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Car DVR Camera MDVR8102SP

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You can get traffic incidents in advance even if you are still at home or at the office. This is the smallest and smartest car DVR camera that can have perfect visibility of the vehicle’s front road view as well as the inside passenger in real-time!

A Car DVR Camera is a useful investment because it combines a DVR and a camera in one unit. It has a sleek design that is perfect to have a camera mounted on your vehicle’s windshield without causing distraction.

Car DVR Camera

5 Mega Pixel, GPS 4G WIFI, Can be combined with Driver Fatigue Monitor and built-in ADAS, AI Car DVR Camera

Updated version of Car DVR Camera 2ch MDVR8102S

4G Car DVR uses iOs, Android, and PC to remote view at any time and anywhere. Also, Car DVR Camera works with Driver fatigue monitor.

Car DVR Camera (1)

2 channel 1080P HD 3G/4G WIFI dual SD card camera, Car DVR Camera

Car DVR Camera + 2 Rear Camera

2 channel dual SD card 1080P Car DVR Camera, 1080p waterproof camera, and IP side camera

Car DVR Camera dvr7102(2)

170-degree road view & 170-degree rearview camera, with GPS function, Wide view & loop recording.

Car DVR Camera + 1 Rear Camera

1ch 1080P MDVR with GPS 4G WIFI & 1080P Rear View Waterproof IR Car Camera IP67

QOHO: Professional Car DVR Camera Manufacturer

A Car DVR Camera is an excellent device for ensuring your safety when driving. This system records the surroundings of the vehicle and stores the recordings in the Car DVR Camera memory unit. You may also use your mobile phone or device to remotely track or view the live footage from your camera.

QOHO’s Car DVR Camera has been subjected to a battery of testing to guarantee its accuracy for our customers. We will reach out to everyone in the world who wants to get this product mounted in their cars or fleet with the assistance of our experienced international overseas team.

If you have specific Car DVR Camera requirements for your vehicle? If you own a company that has a fleet of vehicles? Then QOHO will be a reliable partner to support you all the way.

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QOHO Car DVR Camera – Best Choice in Different Vehicles Solution

QOHO has been in the business since 2005, with our long years of experience we have earned to become one of the leading suppliers of vehicle surveillance devices in China. We provide the best devices that meet and exceed consumer’s satisfaction. Our main mission is to be a well-known manufacturer that not only does business but maintains a good relationship with customers.

If you are looking for OEM or ODM devices for your Car DVR Camera requirement, QOHO is always at your service. Our Car DVR Camera is made of top materials for you to be at ease and have peace of mind while driving.

You can reach us anytime by filling out a form with your specified Car DVR Camera requirements, and we will be here 24/7 to connect with you!

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Car DVR Camera – Your Ultimate Guide

If you want to install a security surveillance system in your vehicle, you will most likely be presented with a plethora of alternatives. Allow me to enlighten you on one of those choices that you may want to consider.

What is a Car DVR Camera?

Car DVR camera FAQs (1)

This is a camera that is either built into or linked to a DVR system. It is capable of storing recorded videos on an HDD or SD Memory card. You can also watch raw footage from your phone or computer. A Car DVR Camera mostly worked as a Dashboard Camera that captures a front view of the vehicle and also the cabin view (Driver and Passenger). A car DVR camera is a device that can also support another 1 or 2 external cameras for rearview or cabin view.

What are the advantages of having a Car DVR Camera?

  • Evidence – If you have a Car DVR Camera in your vehicle, you will have evidence at your hands if you are involved in or witness a car crash. Since the camera is strategically positioned to track the entire path ahead, any collision that you see or are involved in would be documented. Drunk driving, Road rage, and other risky driving behaviors are common. A car DVR camera, on the other hand, will assist police and other law officers in punishing criminals before the worse situation occurs.
  • Promote careful driving – The capability of a car DVR camera to praise careful drivers and punish risky behaviors behind the wheel automatically allows drivers to use one to make safer decisions behind the wheel.
  • Insurance rates have been reduced – On a more optimistic note, a car DVR camera may be beneficial to a driver in terms of cost. Reduced insurance rates, for example. Any insurers recognize the precautionary function of these devices and can have a discount when you claim that you have a car DVR camera installed in your vehicle.

What are the disadvantages of having a Car DVR Camera?

