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Dual Dash Camera is ideal for those that wish to record what is happening both at the front and rear of their vehicle. This is a single device that records both the front and the cabin view of the vehicle.

Having two cameras on personal vehicles, vans, and SUVs provides better coverage. Numerous traffic accidents occur at low speeds and involve rear-end collisions. Investing in Dual Dash Cameras that provide both perspectives could be worth the extra money if you are involved in an accident.

QOHO Dual Dash Cameras are made with high-quality components to ensure high-quality video footage.

Dual Dash camera MC620

Mini 1080P AHD dual dash camera which includes 135 degrees for driver & passenger and 110 degrees for Road Safety view.


Dual Dash Camera MDVR8102

1080P  4G dashcam Dual Dash Camera With G-sensor & Built-in audio, intercom. Front and rear view dual Car Camera; Support dual 256GB SD card.

Dual dash camera road view and rear

This is a 170 degrees Road view plus 170 rearview Dual Dash Cameras with GPS function. With a 2160P HD dual dash camera, dual-lens recording, 360 degrees rotating body, Wireless WIFI.


Updated version of Dual Dash Camera 2ch MDVR8102S

QOHO manufacturing a 4G dashcam 1080P 120 degrees dual dash camera wide front road view camera + 1080P 135-degree wide cabin view camera.

Dual Dash Camera MC810

Dual Dash Camera for TXI/SUV car inside use. No visible infrared light to distract drivers or annoy passengers. It is able to record a forward view as well as an inside wide view of the car.

Dash Camera MDVR101

Dual Dash Camera 1ch road view for Forwarding safety solution for different transportation Project.

QOHO is Your Reliable Dual Dash Camera manufacturer in China

In Shenzhen, China, QOHO provides the best Dual Dash Cameras.

Dual dash cameras can be useful in everyday life. It can capture all kinds of craziness on the road, but the action doesn’t always take place in front of your car. That’s why an increasing number of people are investing in dual dash cams, which include a second camera, typically (but not always) located at the rear of your vehicle.

QOHO has an experienced R&D and design team that is focused on product quality. QOHO Dual Dash Camera, as one of the best Dual Dash Camera manufacturers in China, has received all relevant international certifications, including CE, FCC, RoHS, Emark, and IEC62638.

Send us your Dual Dash Camera project specifications, and we’ll come up with the best solution for you based on your specific requirements.

QOHO Dual Dash Camera Related Products

  • Dual Dash Camera MC1205

    1080P HD Front Road Safety Dual Dash Camera is the best option for capturing footage of a front-end collision.

  • Dual Dash camera MC80

    Mini Dual Dash Camera is a special design for Taxi and SUV Car installation. The 3M Sticker makes it very simple to attach to the windshield.


    Driver fatigue monitor system, 6 alarm warnings, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Pedestrian Detection Warning (PDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) warning.

QOHO Dual Dash Camera is an Outstanding Provider of Fleet Management System

Driving has often been a part of our everyday lives; if we go to work or travel with the family, we frequently use the car. Still, even though you’re a careful driver, how certain are you that you won’t be involved in a traffic accident? We just want to ride safely while we drive a vehicle; not only do you worry about your car, but also about the safety of you and your family.

QOHO’s Dual Dash Camera is an excellent device for documenting anything that happens in front of the car as well as in the cabin or the vehicle’s rearview. It is either a single unit with dual camera lenses or a dash camera with one or more channels that supports additional external cameras.

Do you have a comprehensive requirement for your dual dash camera in mind? Do not hesitate to connect with us and we will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Dual Dash Camera faq1

Dual Dash Camera – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Which Dual Dash Camera is best for you? The Dual Dash Camera FAQ Guide is a compilation of frequently asked questions about dual dash cameras. This guide will provide you with quick information to assist them in making a purchasing decision.

This is our method of establishing trust with the customer by demonstrating to them that we understand their confusion about a specific product and how we can assist them.

The answers to these questions are given in a simple manner to help you understand the concept of a dual dash camera.

After you’ve finished reading it, you’ll understand everything you’ve been trying to figure out.

What is a Dual Dash Camera?

Dual Dash Camera faq2

Dual dash cameras are equipped with two cameras: one forward-facing camera for recording what is happening in front of the car and one rear-facing camera for recording what is happening behind the vehicle. This camera is ideal for those who want to record what’s going on in both the front and back of their vehicle. It is typically mounted on the dashboard or the windshield.

