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Fleet Camera Systems MC710

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QOHO’s Fleet Camera Systems are devices that are mounted in your fleet of vehicles to conveniently control and track them for improved fleet management. Running a commercial fleet of vehicles used for business and transportation can be challenging, but with the Fleet Camera System, Fleet Management has never been so easy!

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720P 140 Degree Fleet Camera Systems

A horizontal 140 degrees view with a 720P resolution AHD camera. It also has an excellent night vision perfect for taxi or any transportation business.

Fleet Camera Systems MC60

Dual camera with one body Mini vehicle wide view camera It can record front road and passenger inside at the same time excellent for you fleet business.

1080P 180 Degree Wide View Fleet Camera Systems

1080P high resolution camera that can view 180 degrees, it’s waterproof which makes it suitable for all types of fleet vehicles.

720P AHD Electronic Rearview Mirror Fleet Camera Systems

720P resolution fleet camera system with a wide dynamic range and defog function the perfect solution to your fleet problem.

180 Degree Starlight Fleet Camera Systems

180 degree star light Camera, vandal proof, and water proof which can be used in any types of vehicle.

1080P Vehicle IR Dome Fleet Camera Systems

1080P resolution mini dome fleet camera system with 10 pieces of IR LED giving excellent night vision.

QOHO is the Top Fleet Camera System in China

QOHO has been one of China’s leading manufacturers of fleet camera systems for the past 16 years. Our company has consistently produced high-quality products to customers and has continued to manufacture nearly 40,000 products around the world.

From the planning, testing, assembly, and packaging QOHO makes their products from high quality and durable materials ensuring that they pass the standards that QOHO has set for their products.

Our company value customers and so, therefore, have an outstanding customer service team to cater to the needs of their consumers. Aside from that, the customer service team is available 24 hours a day to listen to and answer their customers’ questions.

Our company has a wide range of products for you to choose from. You can also provide your own OEM or ODM designs for a customized product, and we will manufacture them for you.

Our company will always be with you to answer any of your queries about our products. Do not hesitate and give us an email anytime and we will reply as soon as possible!

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QOHO is Your Reliable Fleet Camera System Manufacturer in China

QOHO, as the parent company of several manufacturing and distribution operations, caters to the needs of fleet managers in order to make their lives easier. To ensure that our products meet the high standards that our company has set for us, we use high-quality, long-lasting components.

Our company has an in-depth Fleet Camera Systems research and development department team, as well as a quality control team that verifies each system to ensure that it is of high quality and passes all of the checklists according to consumer standards.

We are always happy to assist you. Simply send us an email at any time and we will respond with a quick quotation and answers all your questions.

Fleet Camera System

Fleet Camera System- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Fleet Camera System FAQ guide is to help you find answers to common questions encountered about fleet camera systems. Accident prevention is essential. Even the best drivers are involved in accidents on a regular basis; therefore, installing a Fleet Camera System can provide you with additional security and peace of mind.

This Fleet Camera System FAQ guide explains everything you need to know about our products and services so that we can answer questions before they are asked. We can demonstrate how the product you are about to purchase is necessary in your daily life. We can explain the benefits of each product so you can decide if it is appropriate for your fleet or personal vehicle.

We hope that this guide can assist you with your fleet camera system queries, continue reading to learn more.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a Fleet Camera System?
  • Is it worth it to have a Fleet Camera System?
  • What are the benefits of a Fleet Camera System? 
  • Can a Fleet Camera System integrate with GPS tracking?
  • Is it possible to view my Fleet Camera System footage without internet?
  • Is it possible to use a Fleet Camera device in low-light conditions?
  • Can any Fleet Camera systems work with a DVR?
  • How can Fleet Camera systems help in Driver’s Monitoring?
  • How do I find a professional Fleet Camera Systems maker in China?
  • What distinguishes Fleet Camera Systems?
  • What are the components of a Fleet Camera System?
  • How long does a Fleet Camera System last?

What is a Fleet Camera System?

Fleet Camera

Fleet Camera System is a combination of hardware and software that commercial fleets use to improve driver safety and minimize risk. It consists of just one camera or multiple cameras installed inside or outside each vehicle, such as dashboard cameras, backup cameras, or even interior cameras for monitoring cargo holds. This system is composed of cameras installed in vehicles, buses, vans, taxis, trams, metros, and ambulances. It is specifically designed for commercial fleets. These cameras are used in tandem with connected software, as an online dashboard, to review incident footage, coach drivers, and track safety improvements over time. Drivers can manually activate recordings whenever an event occurs on the route, and fleet managers can configure the fleet camera system to live stream or monitor continuous video (up to 100 hours).

