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dash Camera MDVR101

Intelligent Dash Camera Manufacturer

QOHO Smart Dash Camera is built-in with GPS, WIFI, 4G connection and can be connected to your mobile devices and computer for accessible remote viewing. With its compact design, this dash camera can be mounted easily on the vehicle windshield without creating distraction on the driver.

QOHO is also accepting your own design for your dash camera preferences and we will provide the best deal for you without having to compromise the device’s quality.



Dash Camera manufacturer

1080P 2MP dash camera with GPS, G-sensor, 4G connection, a wifi dash camera is an accessible yet highly advanced solution.


QH-DVR7102 car dash camera

Dash Camera dual view front and rearview dash camera,  Dash Cam, Front, and Rear 1080P Dash Camera for Cars and with optional GPS.


Dash Camera 8102mdvr (3)

1ch 1080P dash Camera IP Camera and  4G module can remote view via iOS, iPhone, Android, and PC at any time.



2ch 4G dash camera is built-in 2ch 1080P Dual Lens 110 degree Road Safety+135 degree inside view for driver and Passenger. 4G Dash camera can view all recordings in real-time via your smartphone and PC at any time.


Dash Camera MC1205

Bullet shape Road view Dash camera work with Mobile DVR to work in 1080P High resolution. Smart design, use 3M sticker on the windshield.


Road dash camera

Mini Dash Camera is a special design for Taxi and SUV Car installation. Very easy to stick on the Windshield via 3M Sticker.


QOHO is Your Best Dash Camera Manufacturer in China

QOHO offers the best Dash Cameras in Shenzhen, China.

QOHO Dash Camera has several types; a single dash camera, a dual dash camera, and a Road & Cabin view that captures the front road, the cabin, and the vehicle’s rearview.  All dash cameras can monitor the driver’s activities as well as the road ahead. Furthermore, a dash camera will record all incidents, crashes, and other events that occur on a busy highway.

Dash camera with 4G, GPS, Wifi can remote live display in real-time with GPS, Google Maps, WiFi view on your smartphone: iOs, Ipad, iPhone, Android, and PC at any time and from any place.

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QOHO Dash Camera Related Products

QOHO is Your Reliable Dash Camera Manufacturer in China

Is it an exciting thing if one device has two functions?

A dash camera is the best way to record 110 degrees forward road safety view+135 degree cabin includes driver and passenger. So all recordings save in one body.

If you are looking for Car dash camera front and rear, the QOHO dash camera also complies with the requirement, 1ch dash camera plus rearview camera with 5m or 10m extension cable to solve your concerning point.

1080P Dash Camera for Cars is high resolution to view your activity.

QOHO always maintain your focus on the needs of the customer. and we can always provide you the best fleet management solution even if you request 4G or 5G remote live view in real-time, our QOHO dash camera is finished well with 4G, GPS tracking of Google map and Wifi set and download via CMS software. QOHO can do R&D and based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team to accomplish your target.

Dash Camera FAQs Banner

Dash Camera – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A Dash Camera FAQ Guide is a series of questions and answers about dash cams.

If you are looking for the answers to questions such as what is a dash camera, what features should it include, what considerations should be made when purchasing one, which one is the best brand or which models to consider, and much more, this guide will provide you step by step instruction for dealing with Dash Cams.

The answers to these questions are given in a simple way to understand a dash camera concept.

There are many models of dash cameras available on the market. Also, they have different features and sizes.

Hence, it becomes essential for the user to know which model would suit their car and budget.

1.    In which states dash camera is illegal?

In some states, using a dash camera is illegal. Some of them are listed below:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Illinois
  • Montana
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • Washington
  • Pennsylvania

Dash Camera FAQs

In some states, it is illegal to record someone without their consent. It is essential to check the legal status of dash cams in your state as penalties can be enforced for illegal use.

State laws regarding the usage of dash cameras vary from state to state, so it is best to check for yourself before obtaining one.

For instance, dash cams are prohibited if one aims to use them for surveillance purposes.

2.    Is the dash camera worth it?


If you have a vehicle that’s not equipped with a dash camera, there are so many reasons to get a dash camera today.

From protecting yourself in case of an accident to protecting other drivers on the road from you when you’re driving.

Dashboard cameras are cheap insurance.

Dash cameras are a great way to capture and share information with others.