Is the Dual Dash Camera worth it?

Yes. If you’re going to use a dashcam, it’s worth it to invest in a dual system.

One with a camera pointing forward into the road, the other with a camera pointing behind the car. It can help you protect yourself in the event of an accident, as well as other drivers on the road from you while you’re driving. Also, it can be equipped with lane departure warning systems and collision detection systems, which alert you if you are traveling too close to the vehicle in front of you.

Which Dash Camera should you choose?

The best dash camera for you is the one that meets your needs and fits within your budget. The first step in finding the best dash cam for your needs is deciding whether you want a single or dual dashcam.

Dash cameras for each type range from entry-level options to more powerful cameras with Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities. Some dash cameras also include a screen for viewing footage. If you’re not sure which dash cam is right for you, look through the resources and dash cams available here to get a better understanding of the various types and features available.

Why would someone want a Dual Dash camera?

At the moment, these cameras are widely used by regular drivers, driving instructors, taxi and bus drivers, police officers, and others all over the world. One important feature of these feature-rich cameras is their ability to be easily coupled with various onboard technologies, such as recorders and GPS devices. Dual Dash Cameras can provide many benefits to their users, a few of which are Protection whilst parked with parking mode, tackle crime and bad Motorists, resolve disputes from incidents quicker, and encourages better driving.

Dual Dash Cameras act as eyewitnesses to the entire accident, providing auto insurance companies, law enforcement, and juries or judges with a first-hand account of who was at fault. Without this video evidence, guilty drivers may get away with a prison sentence. One of the great things about dual dash cameras is that you can review and learn from your own driving habits. Perhaps you occasionally cut corners or take turns too quickly. When you’re driving, you need to be completely focused on the task at hand, so you might not notice how you can improve. When you’re observing your driving afterward, you’re not actually driving, so you have more time to notice how you’re driving and where you might be able to improve.

If you have a child who is learning to drive, this can be a great teaching tool to point out any errors they may make and offer suggestions for improvement. A new driver is much more prone to make simple mistakes than a skilled driver, even if some trained drivers may develop bad habits.

Dual Dash Camera faq3

What are some features of the Dual Dash Camera?

The following are some of the features you might find in the dual dash camera on the market today.

GPS – Built-in GPS or an externally attached GPS device that records the vehicle’s location and speed.

Dash Camera Auto Start and Stop – This is another feature that almost all dash cams have. When the vehicle is turned on, the camera begins recording and stops when the vehicle is turned off.

G-Sensor – When a vehicle receives an impact, the G-sensors are triggered, causing the dual dash camera to record another event video. This is especially useful in parking mode for recording a hit-and-run or destruction of property incident while the car is unattended.

Loop Recording – This is a feature found in almost every dual dash camera. By overwriting the memory card from the beginning, the dash cam can continue to record even after it has used up all memory card space. This enables the dual dash camera to record without user intervention unless there is an incident that needs to be saved.

Time and Date Stamp – Another feature found in most dash cams is the ability to include the date and time on the video as evidence.

Infrared Lights – This enables the camera to record exceptionally well at night and is highly valuable for recording the vehicle.

How do you install Dual Dash Camera?

Dual Dash Camera faq4

To start, if you are not handy, installation may be difficult. You may need to run wires through your vehicle and connect some components and parts. Although it is usually not difficult, some people may struggle with the initial setup. Here are a few steps to take.

  1. Spot an ideal place for your dual dash camera to be mounted. You should take extra care when positioning the Dual Dash Camera to ensure that it does not obstruct your field of vision. A great place to put it is behind your rearview mirror, where it will take up almost no space in terms of vision.
  2. Clean the mounting spot of your dash camera using a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. This way, the adhesive of your dash camera will stick better and longer as dirt and dust are removed.
  3. Using a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth, clean the mounting spot of your dash camera. As dirt and dust are removed, the adhesive of your dash camera will adhere better and last longer.
  4. The next step is to hide the dual dash camera’s wires. Tuck your dash camera wire between the top of your windshield and the car interior to accomplish this.
  5. Place the rest of the wire in your car’s A-pillar after tucking your dual dash camera on top. To gain access, remove your car’s weather stripping before removing the A-pillar cover.
  6. At this point, run the rest of the wire under your car mat to completely cover it.
  7. Finally, plug your dash camera into the power outlet in your car’s center console.

