IP camera
IP Camera

IP camera install inside and outside of all different fleet transportation.

1ch Dash camera IP camera

IP Camera

IP camera install inside and outside of all different fleet transportation.


IP Camera

IP Camera Waterproof IR dome camera is best installation outside vehicles.

Car Black Box taxi dash camera

IP Camera 1080P Car Dash Camera is best solution for taxi solution for Road safety view

Car black box Road safety view dash camera

IP Camera 1080P 110 degree wide view 4G SIM through smartphone iOs,Ipad,Iphone,Android and PC at anytime.

QOHO: IP Camera Fleet management Manufacturer in China

Are you worry can’t see outside,blind spot,inside view? IP Camera can install inside to view driver and passenger,especially install at the top of bus.

What’s more,IP Camera can install outside of rear view and side view. It’s best combination with our Hybrid Mobile DVR to work.

So you will consider QOHO is your best selected choice manufacturer in your fleet management orders.

IP camera can install household application,QOHO is IP camera for vehicles used  manufacturer. So we can be sure our IP camera car used standard meet and exceeds general standards,higher level with IP69 passed level.we will offer a competitive price in accordance with your fleet projects.

QOHO always provide you the best fleet management solution even if you need AHD car camera and IP camera car used together,as our Hybrid Mobile NVR can be based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team to accomplish your target.

If you are doing transportation services,fleet management solutions with your brand and need to find an OEM,ODM manufacturer, then QOHO will 100% fully support you on the IP camera development and all fleet management solution to you.

Leave us message,drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

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What’s IP Camera?

IP Camera is a more advanced technology of CCTV cameras,because IP camera combines traditional CCTV cameras and IP technology.

IP camera can transmit image to the other side via RJ45 LAN network.What’s more,web browser can monitor its image.

IP camera is also called IPC as combination of network coding and analog camera.IP camera also is built-in chip and uses can be embedded in realtime and operating system.

More important, IP camera develop CCTV IP camera, IP camera for cars. As IP camera for cars can do RJ45 and 6 pin aviation connection.

IP camera also can support wifi wireless connection,RJ45,4G assess,POE power supply,so that it’s very easy and convenient to work.

car black box

QOHO IP Camera

QOHO IP camera is higher standard than general IP camera,QOHO has an advanced manufacturing process,and QOHO manufactures different types of IP Camera for cars with different types and application. so you can select different IP camera device machine as your requirement on your projects.

You just need to give uss your fully detailed project requirement, we will provide our best solution to you based on your standing.

QOHO IP Camera Types

We can also custom your IP Cameras for Cars on your designs.You Just give us your idea, we can give our best suggestion and solution for you immediately.


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