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Since 2005, QOHO has specialized in developing and manufacturing front car camera. We provide comprehensive products and monitoring solutions that can be used on a wide range of vehicles.

Front car cameras are cameras that are installed in the front of a vehicle and face forward. It records all your actions on the road. It specifically documents your Car’s front view for your safety against sudden front collision, vandalism, and other unexpected circumstances. Front-facing cameras are also designed to help you avoid hitting parking blocks, curbs, and other potentially dangerous obstacles.

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1ch Front Car Camera

1 channel 1080P HD 3G/4G WIFI dual SD card camera, Car DVR

Updated version of Front Car Camera 2ch MDVR8102S

2ch 1080P GPS 4G Wifi Telematics Camera, Mini MDVR, Dual Lens (Front and Cabin ) view.


Front Car Camera MC1205

1080P High-Resolution Road Safety Guard Wide Angle Front Car Camera

Front Car Camera - MDVR101

1ch 1080P 5MP Front Car Camera, Mobile DVR with GPS 4G WIFI

Front Car Camera-MC810C-2 (1)

720P Dual Lens wide-angle Car Camera, Excellent night-vision & clear image

CM80 front road view

75 degree front Road safety Car camera, 3m sticker on the windshield, smart size, easy installation

QOHO is your best option if you're looking for high-quality Front Car Camera

We provide the leading Front Car Camera which is the best way for you to have a perfect range of your Car’s front view.

QOHO always maintains its focus on the safety and needs of the customer. Our business will always find the best solution for you and your vehicle’s needs.

Our company can also conduct research and development activities based on your project’s specifications with our highly professional team to achieve your goal.

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QOHO is Your Reputable Supplier of Front Car Cameras since 2005!

For the past 16 years, QOHO has become one of the established and trusted electronic brands in Shenzhen, China. We offer a wide range of vehicle surveillance products that are affordable yet high-quality for all vehicles and fleet management solutions.

Our company also accepts to build your own design and specifications of front car camera with the help of our professional and skilled research and development team. We assure to support you all throughout the transaction and will address any concerns you may have at any time.

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Front Car Camera – Your Comprehensive Guide

We just like traveling, don’t we? using our cars, we go from one location to another. Although, even if you are a good driver, how confident are you that your fellow motorists are all safe drivers? Are you secure from collisions and other traffic accidents? Nobody knows. However, with today’s cutting-edge technologies, you can mount a camera in your vehicle to film anything ahead in order to avoid getting involved or wrongly blamed in the event of an incident.

Front Car Cameras are very popular nowadays, not just because of the increasing number of undocumented accidents and collisions but also to have peace of mind while traveling via your vehicle. These are the things that you need to know when buying and installing a Front Car Camera;

Table of Contents

  • What is a Front Car Camera?
  • Where do you install a Front Car Camera?
  • Can I have a Live View of the Footage?
  • Is it worth it to have a Front Car Camera?
  • What are the special features of a Front Car Camera?
  • Is it Illegal to have a Front Car Camera?
  • What are the Advantages of having a Front Car Camera?
  • What are the disadvantages of a front car camera?
  • Can I import a Front Car Camera from China?
  • How long does the front car camera record?
  • Does a front car camera record audio?
  • What should I look for when buying a front car camera?
  • Can a front car camera record footage clearly even at night?
  • How can you tell if a front car camera is recording?
  • How does a front car camera function?
  • How do I put a front car camera in my vehicle?
  • Why would I install a front car camera?
  • What is the price of a front car camera?
  • What is the Front Car Camera legality by country?
  • Will a front car camera be used to monitor a fleet?
  • Where can you find a reputable front car camera supplier?
  • How does a front car camera work with a mobile DVR?
  • Where is the front car camera footage stored?

 What is a Front Car Camera?

Front Car Camera FAQ 1

A Front Car Camera is a type of vehicle camera that is installed or mounted on the car’s windshield to capture and record the front road ahead. This is essential to document front road incidents for your protection. Together with other devices included in a complete vehicle surveillance system, a front car camera can be helpful for vehicle monitoring.

Where do you install a Front Car Camera?

A Front Car Camera is typically mounted on the windshield, where it has a perfect angle of the front view of your vehicle. Some front car cameras can be mounted on the hood and roof of the vehicle to capture a wide front angle.