Please read the instruction manual to become acquainted with the Dual Dash Camera’s functionality. If you are unable to install it yourself, you should be able to hire a mechanic to do so. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

How does a Dual Dash Camera work?

Dual Dash Cameras capture video using specialized cameras and a recording medium. It uses a wide-angle lens to record, which improves visibility. Some models include built-in memory, while others can be expanded with an SD card.

When you drive, a dual dash camera is mounted on the windscreen and records the road. It can be powered by the cigarette lighter cable or hardwired into the fuse box. When the ignition key is switched on, the dash cam begins recording automatically. It records in a continuous loop, with each clip filmed on a short 3-minute segment and saved to a micro-SD card. It deletes the oldest video when it runs out of space.

All dual dash cameras record at night, but as light levels get low, certain technologies such as WDR and HDR massively improve night vision clarity. If you frequently drive at night, we suggest looking into a dual dash camera with the most up-to-date sensors for maximum night vision and enhanced picture quality. As a result, we suggest the best product for you. You should go with the QOHO dual dash camera. It also uses infrared light to see what’s going on around you at night.

How does GPS work on Dual Dash Camera?

Dual Dash Camera faq5

GPS receivers are built into or optional on some dual dash cameras. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite network used for navigation on road and in the air. GPS in dual dash camera serves two primary functions:

  1. GPS records accurate speed and location data for your Dual Dash Camera. This will keep records of your vehicle’s location, displaying the route taken and the speed at which you are traveling. This can be critical in determining the exact location of an incident, which can be critical in an insurance claim. This can also be very useful in receiving a speeding ticket.
  2. Displaying the vehicle’s location or driving route: The GPS coordinates are saved either in the video or in a separate file. Using PC or Mac software, the location of each video can be seen on a map next to the video. You can also view the route taken with some software.

Can I import a Dual Dash Camera from China?

Assume you’re thinking about importing a dual dash camera from China.

China is one of the world’s biggest producers of dashcams and a huge part of this production is exported. The majority of dashcams on the market are produced by Chinese companies under their own trademarks (or as OEM versions). They have a skilled workforce of engineers, designers, and production specialists who can manufacture all of the components required for a dual dash camera installation. They also design and manufacture the cables and mounting hardware for their dual dash cameras, which can be replaced if one of the dual dash camera’s components fails.

In China, the dual dash camera provides strong security solutions. It is a simple, easy-to-use solution that provides a high level of accuracy without spending much money. The quality of their dual dash camera is actually better than that of some of the more expensive cameras. Its icon-based menu is simple and easy to use. The majority of these devices are delivered to the end-user without a properly translated manual, not to mention issues with warranty repairs or after-sales services.

Is Dual Dash Camera compatible with Android?

Yes. Some dual dash cameras are Bluetooth or data cable compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and video recorders. With the help of internet WIFI or 3G 4G on your mobile, you can view live footage and receive alerts about traffic, road conditions, and other safety hazards by using the Cell Phone app.

To use the dual car camera app on your Android phone or tablet, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to the Camera icon in the Apps menu.
  2. Switch between front-facing and rear-facing cameras by tapping the Camera app.
  3. If you want to use different effects, tap the Effects icon.
  4. To shift the focus, press the Focus button.
  5. Click the desired area of the frame to be focused on.

The original equipment manufacturer of every smartphone is currently adding this dual dash camera feature to connect the dash cameras with their smartphone, tablet, or Android phones.

Why using a Dual Dash Camera with Parking Mode is Important?

Dual Dash Camera faq6

The dual dash camera with parking mode differs from standard dash cams in that it has the ability to record incidents that would otherwise go unnoticed. While dual dash cameras are most commonly used to record car accidents, they can also be useful for other non-collision incidents that may occur while your vehicle is parked.

When your vehicle is parked, a dual dash camera with parking mode is designed to go into hibernation. This saves energy and cuts down on unnecessary recording time. When motion is detected in front of the lens, the camera activates and begins recording. This feature is useful in a variety of situations, including:

  • If another driver dings your car with their car door
  • If your car is involved in a hit-and-run while it is parked
  • If someone attempts to steal or vandalizes your vehicle
  • If you receive an unfair parking ticket or other traffic citation

What are the applications of Dual Car Camera?

A Dual Dash Camera is a vehicle camera installed in all kinds of vehicles for vehicle monitoring, remote monitoring, and vehicle positioning.