  • For evidence in a crash, the devices can be great in some cases, but they have a one-sided view and not always capturing objects, cars, or people in blind spots.  Person witnesses present at the moment of the accident remain the most relevant testimony to justify a compensation claim. As a result, there is a risk of over-reliance on the Car DVR camera.
  • The idea that the car DVR camera is mounted on the car’s windshield often implies that drivers will have a distraction or obscure their vision of the road in addition to the windshield-fixed mount, all of which add to a driver’s blind spots.
  • In today’s world, where lawsuits can be filed at any time, there is a risk that footage would be seen as an invasion or breach of someone’s privacy.

How can a Car DVR Camera helpful in Driver’s Monitoring?

If you want to keep your car running longer, then monitor your driver’s habits with one of these car DVR cameras. This device allows you to watch how your driver drives and allows you to catch unsafe practices before they become dangerous road habits.

What is the difference between Mobile DVR and a Car DVR Camera?

Car DVR camera FAQs (2)

A mobile DVR is a device that can support 4 to 8 channels for an external camera. Basically, it’s a box or system that can be connected to an external camera as their motherboard.

On the other hand, a car DVR camera is a combined DVR and camera for practical purposes. If you will be installing it in small cars like taxis or personal vehicles, a car DVR camera is a good choice since it supports 1-2 channels perfect for additional cameras like a rear camera or cabin camera.

How many hours can a 64GB Car DVR Camera record?

According to a new report undertaken by the most advanced technology specialists, a 64GB Car DVR camera will capture approximately 2 hours of film.

The 120-minute limit refers to the length of time a video should be stored in the camera’s internal memory. If this threshold is met, the oldest video will be replaced by the most recent video.

Why aren’t carmakers adding car DVR cameras as standard?

The following are the reasons why car DVR cameras are not installed in vehicles:

Car DVR cameras will protect you from any court challenges.
Car DVR cameras are the most effective deterrent to robbery and vandalism.
Car DVR cameras are an excellent way to lower the cost of car insurance.

A car DVR camera, on the other hand, would inevitably become a regular feature in almost any vehicle. It will vary depending on the make and model, but from the beginning of a car’s manufacturing to the finish, a full-featured car DVR will be present to document crucial moments in the event of an accident.

Can I import Car DVR Camera from China?

Car DVR camera FAQs (3)

Yes, but you should consider the following factors when looking for a suitable car DVR camera supplier to do business with.

First, ensure that the firm has a long-term guarantee, preferably of at least five years.
Second, ensure that the brand offers a full 90-day money-back policy in the event of faulty goods.
Third, ensure that the company’s website is both professional and user-friendly.
Fourth, see that the firm has a large number of former clients who have done business with them.
Fifth, look for companies with more than 400 staff and at least one year of experience manufacturing car DVR cameras.

What are the purposes of a Car DVR camera?

You should document your travel to secure your car and to document any incidents for insurance coverage and legal defense.
Where there is an accident (except for injuries caused by criminal behavior), you can playback the accident and recognize the situation even though you do not know what happened or who was at fault on the road.
A car DVR camera is used to capture high-resolution video when driving.
It assists you in driving and recording your road ride.

Does a Car DVR Camera work when the car is off?

Car DVR camera FAQs (4)

Yes, certain car DVR Camera brands will film surveillance footage around the vehicle and though the engine is turned off & parked. Standard Car DVR Cameras are adequate for driving, but the majority of the customers prefer cameras that record automatically in Park Mode. They must be aware that when they switch off the vehicle, their car will be monitored by cameras for no less than 24 hours. Some people park their vehicles overnight or for a few days. Wireless networking is another highly useful feature. Forget about removing the Car DVR Camera and connecting it to a PC to download footage. Using your cell phone, you can wirelessly download footage from the Car DVR Camera.

Does a Car DVR Camera record front and back?

Yes, Some Car DVR Camera includes a rear camera in their system. But for some that don’t have a rear camera, it is recommended to ask your manufacturer or provider to give you a solution for front and rear capturing. If you already have a Car DVR, adding a rear camera is also an option, just make sure that the camera you purchase is compatible with your present Car DVR.

How does a Car DVR Camera work?