Is it worth it to have a Fleet Camera System?

To meet supply and delivery demands, businesses must optimize their fleet management. This is not a problem for new businesses, but as they grow, fleet management becomes increasingly important. To be honest, the supply and delivery logistics for these companies aren’t as difficult to manage as you might think. This is due to the fact that these companies rely on robust and comprehensive fleet camera systems to do their jobs. What would have been a monumental task is now a simple automated process requiring only a few clicks to check the status of their fleets.

As a fleet manager, you must make several decisions to get the most out of your fleet and drivers. Your responsibility is to keep people safe as well as serve your customers in the best way possible. It allows you to drive while keeping track of your location. You should maintain a driving log to protect the car and to report any injury for insurance and legal purposes. You can replay an accident and recall the incident even though you have no idea what happened or who was at fault on the road.

When problems arise, the investigations can take up a huge amount of your time. Fleet camera system footage will also be used to track down criminals and testify in court. Criminals are more likely to be spotted, arrested, and prosecuted if they have a fleet surveillance device in their vehicle, whether for anti-social activity outside their home or a full-fledged break-in.

What are the benefits of a Fleet Camera System? 

Fleet Camera benefits

You can accomplish something if you have access to some information, knowledge, or equipment. Knowing the benefits of a Fleet Camera System allows you to understand how it works, making it difficult to reconsider purchasing one.

The Fleet Camera system will benefit you in a variety of ways. There are numerous reasons why you should install a Fleet Camera System, from safety and security to convenience.

  • Prevent Fuel Theft– It is defined as the illegal siphoning or taking of fuel from fuel tanks. Criminals use a variety of methods to accomplish this goal, including puncturing the tanks.
  • Automate Asset Monitoring– is a hardware and software system that logs information about tangible assets, allowing a company to verify the location and status of its assets.
  • Video Footage as Evidence– While a crime is being committed, video footage is captured by a camera and displayed on a monitor. This is now widely used; however, the nature and purpose of it vary greatly. The prosecution may use this evidence in criminal cases involving the commission of an offense captured on a security video.
  • Improve Safety for the Drivers– Safety is very important. It evaluates a driver’s ability to control a vehicle and respond appropriately to changing traffic conditions, regardless of age.
  • Eliminate Blind Spots– Using fleet camera systems can help to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a blind spot accident.
  • Easy Maneuver– Using Fleet Camera System, it enables you to drive your vehicle with caution and usually skill.
  • Prevent Bad Driving Behavior– A driver’s behavior is the set of actions he or she takes to ensure both people’s safety and compliance with driving regulations. Definitely, safety and compliance necessitate the observance of speed limits. You can use a fleet camera system to review driver behavior and avoid unneeded actions.
  • Easily Locate your vehicles– The GPS system is used to track the location of a fleet, car, or any moving vehicle. Vehicle tracking, which is widely used to keep track of fleets, ensures that the vehicles are being used properly and that they can be recovered if they are stolen.
  • Avoid Damage to your vehicle– One of the reasons why we need to purchase a fleet camera system is to avoid vehicle damage. Whether the cause is an accident, theft, or vandalism,
  • Parking Protection– The owner of a fleet, as well as the owners of parking lots, are responsible for ensuring that parking lots are safe to use. Installing a fleet camera system to prevent damage and serve as evidence when something happens to a vehicle is one of the less time-consuming ideas.
  • Mitigate Claims Expense– It occurs when the party who has suffered a loss in an insurance claim takes reasonable steps to avoid further losses. The use of a Fleet camera system can help to avoid or reduce insurance losses.
  • Enhance Market Processes– A set of steps that enables organizations to identify customer problems, analyze market opportunities, and create marketing materials to reach the target audience. This is where the Fleet camera system enters the picture.
  • Discover what the driver is doing while operating your fleet of vehicles– It is essential, especially if you are a fleet manager. The primary responsibility is to track the location of your fleets.
  • Help Exonerate Passengers– It means assisting innocent passengers who are arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit as a result of unethical or illegal behavior by state officials. By the use of video evidence, it will protect you from being wrongfully accused.

Can a Fleet Camera System integrate with GPS tracking?