A wireless option for Dash Cams that connects your dash camera to the cloud, providing you with real-time viewing and recording capabilities, in addition to the ability to view what is happening no matter where you are.

Generally, dash cams record audio as well as video at a very high resolution.

It is easy to use and has features like night vision (does nicely in the dark), card slot (suitable for extra storage), and excellent battery life. So, the dash camera genuinely worth it.

3.    Do any cars have a built-in dash camera?

Yes, some cars have a built-in dash camera.

Usually, some cars that have built-in dash cameras are regarded as high-end vehicles. Renowned companies make these cars. Some of them are listed below:

  • Tesla
  • BMW
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Volvo
  • Cadillac

Dash Camera FAQs (1)

Some companies are now installing dash cameras in their fleets of vehicles upon increasing demand of customers. It may be included in the base price or be an optional upgrade.

A dash camera is an affordable and effective way for drivers to protect themselves from insurance fraud.

They can also record erratic drivers, vehicle damage, and contentious encounters with other drivers.

It also has GPS technology, which allows the driver to see their current speed and location, and a rearview camera option to monitor the vehicle.

4.    How long do Dash Camera record for?

Dash cameras offer up to 2 hours of recording time in Full HD and 3 hours when combined with optional memory cards.

Unfortunately, not all dash cameras record for the same length of time.

The shortest recorded time for our dash cams is around 15 seconds, and the longest is 480 minutes which is still not enough time.

Dash cameras record video continuously while the vehicle is turned on.

You have the option to upgrade any additional accessories you would like. Some cameras record in 30 or 60-second clips, which are then stored on the SD card.

This is ideal for most circumstances as it allows you to instantly capture and review the footage of an incident.

5.    How much does a dash camera cost?

Dash Camera FAQs (2)

The best dash cams are built for rugged use. They will survive drops, minor accidents, and lots of action on the road.

Most of these units come in the $60 to $150 range, though some can be as little as $30.

A trucker’s dash camera is necessary to protect their interests.

It starts at as little as $80 and can cost much more, ranging from a few hundred to a thousand dollars depending on the brand and features.

The most important thing is to know the benefits and limitations of different types of dash cameras and then choose the right one for your needs.

A cheap dash camera typically has low-quality video, low illumination, and little to no options.

While high-end dash cameras may have options for GPS tracking along with 4k video resolution.

6.    Can dash camera footage be used in court?

Yes, dash camera footage may be used as evidence in criminal and civil cases, including traffic accident litigation.

There are times when dash camera footage can be used in court.

This is especially true if the driver is accused of breaking a road rule and there is a collision associated with it.

It can help show whether or not the driver was at fault or what happened before or after the event but can sometimes fail to give all the clues, making it challenging to determine guilt.

It also helps to know that the footage you capture with your dash camera will have a higher level of credibility in court because it is actual video evidence compared to a police car’s traffic light data.

7.    Does a dash camera record overnight?

Yes, dash cams include night video recording capabilities.

Dash cameras with infrared LED lighting that illuminates the road and surrounding area.

Models with a wide-angle lens will capture more of the road ahead than those with a standard lens, which means you have more evidence of what caused an incident.

Some dash cameras will continue to record and store footage, even while the car is turned off.

A dash camera keeps recording and storing footage while you sleep because a lithium-ion battery or capacitor powers most devices.

A dash camera will record while your car is parked or driving. It will not provide recording footage while parked unless you have a power/battery cable installed to power the camera continuously.

The footage is recorded and stored in a microSD card that can easily be transferred to a computer or viewing device.

8.    Why would someone want a dash camera?

Dash cameras are used to protect you and your family in various ways, from giving video footage to insurance companies in the case of an accident to monitoring the driver’s behavior in case of a collision.

Some models even help warn you of impending collisions with workers, animals, or other vehicles, helping you avoid an event that could lead to a severe collision.

There are many good reasons to invest in a dash camera.

Around the globe, approximately 35% of car accidents involve some operator error. You can never be too careful while driving.

Dash cameras have become increasingly popular due to low prices, the ability to review footage, and an optional parking mode that can monitor your vehicle when you’re away from it.

9.    Which are the best front and rear dash cameras?

There is a range of different best front and rear dash camera models available listed below. The “best” depends on your needs and preferences.