A Car DVR Camera is fixed on the windshield and documents the road as you drive. It can be operated by the cigarette lighter cord or connected to the power switch. When the ignition key is switched on, the device begins recording immediately. It captures in a continuous loop, with each footage recorded on a brief 3-minute section and saved to an SD card.

Will your Car DVR Camera drain your battery?

A Car DVR Camera has the potential to exhaust your car’s battery. Fortunately, if you do not drive your vehicle much, it’s very rare to happen. The power drainage is often affected by whether the dash cam’s electrical connection is still turned on. You can buy a voltage regulator that automatically switches off the device if the vehicle battery runs low, or you can look for a low-power car DVR camera.

Where is the Car DVR Camera footage stored?

Footages from the car DVR camera are often stored in a MicroSD card. When the storage runs low the device automatically deletes old footage from the SD card. In the event of a crash, a certain Car DVR Camera immediately uploads the footage to your phone or Software.

Does Car DVR Camera reduce insurance?

If you want to invest in a Car DVR Camera to capture video recordings of your travel, insurance providers acknowledge that motorists who have mounted a Car DVR camera are cautious, conscientious drivers who choose to feel secure on the road by having video documentation of each and every trip, so if a traffic collision happens, they are not held liable for the negligence of another person.

As a result, some insurance providers sell exclusive subsidized insurances with this in mind. This, though, only happens if the car DVR camera is of excellent quality, including accurate & crisp imagery that catches all aspects of the ride with plate number recognition.

Do Car DVR Camera work with GPS?

Yes, a Car DVR Camera works perfectly with Global Positioning System or GPS. This enables the device to easily locate your car when an unexpected incident like carnapping happens. Meanwhile, if you are managing a fleet of vehicles, this device will help you find the exact locations of your drivers and prevent them to have bad driving behavior.

Car DVR camera FAQs (5)

What are the types of Car DVR Cameras?

There are two types of Car DVR camera, these are SD card car DVR camera & HDD car DVR camera;

SD Card Car DVR Camera – This device stores the footage in an SD card, this type is suitable for short travel vehicles like personal cars.

HDD Car DVR Camera – This type is suitable for vehicles traveling far distances like buses and trucks. It will store the footage inside an HDD which has a lot more storage than an SD card.

What are the specifications of Car DVR Camera?

  1. WIFI
  2. High-Resolution
  3. Audio System
  4. Wide-View
  5. SD card or HDD storage
  6. GPS
  7. ADAS Compatible
  8. G-Sensor
  9. Software Connection
  10. IR LED for night vision
  11. High frame rate

What are the components of a Car DVR Camera?

  1. Lens
  2. SD Card or HDD
  3. Speaker/ Microphone
  4. IR LED
  5. Mount
  6. Cable wire

How to install Car DVR Camera?

Car DVR camera FAQs (6)

Step 1: Determine the location of your Car DVR Camera.

You might want to try different spots with your car DVR camera while sitting in the driver’s seat of your car. It’s a smart idea to keep the car DVR camera within reaching distance of your seat, but never position it in such a way that it obstructs the visibility of the road ahead. In this case, the user has opted to mount the car DVR camera directly beneath the rearview mirror.

Step 2 – Locate the fuse box in your car.

We need to know where the fuse box is located because we’ll be connecting a power line from the car DVR camera to it.

Step 3: Start mapping the power line

From the car DVR camera start by laying out the power line approximately where it would pass until concealed under the car’s interior doors. This will help you determine where to connect the cord and the amount of room to leave on its way to the fuse box.

Step 4: Look for a hot in-start fuse.  

Vehicle fuses can provide power all the time “always hot” or only when the engine is working “hot in start”. We would attach our device to a “hot in start” fuse to make the car DVR camera switch on automatically when the engine starts and automatically turn off when the driver switches off the engine. Use a basic circuit tester that lights when power is active to determine which fuses are perfect to connect to the device.

Step 5: Place the assembly kit together.

Ascertain that the car key has been disconnected from the starter. Remove the hot fuse you found in phase 4 using pliers. The other side of the installation cable must be connected to your car and grounded. Most vehicles have a minimum of one noticeable ground spot near the power switch. To gain entry to this ground part, the lower kick panel must have been removed. Detach the screw and replace it with the ground bolt from the assembly set.

Step 6 – Finish the installation.