Fleet camera system faq gps

Fleet camera system gathers a variety of data that can be used to complement data from conventional GPS fleet tracking systems. What is a GPS tracker? GPS Trackers are an excellent tool for improving fleet management. A tracking system for fleet management allows fleet managers and owners to obtain real-time information about their vehicles on a map or even in the form of cases. This data can then be combined with other fleet-related data (driver behavior, fuel consumption, and maintenance), combining time and location with other information to produce true fleet competence.

QOHO’s Fleet Camera System offers cutting-edge fleet management software that combines video from interior and exterior cameras with sensor data from the vehicle’s GPS to a DVR. It has advantages such as keeps vehicles safe from theft and abuse, sends the nearest available driver to a location, ensures the safety of your drivers when in dangerous or unknown locations, and many more.

These are the additional advantages of integrating GPS tracking with a fleet camera system.

  • Travel History – On the map, you can see a visual representation of all of the vehicle’s trips. Kilometers have driven, idling time, stops, engine time, and average speed is all displayed. On the monitor, overspeeding as well as hyperdrive stretches are addressed. Some devices are also capable of repeating the entire journey. Fleet managers benefit from this function.
  • Accessible Anytime & Anywhere – In today’s day and age, where we have instant access to all information, it is essential to invest in a device with a tracking system that is accessible via web and mobile devices. It is extremely beneficial for fleet managers to use a vehicle GPS tracker to track their fleet vehicles. The convenience of anywhere, whenever connectivity and user-friendly software keeps you up to date on your car’s whereabouts in real-time, no matter where you are.
  • Notifications – Using vehicle monitoring system features such as over start of day alert, over speeding alert, path deviation alert, and unnecessary stoppage alert, one can evaluate driver behavior and maximize fuel consumption and workforce. Tampering Alert, Over-speeding Alert, Stoppage Alert, Idling Alert, and other alerts can be customized based on your needs.
  • Tracking in Real-Time The primary function of GPS tracking devices is real-time monitoring. The cars’ locations are tracked on a map as they move from one location to the next. If your car is moving, the position information, as well as the car speed, are displayed on a map. The current state of the car, such as moving, idle, or parked, is indicated by map markers. Multiple cars can be grouped and controlled at the same time using standard software.
  • Travel History Report and Summary – Links to position and incident reports provide a high return on investment for most businesses with a small to large fleet. Fleet Administrators can monitor and review information about their fleets for up to ninety days in the past, allowing them to make better business decisions. This gives you a broad view of the metrics that are critical to your company’s success. The total distance traveled, parking time, stoppages, overspeeding, and fuel consumption are all tracked. The figures will be displayed for various vehicle classes and time periods.
  • User management and access control – User monitoring and access control are critical features of vehicle tracking systems for company owners. You should be able to edit and add user accounts, as well as control the access rights across positions. You must be able to delegate one or even more pre-determined tasks to a user and execute grouping, which involves grouping several users. This allows you to perform car monitoring for several numbers of vehicles as well as access report reports for the group overall.
  • An easy and intuitive user interface – provides advanced features such as group-wise control without the need for multiple profiles, a bird’s eye view of the entire group of vehicles, and the ability to compare real-time and historical results. A simple but well-developed user-friendly interface allows for quick access to the knowledge required to make informed decisions.
  • Analytic – Several GPS Tracking units offer innovative business solutions designed to harness the power of location-based networks, integrate them with cloud analytics, and deliver actionable fleet data to fleet managers in order to achieve accurate fleet efficiency.
  • Geo-fencing – You can draw territorial borders known as Geofences around a landmark on the map. A warning is issued whenever the vehicle approaches or departs from the Geo barrier. This opens up a plethora of possibilities for utilizing surveillance data, which can result in improved operational performance, staff optimization, and increased customer protection and safety standards.

Is it possible to view my Fleet Camera System footage without Internet?

In most cases, the Fleet Camera System is connected to 3G, 4G Wireless technology, and Wi-Fi. The Fleet Camera System will work with either the wired connection or WIFI. The best way to connect the fleet camera system to the Internet is with a reliable signal and fast connection speed.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can view live and recorded video from your fleet camera system on your computer screen. The camera, on the other hand, does not require electricity if it is present on your property. Using a network cable, connect the fleet camera system to the show.

Is it possible to use a Fleet Camera device in low-light conditions?

Fleet Camera IR

A fleet camera system with night vision can assist you in improving driver safety, exonerating innocent drivers from blame, and lowering costs. If you’re in charge of a fleet, safety is probably a top priority, and installing a fleet camera system can be a worthwhile investment. Because so many accidents occur at night, when visibility is reduced, it is critical to invest in a fleet camera system capable of recording high-quality video even in low-light conditions.