  • Blackvue DR590 – 2CH
  • Thinkware M1 Cam
  • Garmin Dash Cam 66W and Auto Sync
  • Blackvue DR750S – 2CH
  • Blackvue DR750 – 2CH LTE
  • Zenfox T3 3CH
  • Thinkware U1000
  • Viofo A129 Pro Duo
  • Aukey Dash Cam Dual
  • Thinkware Q800 Pro

Our Company has also done high-technology dash camera as your selection.

There are many options when searching for a dash camera, but choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

With so many features and prices to consider, a few questions you must ask before deciding what fits your needs.

  • What type of car do you have?
  • How do you want it to work?
  • Where will it go in your vehicle?

10.  How do you know if a dash camera is recording?

Dash cameras feature an indicator light (located on the top right of the camera) that will be illuminated while the camera is recording.

If you’re unable to locate the indicator light, refer to your owner’s manual or take a look at your footage, as you may be able to find this indicator in action easily!

If the light is solid red, that means the dash camera is recording. If it is blinking red, that means the dash camera is in sleep mode.

Each dash camera is designed with a red recording button. Pressing this button will turn the camera on in case when it is off and start recording.

11.  How do you view dash camera footage?

You can view dash camera footage using any computer or mobile device equipped with a USB port.

Plug into your computer or smartphone and open the video files using your operating system’s built-in media player.

Most dash cams record video in a built-in memory card (e.g., micro SD card).

The 3 locations dash camera footage is stored:

  • On the micro SD card (internal memory),
  • On the external memory
  • Over-the-air to the cloud once you establish an internet connection.

All files are in .mp4 format. With the Realtime feature, you can view the recording any time on any device, tablet, Tv, phone, etc., no matter where you are.

You can even share introductory videos with friends and family by ready them online via social media.

12.  What should I look for when buying a dash camera?

When buying a dash camera, you need to consider several things, and then there are the physical elements like:

  • Type of video recording,
  • Type of memory card,
  • Emergency recording power saving mode,
  • How it mounts onto your windshield,
  • Do you want to record while your car is parked?
  • A premium device with features like video evidence recording, event notification, and driver behavior analysis,
  • Whether it has a rear camera and some cameras even have features such as collision warnings, let you know where the threat is on your dash camera footage.
  • The two main types of recording are digital video recorder (DVR) and loop recording, which never gets deleted from the camera when the memory is complete (which one you select?).

13.  How do I install a dash camera in my car?

Dash Camera FAQs (3)

A dash camera is an ideal security measure and a helpful tool in the event of an accident, but installing one can be tricky.

You can follow these steps to install a dash camera in your car:

  • Decide where you want your dashcam to be positioned on your vehicle.
  • Find your car’s wiring harness.
  • Find the main power cable and plug it in properly.
  • Check the fuse that is “turning on.”
  • Install all the elements provided in the kit and power them through the circuit.
  • Find a point of contact for grounding purposes.
  • Switch on the power button
  • Confirm that everything is working fine.

There are various models to choose from, but if your non-technical side cannot figure out which cords and components go where don’t worry.

This guide will walk you through the process of selecting and setting up a dash camera.

14.  How does a dash camera work?

Dash cameras work by recording video using specialized cameras and a recording medium.

Some models come with internal memory, while others can be expanded using an SD card.

A dashboard camera records with a wide-angle lens, which helps increase visibility.

The camera is usually powered by a car’s cigarette lighter or using a built-in battery (which turns on when the car is started).

At night, a dash camera uses infrared light to see what’s going on around you.

Once the camera is running, it continuously records video footage onto a micro SD card and deletes the oldest video if it fills up.

Dash Camera FAQs

15.  How do I use my Mini Dash Camera?

The Mini Dash Camera is easy to use.

Attach the camera to your vehicle’s windshield and set up your dash camera, plug in the included mini-USB cable to charge it, or use the included vehicle power cable and you’re ready to go.

Touch the button on the front left of the camera to start recording and stop it by touching it again. A red light will flash while it records.

Use the Mini Dash Camera as a secondary video source for later review or as an aid to remembering all the details about any potential accident.

Dash Camera allows you to take complete control of your driving experience as it helps you become a better driver.

16.  Is there a 360-dash camera?

Yes, there is a 360-Dash Camera.

Imagine viewing all around you, not just what is directly ahead.

360-degree dash cam includes a pair of lenses that captures what you say a panorama shot.

It helps you in additional security. It captures pedestrians, on-road vehicles, rear and front view of your car.

Features of dash cams typically include night mode and rear cameras.