Bundle the excess power cable together with a zip knot. After this, using more zip cords, securely attach the wiring to a sturdy mounting spot under the vehicle dashboard or beneath the kick bar.

Step 7: Put the installation to the test.

Start your engine. If all was properly mounted, your car DVR camera will switch on and start filming! At this stage, you will reinstall the interior boards that were extracted to make room for the power line.

Is a Car DVR Camera System Worth it?

When you consider all of the advantages of installing one, from protection and security to practicality and convenience, it is well worth it. A car DVR camera combines two devices for practical purposes. This system is much preferable to buying a camera and a DVR. It has a streamlined look that is much better than a standard dash camera. Since this system has a built-in GPS, you can also track your car from anywhere.

What are the things to remember before buying Car DVR Camera?

Before purchasing a car DVR camera, remember the following guidelines:

  1. Is the Car DVR Camera brand or model compatible with your car?
  2. Is the car DVR camera right for the size of your vehicle?
  3. Is the car DVR camera supplier reliable?
  4. Does your car need an additional external camera?
  5. If yes, how many?
  6. What are the external cameras you need?

Is a Car DVR Camera compatible with Android?

Everyone is aware that car DVR cameras are an ideal way to document crashes, collisions, and a variety of other events.

Fortunately, there are now applications that make it simple to film video using your Android smartphone.

Smartphone car DVR camera applications can also be used for podcasting and live streaming thanks to the new sensors that can record real-time road information.

Can Car DVR Camera be used in Fleet Management System?

Car DVR camera FAQs (7

Well, indeed! Fleet control will also benefit from the use of a car DVR camera. If you just manage a small fleet of cars, such as taxis or car rentals, a car DVR camera is a smart option. Certain brands or models support one or two channels for external cameras, which may be a rear camera or a cabin camera. Installing this system in your fleet of vehicles allows you to easily track all of the vehicles.

Do Car DVR Camera work with WIFI, 3G, and 4G?

A car DVR camera wi-fi feature allows a smartphone to be connected with the device. Unlike a standard wi-fi network, which provides internet connectivity, the aim here is simply to link the car DVR camera and your cellphone.

When connected and the car DVR Software is launched, you can access, download, and change the camera settings directly from the software. This is a significant advantage since the SD card or HDD would not need to be loaded into a laptop or PC in order to get or watch the footage recorded.

A 3G or 4G car DVR camera is ideal when there is no hard-wired internet access at the vehicle. A 4G car DVR camera transmits video footage through the cell network using 3G/4G through a mobile sim card, rather than a direct internet link, allowing it the perfect security option for areas without broadband or main power.

3G/4G car DVR cameras operate in the same manner as your smartphone does: a data sim unit is inserted in the device and can relay signals through the cellular network to your car DVR software or mobile phones.

Is a Car DVR Camera helpful to record evidence?

Yes, a car DVR camera is better than a regular dash camera, since it has a built-in WIFI/4G/3G network, once there is a sudden crash or collision experienced the footages recorded will be sent directly to your car DVR software allowing the evidence to be kept even if the car DVR camera has been broken because of the crash.

Is any Car DVR Camera for sale?

A car DVR camera can be purchased anywhere because of its efficiency, but the quality will be compromised if you buy from unreliable brands. Before buying a car DVR camera, remember to do thorough research of the brand and model perfect for your vehicles. You can easily order a car DVR camera from a trusted manufacturer in china with only 1pc of MOQ.

How to choose the best Car DVR Camera?

Before purchasing a Car DVR camera, do extensive research about the device or brand you have in mind. Make sure it is compatible with your car and buy only from a reliable supplier. A good choice of car DVR camera must have; GPS, WIFI or 3G/4G connection, Smart size, wide-angle view, audio system, IR LED for perfect night view, SD card or HDD supported, G-sensor and high-frame-rate.

How much does it cost to install Car DVR Camera?

Car DVR camera FAQs (8)

How much does a car DVR camera cost?

It is heavily dependent on the complexity of the implementation, the car you are installing it on, and the device you need to use.

Installing a car DVR camera usually costs between $80 and $200.

If you want a mid-range car DVR camera with a decent performance source that can be revised later to meet your needs, it will cost between $300 and $500.

And if you want a superb car DVR camera that meets your needs and is up to date, it will cost you between $500 and $1,000.

Many car models come standard with the technology, which is normally free of charge.

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