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QOHO is an Ideal Supplier of Dashcam Dual Camera for Fleet Monitoring Needs.

Dashcam Dual Camera MC810

Optimal Dashcam Dual Camera Supplier

Is it difficult for you to determine the best dash camera for your vehicle? We’ve got your back. This device has two functions and can keep you safe while driving.

Dashcam Dual Camera is suitable for those who want to document what is going on both in front and behind their car. This is a standard gadget that captures both car’s front and cabin viewpoints. If you are involved in a collision, you should consider investing in Dashcam Dual Cameras, which will provide viewpoints of your vehicle and could be sensible if you have extra money.

Dashcam Dual Camera MC 620

Dashcam Dual Camera which includes 135 degrees for driver & passenger and 110 degrees for Road Safety view.


1ch Dashcam Dual Camera

Dashcam Dual Camera with G-sensor & Built-in audio, intercom. Front and rear view dual Car Camera; Support dual 256GB SD card.

DVR7102 Dashcam Dual Camera

Dashcam Dual Camera is a 170 degrees Road view plus 170 rearview with GPS function.

Updated version of Video Car DVR 2ch MDVR8102S

Dashcam Dual Camera 1080P 120 degrees wide front road view camera + 1080P 135-degree wide cabin view camera.

Dashcam Dual Camera MC810

Dashcam Dual Camera for TXI/SUV car inside use. It is able to record a forward view as well as an inside wide view of the car.

MDVR101 Dashcam Dual Camera

Dashcam Dual Camera 1ch road view for Forwarding safety solutions for different transportation Projects.

QOHO is Your Optimal Dashcam Dual Camera Supplier in China

QOHO offers the finest Dashcam Dual Cameras in Shenzhen, China.

Throughout daily human existence, Dashcam Dual Cameras could be effective. This could record all sorts of crazy on the streets, but the intervention does not really happen right in front of your vehicle. As a result, a growing amount of individuals are putting money in Dashcam Dual Cameras, which include a second image sensor, generally (sometimes not) placed at the rear of your car.

QOHO has a skilled Research and innovation and developing crew that is committed to quality products. As being one of the best Dashcam Dual Camera suppliers in China, QOHO Dashcam Dual Camera has earned all multilateral accreditations, such as CE, FCC, RoHS, Emark, and IEC62638.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We will be at your disposal.

QOHO Dashcam Dual Camera Related Products

  • Dashcam Dual Camera MC1205

    1080P HD Front Road Safety Dashcam Dual Camera is the best option for capturing footage of a front-end collision.

  • Dual Dash camera MC80

    Mini Dashcam Dual Camera is a special design for Taxi and SUV Car installation. The 3M Sticker makes it very simple to attach to the windshield.


    Driver fatigue monitor system, 6 alarm warnings, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Pedestrian Detection Warning (PDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) warning.

QOHO Dashcam Dual Camera is a Remarkable Supplier of Monitoring System

People nowadays may want to know how life could be simplified than it was previously. One of the goals in all of these instances is to live a convenient way of living. Isn’t that, right? Consider yourself in a position in which you could just do whatever you want and go wherever you want without difficulties involved. Technological innovations will assist you in the process.

Safety is very valuable, notably for individuals who travel frequently, isn’t it? On the road, dangers are unpredictable. You can’t be certain that your daily activities are completely risk-free. One of the qualities you should work on is being cautious.

QOHO’s Dashcam Dual Camera is an exemplary piece of equipment for capturing everything which tends to happen in front of the vehicle, and also in the cabin or the car’s rear-view mirror. This can be a single system with double image sensors or a dash sensor including one or more networks that could sustain external image sensors.

Do you happen to have a detailed criterion for your Dashcam Dual Camera? You don’t have to be concerned; we’ve got you covered. You might want to keep reading for more documentation on the product.

Dashcam Dual Camera – The System’s Presentation

Dashcam Dual Camera FAQ

Do you prefer this type of system? Once you try to buy anything, you could perhaps understand that anyway then, right? What kind of Dashcam Dual Camera is best for you and your vehicle? Can I use it daily? Every Dashcam Dual Camera has advantages and disadvantages. You should weigh your options before deciding which devices to allow through.

Isn’t making a decision difficult? Choosing from a variety of options is more difficult. We created this presentation solely to assist you in understanding and to provide you with a preview from which you can make an informed decision. Isn’t making a decision difficult?

Here’s how we strengthen confidence with customers by illustrating that we comprehend their uncertainty about a given product and how we might help individuals. The responses to these inquiries are supplied straightforwardly to support your grasp of the principle of a Dashcam Dual Camera. You’ll comprehend anything you have been endeavoring to point out once you’ve completed it.

Do you want to know what Dashcam Dual Camera is?

Are you aware of the devices with varying capabilities? Isn’t it incredible? We will now explain what the device means. Dashcam Dual Cameras have two sensors: one in front of the vehicle to document what’s occurring next to the vehicle and one from the back to capture what is unfolding on behind a vehicle. This sensor is best suited for those who like to monitor what’s heading on in their car’s front and rear seats. It is generally installed on the dashboard or the windshield.