The applications of dual dash camera are:

  • Police Cars
  • Taxis
  • School Bus
  • Cargo Vans
  • Public Transport (Bus)
  • Ambulances

Can Dual Dash Camera be used in Fleet Management System?

Yes. In the fleet management system, a dual car camera can be used. When something happens in the vehicle’s driving, the dual dash camera can monitor real-time video and save the data to a file that can be accessed at any time.

The majority of Dual Dash Cameras are ideal for fleet management solutions. It can be installed in different vehicle models.

For taxi installation, it will be considered using a unique angled design to make it easier to install.

The truck installation uses adjustable angles to install. This makes it easy to install in all types of vehicles.

Does Dual Dash Camera provide real-time monitoring?

Dual Dash Camera faq7

Yes. Whether it’s required or not, Dual Dash Camera ensures real-time monitoring via your Android’s integrated real-time transmission network. When you connect a dual dash camera to your Android, your suite of cloud-based applications automatically uploads the data.

A dual dash camera with WIFI allows for real-time monitoring of the camera’s video footage. To upload the recorded videos, connect the Android data cable to the SD card of the dual dash camera.

When plugged in with a smartphone, the dual dash camera can only perform real-time monitoring; it cannot be unplugged or disconnected.

Dual dash cameras provide real-time monitoring via cellular communication links that use 3G, 4G, protocols, and applications.

Does Dual Dash Camera reduce insurance?

Yes, dual dash cameras reduce insurance. It can help in reducing the risk of insurance company fraud. Since a dual dash camera captures every incident in a video recording, it can lower the premium.

The insurer can review the video recording to get a clear picture of the accident’s version or the actions of both vehicles’ drivers.

And they can determine whether the fault is yours or the other party’s. If your driving was unsafe at the time of the accident, the insurer will reduce your insurance claim.

In which states Dual Dash Camera is illegal?

In some states, using a Dual Dash Camera is illegal. Some of them are as follows:

  • Washington
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • Connecticut
  • California
  • Pennsylvania
  • Montana

Can Dual Dash Camera footage be used in court?

Yes. Dual Dash Camera footage can be used as evidence in both criminal and civil cases, including traffic accidents. Dash camera footage can be used in court on occasion. This is particularly true if the driver is accused of violating a traffic rule and there is a collision as a result.

It can help show whether or not the driver was at fault or what occurred before or after the event, but it does not always provide all of the information, making determining guilt difficult.

It also helps to know that the footage you capture with your dual dash camera will have more credibility in court because it is actual video evidence rather than traffic light data from a police car.

How do you know if a Dual Dash Camera is recording?

Dual Dash Camera faq8

Dual Dash cameras have an indicator light (located on the top right of the camera) that illuminates while recording.

If you can’t find the indicator light, check your owner’s manual or look through your footage, as you might be able to spot it in action! The dual dash camera is recording if the light is solid red. The dual dash camera is in sleep mode if it is blinking red.

A red recording button is built into each dual dash camera. When you press this button, the camera will turn on and begin recording if it is turned off.

How do you view Dual Dash Camera footage?

Dual dash camera footage can be viewed on any computer or mobile device with a USB port. Connect the device to your computer or smartphone and launch the video files with your operating system’s built-in media player.

Most dual dash cams record video in a built-in memory card (e.g., micro SD card).

Dual dash camera footage is stored in three locations:

  • On the external memory
  • On the micro SD card (internal memory)
  • Once you’ve established an internet connection, you can transfer data to the cloud over-the-air

The files are already in mp4 format. With the Realtime feature, you can view the recording at any time, on any device, tablet, TV, phone, etc., regardless of location. You can also share introductory videos with friends and family by uploading them to social media.

Why do Car factories not install Dual Dash Camera?

Dual Dash Camera faq9

There are numerous reasons why car manufacturers are late to install Dual Dash Cameras. Some of the main reasons are as follows:

  • The power cord and wiring would necessarily require a separate location in the car, which could be costly.
  • Some car manufacturer and their insurers do not want to pay for the injuries and damages to other people in a collision proven by a dual dash camera video footage because they think it is too difficult to analyze and evaluate the event
  • Dual Dash camera might cause a distraction to the driver
  • Car manufacturers want to sell more products, such as an upgraded GPS navigation system with a big screen
  • They do not want to deal with possible lawsuits in court
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