Can I have a Live View of the Footage?

Yes, you can stream the live video footage on your phone or computer. This is essentially why fleet managers install this device in their vehicles so that they can easily monitor all of their employees’ activities and driving behavior. The vehicle can also be conveniently found if it has a camera installed, as most cameras on the market include a Global Positioning System (GPS) as one of their features.

Is it worth it to have a Front Car Camera?

If you drive often, it is worthwhile to install a front car camera. A front car camera would assist you in documenting events such as crashes, collisions, and even robberies in some situations. It would also save you time and effort if you come across the aforementioned events when you have evidence against the other party involved.

What are the special features of a Front Car Camera?

Front Car Camera FAQ 2

  • GPS – By having GPS, or Global Positioning System, into a front car camera, the unit can measure your exact location and distance traveled. When this information is combined with the video footage, it will provide a more accurate image of the circumstances that led up to any event. GPS uses satellites to detect your location, and as such, it is affected by your surroundings as well as the setting of your camera.
  • G-Sensor – G-shock sensors, also known as motion sensors, measure your vehicle’s movement along three axes. In case of an accident, this data can not only help to paint a picture of what happened, but it also can activate your car camera to respond appropriately. Most cameras can detect significant movement and immediately lock the footage that is being produced at the time, ensuring the safety of any valuable footage. I t’s a very useful function that prevents real-world events like crashes and collisions, as well as hard braking and changing lanes.
  • Parking Mode – This handy feature protects you when you’re not in your car. Front car cameras are not just to protect yourself from collisions with other vehicles who may collide with your vehicle and then flee the area, but also to deter someone who might be trying to break into your car or steal your vehicle. When the ignition is switched off or the car is stationary for a predefined timeframe, most front-facing cameras with this feature can enter parking mode automatically. Furthermore, if the device discovers that the vehicle has moved, whether due to a collision or vandalism, it will record another video to capture as much footage as possible.
  • Speed & Date Stamp – Most camera video files include the date and time of recording, and this information is often displayed in the video’s corner when it is played back. If your video evidence is called upon, this basic but key piece of information will aid in its verification.
  • Wide-Angle Lens -Front-facing cameras use broad lenses to record as much activity and information as possible. This guarantees that every footage recorded includes movements not only in front of your vehicle but also to the sides, and many cameras have a horizontal viewing angle of around 120 degrees. While wider angle cameras are available, they can distort the video’s edges, making important information such as driver’s licenses difficult to read.
  • LCD Screens – Camera LCD screen displays recorded video footage and scroll through menu systems to help you set the date that is stamped on your camera’s film.

Is it Illegal to have a Front Car Camera?

While Front car cameras are becoming more common as a means of protecting against factual fabrication, they are also attracting negative attitudes due to privacy issues.

Due to the high number of undocumented car crashes, robberies, and thefts in other countries, such as Asia, Europe, and the United States, front car cameras have become quite common. However, certain countries forbid the use of a front car camera for surveillance purposes and those who do so face a fine.

Front Car Camera FAQ 3

  • What are the Advantages of having a Front Car Camera?

The front Car Camera provides you with peace of mind when driving. This device records anything that happens in front of your truck. Similarly, the footage may be used as evidence in the event of a sudden front collision, vandalism, or other situations that are uncomfortable for you.

  • What are the Disadvantages of a front car camera?

Although front car cameras can improve vehicle security, they are also more likely to be stolen. Because the installed cameras are easily seen by passersby, car thieves may be interested in your vehicle and have the camera effortlessly removed.

It can also create distraction because most front-facing cameras, including the smallest ones, can also block any of the driver’s vision. It may be a road sign or people crossing the road.

Can I import a Front Car Camera from China?

Front Car Camera FAQ 4

The simple answer is yes! A Front Car Camera can be conveniently imported from China. However, before buying or importing a Front Car Camera, do extensive research on where and who the trustworthy suppliers of vehicle monitoring equipment in China are.

China has a large number of manufacturers, including those who produce electronic devices. Unfortunately, there are only a few reputable companies that can offer a high-quality front car camera.

When you’ve selected a reliable supplier, send them your specific requirements. If they have an available unit that fits your requirements, the product will be shipped within a week.