The value of Dashcam Dual Camera

Dashcam Dual Camera FAQ2

We need to know if the product is proficient in doing its job correctly. You may have wondered at times, “Is it worth it?” Now let us take a closer look at this important function.

One with an image sensor aimed forward into the streets, another with an image sensor aimed at the back of the vehicle. This could help shield you in the case of a collision, and many other motorists from you while you’re going on a drive. It could also be outfitted with lane departure alerting mechanisms and collision monitoring devices, that also notify you if you get too near to the car next to you.

Choosing the right Dashcam Dual Camera

Isn’t it difficult to make a decision? You might want to seek advice from someone knowledgeable about these devices before purchasing them, right?

The ideal Dashcam Dual Camera for you is the one that fulfills your requirements while remaining within your spending plan. The very first stage in determining the finest dashboard camera for your demands is defining either you want a solitary dual dashboard camera.

Dashcam Dual Cameras for every category scope from admittance to more effective recording devices with Wi-Fi and navigation system. Certain dashboard cameras come with a display for displaying video clips. When you’re not confident which dashboard camera is best for you, browse the assets and dash cams obtainable here to gain a thorough comprehension of the different forms and functions.

Reasons why we should try a Dashcam Dual Camera

Dashcam Dual Camera FAQ3 (1)

Every action you take has a reason. You should be aware of everything before that, correct? At present, commercial drivers, driving trainers, taxi and bus operators, law enforcement officers, and many others across the community use these camera systems. The potential of these functionalities of a camera to be quickly combined with varied inbuilt innovations, such as recording devices and navigation systems, is an interesting component.

Dashcam Dual Cameras could offer countless advantages to their consumers, which include the safeguard while docked with parking mode, combating violent acts and horrible drivers, resolving disagreements from tragedies more quickly, and encouraging higher quality driving.

Dashcam Dual Cameras serve as eye testimony accounts to the whole unfortunate incident, giving automobile insurance industries, enforcement agencies, and jury members or judicial officers a descriptive account of who was at wrongdoing. In the absence of these visual facts, remorseful motorists may avoid prison time. Among the most significant positive aspects of Dashcam Dual Cameras is the ability to evaluate and understand your driving patterns. Maybe you take shortcuts and otherwise immediately start too speedily on circumstance. Since you must be centered on the undertaking at contrary while driving, you may miss opportunities to optimize. If you’re not going to drive when you observe you’re driving after that, you have had more period to observe how you are driving and in which you could significantly improve.

If you have a young person beginning to learn to navigate, this could be an excellent teaching instrument for indicating out whatever mistakes they may end up making and offering advice for betterment. Although some properly qualified motorists establish bad actions, a young driver is far more inclined to make simplified faults than a proficient operator.

Some Dashcam Dual Camera characteristics

This is the best section where you can examine the Dashcam Dual Camera’s features. How can it assist you in your daily navigation? Let’s see these characteristics.

Global positioning system – A constructed GPS or perhaps a laterally appended GPS unit that tracks the destination and operating speed.

Auto Start and Stop for Dashcam Dual Camera – This is some other characteristic found with almost every dashboard camera. The detector starts capturing when the car is converted on and shuts down when the car is switched off.

Accelerometer – Whenever a car is hit, the accelerometer activates, which usually causes the Dashcam Dual Camera to document yet some other occurrence visuals. This is particularly effective in car park configuration for documenting an unexpected hit and run or asset destruction instance whereas the vehicle is unmonitored.

Recording Loops – Almost every Dashcam Dual Camera has this characteristic. The Dashcam Dual Camera could perhaps continue to collect once it has already used up all internal memory storage by replacing the storage device from the start. This allows the Dashcam Dual Camera to document without manual intervention only if a situation requires to be preserved.

Dashcam Dual Camera FAQ4

Mark with the date and time – The capacity to also include the time and date mostly on the clip as proofs is some other component present for most Dashcam Dual Cameras.

Infrared Lighting – This allows the detector to document extremely well enough in the evening and is exceedingly effective for capturing the car.

Ways on how to set up Dashcam Dual Camera

Nowadays, because of the global epidemic, we could be pushed to do everything online, right? Buying things and such. In case of an emergency, we should be able to set up the device we choose.

You should know that installation could be challenging if you are not handy. Cables might have to be operated through your car to integrate different equipment. Even though the initial installation is normally not complicated, a few individuals can sometimes find it hard. Determine the best location for your Dashcam Dual Camera to be installed. Once situating the Dashcam Dual Camera, take additional attention to guarantee that this does not impede your range of view. A better spot to store it is next to your rearview mirror, which will occupy very little surface.

To use a cleaning solution and a super-absorbent fabric, wipe down the mounting location of your Dashcam Dual Camera. Even though dirt and particles are excluded, the sealer of your dash camera would then adhere effectively. So next task is to conceal the cables from the Dashcam Dual Cameras. To achieve this, fold up your Dashcam Dual Camera cables here between the upper edge of your windscreen and the automotive layout. After you’ve tucked your Dashcam Dual Camera on the upper edge, fold up the remaining wire into your vehicle’s A-pillar. Start by removing your vehicle’s weather stripping prior to actually stripping away the A-pillar protection to obtain entry. After that, you need to operate the remainder of the cables under your vehicle floor mat to seal it. The last task is to connect your Dashcam Dual Camera to the electrical source in the instrument cluster of your vehicle.