Numerous fleet camera systems use infrared (IR) technologies to see at night. At night, these emit infrared light, allowing the camera to see in complete darkness. Since infrared light is opaque to the human eye, burglars are unable to identify the position of a fleet monitor.

If you’re a fleet manager who wants to capture clear nighttime footage, you should look for a fleet camera system that uses active illumination technology. While there are cameras that support HDR and other technologies, active illumination is the only technology designed specifically for nighttime recording.

Can any Fleet Camera Systems work with a DVR?

No, not all fleet camera systems can work with a digital video recorder. It is always dependent on the type of Fleet Camera System that you have. You must also consider the brand and model of the recorder and cameras.

Analog and HD-CVI cameras are compatible with digital video recorders (DVR). Analog cameras are needed for DVRs. Analog cameras capture images and transmit them to a DVR using a coaxial cable.

How can fleet camera systems help in Driver’s Monitoring?

If you want to keep your car running longer, use one of these auto fleet camera systems to track your driver’s activities. This device can help you observe your driver’s driving patterns and identify potentially dangerous driving habits before they become dangerous on the road.

Fleet Camera monitor

Here are some examples of possible behavior:

  • Camera Covered
  • Driver Distracted
  • Driver Falling Asleep
  • Driver Smoking
  • Driver Using Cell Phone
  • Driving too Close
  • Harsh Accelerating
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Lane Departure Without Signaling
  • No Driver Present
  • Risking Collision

How do I Find a professional Fleet Camera Systems maker in China?

With today’s cutting-edge technology, electronic companies began to produce various vehicle systems for all vehicle requirements. China is the place to go if you want to import high-quality but low-cost electronic devices like a Fleet Camera System.

To start, see if the business has a long-term promise, preferably of at least five years. Second, see how the firm has a full 90-day money-back policy if the product is faulty. Third, check to see if the company’s website is professional and user-friendly. Fourth, see that the firm has a large enough number of former clients for whom it has done business. Fifth, look for companies with more than 400 employees who have at least one year of experience manufacturing car DVR. Sixth, the company website has complete contact details. Seventh, they offer as low as 1pc minimum order quantity. Lastly, they have 90 days warranty for faulty products.

What distinguishes Fleet Camera Systems?

Fleet system

Parking-related crashes are reduced with the help of fleet camera systems. If you are only starting to drive, they can be very helpful. When your car is parked a long distance away from you, it can deter or serve as anti-theft devices, as the presence of a vehicle camera may deter thieves, and recording can be authorized in the event of a break-in. Fleet camera systems are an excellent way to hold you in line if you own a business with a lot of passengers. The video clips can be used as testimony in the event of an accident. This will save you time and money because video evidence will legitimately show that you were not at fault and that a third party is responsible for all costs. Fleet camera systems have amazing features like GPS that allow you to keep track of your location and use all of these parameters to improve the accuracy and utility of your journaling.

There are many brands in the market for fleet camera systems, but the specification of these fleet camera systems varies from brand to brand. Therefore, few good specifications of these fleet camera systems are given below:

  • Defined IP Storage Rate
  • Having GPS Antenna
  • Standard frequency and voltage
  • Multiple recording options
  • Built-in GPS capabilities
  • Numerous sensor inputs for speed, ignition
  • Records on the standard SD card
  • Multiple Cameras Availability
  • Embedded operating system
  • Defined power source
  • Minimum Power Consumption
  • Alarm Input available
  • Full HD Standard quality
  • High resolution
  • Real-time monitoring anywhere in cellular or WiFi coverage areas
  • Maximum Number of Channels

What are the components of a Fleet Camera System?

There are several components that make up a Fleet Camera System, including:

  • Cameras and their algorithm
  • time and recording devices
  • Display Unit in case of view multiple cameras
  • Driver fatigue monitor
  • 8 Ch HDD MDVR System
  • Cables and connectors
  • Dual Vehicle Cameras

How long does a Fleet Camera System last?

Fleet Camera last

A variety of problems will impair the fleet camera systems’ durability during their tenure on the open market. The market for fleet camera systems is strong. It’s been up and running for three to four years, and thousands of people have considered it to be a fantastic and beautiful addition to their everyday lives. The number of recordings made by a Mobile DVR determines how long it can record.

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