There are also manufacturers who offer a one-pc minimum order quantity per purchase, which is perfect if you want to test the device’s performance first.

How long does the front car camera record?

Front Car Camera FAQ 5

front car camera data is usually copied to a flashcard and later moved to a device.

Typically, the video clip is stored in the memory every 5 minutes while driving. This reduces the size of the file which makes it easy to locate a specific occurrence.

If the SD card becomes full, the front car camera may stop filming except if the device allows old videos to be deleted when the memory is full.

So, the recording length will always depend on the size of your front car camera memory card.

Does a front car camera record audio?

Front Car Camera FAQ 6

Yes, the majority of Front Car Cameras have an audio recording feature built-in. Some of the reputable brands of front car cameras use cutting-edge audio input technologies to capture crisp audio for improved video footage.

The audio features also help fleet managers to monitor their driver’s behavior when driving. Furthermore, they can easily communicate with the fleet anytime and anywhere.

What should I look for when buying a front car camera?

When buying a front car camera, you need to consider several things, and then there are the physical elements like:

  • Video Resolution
  • Crisp audio feature
  • Type of video recording
  • Type of memory card
  • Emergency recording power-saving mode
  • Loop recording
  • Parking Mode
  • Acceleration tracker & Speed alert
  • Global Positioning System or GPS

These are some of the important keys to remember to determine that the front car camera you are purchasing has the best quality and will not compromise your vehicle’s security.

Can a front car camera record footage clearly even at night?

Front Car Camera FAQ 7

Yes, the front car camera includes night video recording capabilities.

front car cameras equipped with infrared LED lighting that illuminates the street ahead and the nearby areas.

Models with wide-angle lenses can see more of the path ahead than models with normal lenses, giving you more proof of what caused an incident.

And when the vehicle is switched off, some front car cameras continue to film and store video.

How can you tell if a front car camera is recording?

The front car camera has a warning light (located on the top right of the camera) that illuminates when the camera is recording.

If you can’t find the indicator light, check your owner’s manual or browse your video, as you may be able to spot it in motion!

If the light is solid red, it indicates that the front car camera is filming. The front car camera is in sleep mode if it is blinking red

Each front car camera has a red recording button. When you press this button, the camera will turn on and begin capturing whether it is turned off.

How does a front car camera function?

Front Car Camera FAQ 8

Front car cameras capture video using advanced cameras and a recording medium.

Certain models have built-in memory, while others can be extended with an SD card.

A front-facing car camera records with a wide-angle lens, which improves vision.

The camera is usually operated by a cigarette lighter or a built-in battery (which turns on when the car is started).

A front car camera uses infrared light to see what’s going on around you at night.

When the camera is turned on, it continually records video clips into a micro-SD card and deletes the oldest video when it runs out of room.

How do I put a front car camera in my vehicle?

Front Car Camera FAQ 9

While a front car camera is an excellent protection measure and a useful weapon in the case of an accident, installing one can be difficult.

To mount a front car camera in your vehicle, follow these steps:

  • Determine the location of your front car camera on your car.
  • Locate the vehicle’s wiring belt.
  • Locate the main power cable and connect it properly.
  • Look for the fuse that is “turning on.”
  • Connect all of the kit’s components to the circuit and power them up.
  • Locate a point of touch for grounding.
  • Press the control button.
  • Ensure that it is in working order.

There are some versions to pick from, so don’t panic if the non-technical side can’t find out which cords and components.

This guide will take you through the process of choosing and installing a front-facing car camera.

Why would I install a front car camera?

Front Car Camera FAQ 10

Front-facing cameras can be used for a variety of purposes, including reducing false claims against drivers who were not at fault in a crash or filming reckless driving in and out of the vehicle.

It may be used to monitor road conditions in bad weather or after a crash.

Front car cameras tend to minimize collisions by providing irrefutable evidence of a driver’s actions prior to a traffic collision, potentially making the driver responsible rather than the innocent party saying the other driver was at fault.

Many versions have sensors because if you brake too hard, a collision happens, or the driver fails to obey traffic laws, they can include information that can help you collect punitive penalties and stop getting traffic infringement tickets.

In addition, front car camera imagery is often used in hit-and-run and road rage investigations.

It will assist you in recording your location and tracking your car path.