There is an additional charge for vehicle installations, and some insurance companies offer lower premiums to those who have a 360-dash cam installed in their vehicle.

360-degree footage provides high-quality images, and multiple internal microphones capture audio for enhanced clarity.

All of our cameras come with large, bright screens that are easy to see in any environment and equipped with parking mode recording providing continuous, automatic video recording when you’re away from the vehicle.

17.  Can I use a dash camera as a reversing camera?

Yes, you can use a dash camera as a reversing camera.

The camera will automatically record in rearview mode as soon as the car is put into reverse.

When using a camera as a reversing camera, it is vital to ensure that the unit’s ‘Parking Mode’ is switched on to avoid draining the car battery.

However, some dash cameras may not include the necessary functionality to be used in this way.

It depends on the dash camera model you are using.

Before purchasing a dash cam to use as a reversing camera, look at the specs and make sure it includes rear-facing audio and video recording.

18.  Is Dash camera equipped with GPS?

Yes, the dash camera comes with a built-in GPS.

The Drive cloud dash camera will auto-save your photos and videos with your current location.

This makes it easy to search and find the exact place where an incident occurred, such as a collision or near-collision situation; you’ll be able to pinpoint where it happened.

You can then send the footage to emergency services or anyone else that may need it.

Dash Camera FAQs (4)

GPS to help you keep track of your vehicle location. You will also see this location on a mobile app on a smartphone (not included).

GPS built-in dash cams have many features that will help drivers in difficult situations, including:

  • Forward Collision Warnings,
  • Lane Departure Warnings,
  • Speed Limit Warnings.

19.    Why should I use a dash camera?

Dash cameras have several uses to help eliminate fraudulent lawsuits against drivers who were not responsible for an accident or filming reckless driving in and out of your vehicle.

It can be used to record road conditions during poor weather or when you are in a collision.

Dash cameras help reduce accidents by providing irrefutable proof of a driver’s behavior before a traffic accident, ultimately holding the driver accountable instead of the innocent person claiming the other driver caused the accident.

Many models have sensors built-in, so if you brake too hard, a collision occurs, or the driver does not follow traffic rules, they will provide evidence that could help you recover financial damages and avoid receiving traffic violation tickets.

Also, dash camera footage is often used during investigations involving hit-and-runs and road rage incidents.

It can help record your location and track your car route.

20.  How does a dash camera with 4G works?

Once the 4G cloud plan and internet have been enabled for the camera, all footage will transfer automatically to the secure online cloud or app once the camera is plugged into a power source such as a car lighter or USB.

You can view your recordings from any device and download them onto your device if required.

The 4G dash camera, also known as the 4G dual-channel dashcam or 4G dual-channel car DVR, is designed to use both a data network connection and your vehicle’s built-in GPS to track your driving location for future reference.

At the same time, it enables you to record video footage of your journey on your DVR card for reference later on.

21.  Why do Car factories not install Dash Camera?

There are many reasons why car manufacturers are slow when it comes to installing Dash Cameras. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

  • The power cord and wiring would require a separate place in the car, which could be expensive.
  • Car manufacturers want to sell more products, such as an upgraded GPS navigation system with a big screen
  • Dashcam might cause a distraction to the driver
  • Some car manufacturer and their insurers do not want to pay for the injuries and damages to other people in a collision proven by a dash camera video footage because they think it is too difficult to analyze and evaluate the event
  • They do not want to deal with possible lawsuits in court

22.  Do cop car dash cameras record the speed of other vehicles?

Dash Camera FAQs (5)

Yes. Some cop car dash cameras can record the speeds of other cars and send them to your computer.

However, all dash cameras are made differently, and each may provide different features.

The camera has a wide-angle view which is more significant than your standard front-facing camera on a car system.

Suppose a vehicle travels alongside you within your viewing angle. In that case, this vehicle’s speed can be calculated as the time difference between when it enters and leaves your visual field.

Most dash cameras have varying degrees of speed detection.

When in the forward-facing recording mode, some cameras can detect and record speeds of vehicles traveling in the opposite direction.

Other models use a module to increase the dash cam’s sensitivity levels so it can read speed from vehicles traveling in front, behind, or at an angle.

Many dash cameras enable the user to review the recording vehicle’s speed and position relative to other vehicles in the vicinity.

This information can be used to provide documentation of this feature while driving if desired if any collapse occurs.


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