Just a quick tip, you may read the instruction guidebook towards becoming familiarized with the capabilities of the Dashcam Dual Camera. Users should be ready to employ a technician to configure it is too much for you anyway. Do not feel inclined to keep in touch with us at any moment whether you have any concerns.

Dashcam Dual Camera Operation

Dashcam Dual Camera FAQ5

After you set up a Dashcam Dual Camera in your car, the very next thing that comes to consciousness is how it works, right? It is important to recognize how each product works so that you could perhaps determine whether or not the detector is appropriate for you.

Dashcam Dual Camera document video with the help of customized scanners and a capturing intermediate. It captures with a variable aperture, which also increases permeability. Some designs have an onboard recollection, although they can be enlarged with an SD card.

Once you drive, a Dashcam Dual Camera assembled on the windscreen documents what you see on the streets. It could be operated via the cigarette lighter transmission line or by hardwiring into the fuse box. So, if you turn on the engine, the Dashcam Dual Camera starts transcript immediately. It tracks in a constant loop, for each video shot on a three-minute subsector and ended up saving to a mini-SD card. Whenever it goes out of storage, it overwrites the earliest recordings.

However, most Dashcam Dual Cameras document at evening, definite innovations, including such WDR and HDR, vastly strengthen night vision clearness as levels of light fall. If you regularly travel at night, if somehow you are working on nightshifts, we recommend investing in a Dashcam Dual Camera with the most recent detectors for optimum night mode and expanded screen resolution. As a matter of fact, we recommend the most attractive solution for you. The QOHO Dashcam Dual Camera is the one you can lean on to. Infrared illumination is also used to know what is actually heading on next to you in the evening.

Dashcam Dual Camera on navigating system

Dashcam Dual Camera FAQ6

GPS is very useful nowadays, isn’t it? less of a hassle, especially when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. As previously stated, GPS is one of the ideal characteristics of Dashcam Dual Camera upon acquiring it. Transmitter and receiver are constructed into or accessible as an alternative choice on a few Dashcam Dual Cameras. Global Positioning System is a sensor platform that is used for route and flight operations. The navigation system in a Dashcam Dual Camera exists to serve 2 predominant intents. Here are those.

  • GPS collects the precise frequency and positioning information for your Dashcam Dual Camera. This one will take account of your car’s position, together with the route you’ve picked and the pace at which you’re moving. This is vital in defining the precise position of an altercation, which really is important in filing a compensation claim. This could come in handy if you get a speeding fine.
  • Showing the location of a vehicle or steering path. Navigating coordinates are stored in the clip or in a specific folder. The placement of every presentation could be seen on a chart next to a short clip using Windows or Mac operating systems. A few applications also permit you to visualize the path obtained.

Importance of Dashcam Dual Camera with parking mode

Some people have difficulty parking their vehicles. If you don’t feel like doing it or are concerned about what could happen if you collide with something, this Dashcam Dual Camera is for you.

The Dashcam Dual Camera with Parking Mode is unique among dashboard cameras in that it can document occurrences that may go undetected. While Dashcam Dual Cameras were mostly widely utilized to document auto accidents, those could also be beneficial for recording non-collision occurrences whilst also your car is stationary.

A Dashcam Dual Camera with parking mode is intended to be in a dormant state once your car is parked. This conserves fuel and reduces the amount of moment spent capturing. The sensor stimulates and commences videoing once movements are identified at the front of the lens. This characteristic comes in handy in a number of circumstances, such as when another motorist hits your vehicle with their car door, if your vehicle is engaged in a hit-and-run while docked if anybody attempted to steal or ransack your auto, and lastly if you obtain an unjustifiable traffic citation or even other vehicular violations.

China the ideal importer of Dashcam Dual Camera

Dashcam Dual Camera FAQ7

When you hear the word China, you may immediately think of it as the world’s largest provider of just about everything, right? To put it in a way, make the assumption that you’re considering sourcing a Dashcam Dual Camera from China. China is one of the biggest suppliers of dashboard cameras, with a large portion of its output extracted. The overwhelming bulk of dashboard cameras on the supply chain are manufactured by international manufacturers on their own brands or what we called as OEM. They have a talented group of engineers, creatives, and add tremendous value who could really produce all of the necessary parts needed for a Dashcam Dual Camera configuration. They also create the wires and mounting bracket for their Dashcam Dual Cameras, which could be supplemented if one of the Dashcam Dual Camera’s main weaknesses.

The Dashcam Dual Camera offers highly secured workarounds in China. It is a simplified, convenient option that delivers a high degree of precision for a low cost. Their Dashcam Dual Camera definitely outperforms a few of the more costly gear in terms of performance. Its icon-based interface is simple and quick to use. The overwhelming bulk of this equipment is produced to the end consumer without the need for an adequately transcribed booklet, let alone concerns with warranty repairs such as after the transaction assistance.

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