What is the price of a front car camera?

Front Car Camera FAQ 11 (1)


The best front car cameras are designed to withstand harsh conditions. They can endure drops, small injuries, and a lot of movement on the track.

The majority of these units cost between $60 and $150, but some are as low as $30.

To protect their interests, a trucker’s front car camera is deemed necessary.

It starts at $80 and can range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars based on the brand and features.

The most crucial thing is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of front car cameras before selecting the best model for your needs.

A low-cost front car camera usually has poor video quality, poor lighting, and little or no choices.

Though high-end front car cameras can provide GPS monitoring as well as 4k video resolution.

What is the Front Car Camera legality by country?

Front Car Camera FAQ 12

Front car cameras are a source of controversy around the world. Despite their various advantages and applications, some regions of the world are reluctant and firmly oppose the introduction of vehicle cameras due to a variety of significant factors.

For example, some assume that if the front car camera is mounted improperly, it could obscure the driver’s vision and thus contribute to the accidents it was designed to prevent. Others can have privacy rules, for example.

If you want to know if a front car camera is legal in your area, keep reading as we cover various regions and their rules.

Asia: As the technology becomes more widespread in the region, Asia is expected to become the world’s largest market for front car vehicle cameras.

In terms of this continent, they are fully legitimate and useful to the ordinary driver.

Europe: Europe is still the world’s biggest market for front car cameras, with countries such as Russia, the United Kingdom, and Spain seeing a majority of their passengers possessing a front car camera.

However, some nations, including Austria, Luxembourg, and Portugal, deem the use of front-facing cameras to be unconstitutional.

North America: Front-facing cameras are legal in most states in North America, with certain exceptions.

In the United States, for example, recording is only permitted for the road ahead, but recording private con activities in the car is prohibited.

California is another case of a state with contradictory rules since this state only allows the front car camera to be mounted on the windshield to prevent being an obstacle.

Will a front car camera be used to monitor a fleet?

Front Car Camera FAQ 13

A front car camera, along with other equipment in a vehicle monitoring system, will absolutely be used for fleet management.

When the fleet is traveling to carry goods or for public transportation, a front car camera is useful for filming the route ahead.

It will be useful when a front collision happens and it can provide evidence as to who is to blame for the accident.

You can also track the driver’s behavior while driving and a front car camera often captures audio.

Where can you find a reputable front car camera supplier?

Front Car Camera FAQ 15

With today’s innovation process, technology has become increasingly advanced. There are many companies started to provide and produce electronic products.

A front car camera is one of the technologies that can be very useful when driving a vehicle nowadays. However, if you require to import this device you must find a reliable supplier to avoid wasting money and compromising your vehicle’s safety.

If you are searching for a manufacturer or business that provides affordable and high-quality surveillance devices such as a front car camera, China is the best place to start your search.

How does a front car camera work with a mobile DVR?

Supposing that you want to have a very secured vehicle monitoring system, having a mobile DVR will suffice. External cameras like a front car camera can be connected to the mobile DVR for storage and better video processing.

A mobile DVR can support 1 or more external cameras that can be mounted to all the sides of your vehicle.

Furthermore, you can remotely monitor your vehicle’s surroundings and determine its exact location with the help of the built-in global positioning system in the mobile DVR.

Where is the front car camera footage stored?

The memory unit is the storage space, which may be internal or external.

When the ignition is switched on, the front car cameras turn on automatically and begin filming continuously in a loop. Each recording is limited to three minutes and is saved as a clip to a memory stick/card.

Front-facing cameras are distinguished by a feature known as loop capture.

This means that cameras will record until memory is complete, then resume recording over the oldest/earliest archives.

This would prevent old and obsolete videos from piling up on the memory card.

Certain programs, however, use a sensor to prevent confidential files (such as accident footage) from being re-written.

Front Car Camera FAQ 14

Front car cameras use a memory card (MICRO SD) that is quickly ejected and replaced.

Depending on personal preference, the size of the memory card can vary.

The above-mentioned recording pattern of the vehicle camera means that even tiny memory cards take a long time to fill up.

However, as an added precaution, often attempt to move old footage onto a PC or external storage to maintain a long history of footage.

Certain front car cameras have high-quality video footage that allows them to see even more and even record license plates.

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