UPS battery. You just care about students’ safety. Mobile DVR can send messages to parents for their safety.

How does the MDVR trigger an alarm and send it to the Center management office?


  1. Install Mobile DVR, MDVR on your vehicle firstly.
  2. Connect relevant IO alarms and linkage well with Mobile DVR.
  3. If your alarm is like a button, you can press the alarm button.
  4. Mobile DVRMDVR recognizes the alarm and will send the alarm to the central management office.
  5. It’s important your mobile DVR, MDVR has to be connected well and remote online.
  6. So the fleet manager can handle the alarm and send a message or intercom to the driver accordingly once sees the alarm.
  7. So alarms can save in the Mobile DVR,MDVR and CMS software platform as well.

How do you reduce the cost if you want to install an MDVR system for the bus?

Before installing an MDVR system, you should estimate the cost. For example, how many vehicle cameras can be combined with a Mobile DVR? Is it appropriate to mount a front-facing vehicle camera? a wide-angle camera for the driver and passenger? rearview mirror? If you only need two viewing spots, a two-channel mobile DVR would suffice. A 4ch mobile DVR is needed if you want to see the front road view, inside view, side view, and back view. The cost would be determined by the project’s complexity and the number of additional external cameras needed.

What is an MDVR kit?


This MDVR or Mobile DVR kit guide is the best resource on everything you need to hear about the Mobile DVR kit.

This mobile DVR kit guide contains details such as demand, iPhone, space, and time. You can use our useful responses to help you pick the best product for you.

A mobile DVR kit is a set of components that enable you to watch live and stored television on your LCD/iPhone or Android phone.

MDVR, Mobile DVR does not use the current network to store, and no IP, MAC, or PHY address is used in the recording process.

Live streaming is possible with 24-hour notice.

  • GPS tracking devices are becoming more and more popular in consumer markets, and retailers can use these solutions to keep a close eye on inventory.
  • Monitoring the location of your products is also an excellent way for brands to monitor customer satisfaction.
  • A waterproof car camera is a great way to keep your car safe and secure. Our 4 Waterproof HD 1.0 Mega Pixels 3.6mm Lens Car Cameras and 2 1.4 Megapixel Dome Cameras with IR Night Vision provide users with a comprehensive view of what’s happening around their vehicle.
  • Safety is important. This product has an IP67 rating. It offers reverse voltage protection, operates from low to high voltages above 12V, includes a small fuse, and is certified UL approved for overcurrent protection.
  • Support a minimum of 2 terabytes of storage capacity (though go higher if you can). And make sure that your video is live-streamed, allowing the customer to watch you arrive on-site along with real-time access to your inventory and location.
  • Support universal serial bus (UART) port. Supports TTS, RS232, RJ45, RS485 extension, fuel sensor, and LED advertisement connections.

Mobile DVR (MDVR) is not a finished kit. It’s a collection of things, and you need to put them together.

How does an MDVR work with GPS, 3G or 4G, and Wifi?


The MDVR is a mobile high-definition video recorder.

You can record videos with it on the go and play/transmit them faster when you watch them later.

MDVR has hard buttons on the remote control for easy operation along with its unique design.

The device also works directly with your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

You need to connect to the internet via a 3G/4G or WIFI signal to get recordings, schedule recordings, and do other things.

The settings include time zone, 24 hours toggle, and the ability to record daily.

If an MDVR is connected to 3G/4G or Wifi, it can be operated from various devices, including iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, Android phones/tablets, and web browsers.

As long as you have access to the internet on these devices, you can use MDVR and get the required services.

What factor is the most important when you get an MDVR?


The most important factor in buying the Mobile DVR is the ability to use it effectively.

The most important factors are its ability to record and playback videos so that you don’t have to convert or edit the videos at all when you want to watch them on your mobile device.

The most crucial factor that is important when you get the mobile DVR device is the feature.

The feature of a mobile DVR, MDVR device matters more than anything else.

To get the features you require, it is essential to shop for the proper Mobile DVR devices.

When you consider this factor, a special kind of Mobile DVR will be the most appropriate for your needs.

The connectivity level between cameras and DVRs requires additional cables for each camera to connect to the MDVR.

There are several factors you should consider before deciding on a video camera you get.

How to test your MDVR?

Every Mobile DVR, MDVR comes pre-installed with internal memory. For purposes of getting to know how your Mobile DVR works, you want to use that internal memory before going ahead and paying for your subscription.

To test the MDVR capabilities, power on and connect the coaxial cable from your cable/antenna to the Mobile DVR.

For testing, connect Mobile DVRs,MDVRs and play a recording back on your device.


  • Step 1. Input the Mobile DVR’s IP Address into the iPhone, iPad, or Android device used to perform functional testing.
  • Step 2. Record a Live TV program using the Mobile DVR to test live video playback during save the replay.
  • Step 3. Record a Saved TV program using the Mobile DVR to test saved video playback during playback.
  • Step 4. Replay a previously-recorded Live or Saved Program and check output quality and functionality on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Step 5.  Record a Live TV program using the Mobile DVR, and then view the content through the mobile device’s browser

There are many ways to test the Mobile DVR,MDVR on your iPhone or iPad also. Connect to your home wifi network and launch a web browser or special software to remote view in real-time at any time. Your mobile devices will work all the same as they usually do, except that you will need to use the regular remote control for all recording and pausing activities.

How to combine an MDVR work with a Vehicle camera system?


Mobile DVR, MDVR is an entirely new revolution of vehicle video recording.

It let the users combine both MDVR and vehicle camera system at once. It can reach beyond traditional vehicle camera systems’ limits while creating new convenience for anyone on the road. The connection way between two devices can be wireless network also.

If you can view the real-time videos from the MDVR on your mobile at any place and remotely control the recorder inside your car via cell phone when you are out.

Mobile DVR,MDVR is a new dongle device that is put between the front and back vehicle camera.

It works as an intelligent video server to receive and replay the two-channel video data from the two-vehicle cameras simultaneously via wireless networks.

When starting Vehicle Camera System, the Mobile DVR device would automatically perform one of three different operations: Playback vehicle cameras’ recorded videos from the mobile DVR; Record new footage from both vehicle cameras for future review or playback; Turn off vehicle cameras after all video recording is done.

You can choose your needed option to cooperate with it.

Where can you find a reliable MDVR Supplier?


With today’s fast-facing technology, electronic companies began to manufacture different vehicle surveillance devices for all vehicle requirements. If you want to import high-quality yet affordable electronic devices like an MDVR, China is the place to start.

A reputable brand has the following criteria:

  • The Company website has complete contact details
  • They offer as low as 1pc minimum order quantity
  • They have more than 1 years warranty for faulty products
  • Good company reviews from real clients
  • Years of experience in manufacturing
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