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QOHO is an efficient and high-quality brand based in Shenzhen, China.  We offer the best Car Camera Systems to ensure your driving safety.

Car Camera System is intended to overcome the limitations of traditional onboard surveillance. Simple analytics software converts your Car Camera System into a reliable and insightful source of data for locating your vehicle. Video recordings offer valuable root-cause analysis of driving performance deviations as well as a foundation for additional training. They also contribute to the safe operation of your drivers’ vehicles.

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Car Camera System MC1205

1080P High-Resolution Road Safety Guard Wide Angle Front Car Camera System

Car Camera System - MC011

1080P Starlight Car camera, night view full clear image

car camera system MC620

2MP 1080P Dual Lens One Body Vehicle Wide View AHD Car Camera

1080P car camera system MC018 (1)

1080P Rear View Waterproof IR Car Camera System IP67

Car Camera System MC003

Car Camera System, 180 Degree IP69 Waterproof Rearview Camera is Suitable for all different Vehicles

Car camera System MC011

720P AHD Mini Metal box camera, High-Resolution, Cabin View

QOHO is a Provider of high-quality Car Camera System for your Driving Safety

QOHO has been in the industry for 16 years delivering the best vehicle surveillance systems. Our company focuses on surveying excellent solutions to our customer’s requirements and preferences.

Car Camera systems are specifically designed for use in challenging mobile environments. We provide comprehensive services that include R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales support. We are constantly on the lookout for scientific and technical breakthroughs and inventions.

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Car Camera System Related Products

QOHO is a Provider of High-Quality Car Camera System

Car Camera Systems are a group of cameras that are mounted in your vehicle for surveillance and protection. This system is ideal for cars that drive often and are at high risk of being involved in road accidents.

Our Company’s top priority is providing peace of mind and safety to our customers and buyers. QOHO’s vehicle surveillance and security devices are built with a high-technology system and are checked and tested by our professional production team that assures the quality of each product before shipping it to our consumers.

If you have a specific design or specifications preferred, we can also offer R&D to build your own Car Camera System.

So drop us an inquiry right away, and we’ll select the most appropriate product for you!


Car Camera System – Your Helpful Guide

Car Camera System – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is everything you might want to know about car camera systems. The guide’s purpose is to help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the car camera system that fits your needs.

This Car Camera System FAQ Guide aims to educate readers about the numerous advantages and benefits of adding a car camera system and a car, enabling the driver to set up a car camera system inside the vehicle.

This Car Camera System – Ultimate FAQ Guide covers many questions that car drivers may have about car cameras, including a car camera system and how to install a car camera system? Is a car camera system helpful to record evidence? And many more.

Below you will find some questions answered that are popular among users. Hopefully, this helps your search for an excellent car camera system

What is a car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs

A car camera system is a collection of hardware and software used in a vehicle to capture audio, video, record, and save the data for playback in case of future requirements.

A car camera system is also a machine with built-in WIFI, rear and side cameras for ultimate protection.

The car camera system had become a practical device for professional drivers, taxi drivers, their families, and any individual offering car services.

This device will also reduce the risk of accident compensation. In addition, many companies check drivers’ records and use the Car Camera System to monitor their driving behavior.

Camera systems with built-in microphones include two separate lenses for capturing front and back.

A car camera system helps to capture the situation on the road during any incident. Cameras are mounted either inside or outside of the vehicle (front and back).

What are the components of a car camera system?

Several components make up a car camera system, including:

  • Cameras and their algorithm
  • time and recording devices
  • Display Unit in case of view multiple cameras
  • Driver fatigue monitor
  • 8 Ch HDD MDVR System
  • Cables and connectors
  • Dual Vehicle Cameras

What are the specifications of the car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs 2

There are many brands in the market for car camera systems, but the specification of these car camera systems varies from brand to brand. Therefore, few good specifications of these car camera systems are given below:

  • Full HD Standard quality
  • High resolution
  • Having GPS Antenna
  • Standard frequency and voltage
  • Multiple Cameras Availability
  • Real-time monitoring anywhere in cellular or WiFi coverage areas
  • Embedded operating system
  • Multiple recording options
  • Built-in GPS capabilities
  • Numerous sensor inputs for speed, ignition
  • Records on the standard SD card
  • Defined power source
  • Minimum Power Consumption
  • Alarm Input available
  • Maximum Number of Channels
  • Defined IP Storage Rate

How long does the car camera system record?

This feature allows you to record audio and video while driving. You can adjust the recording settings and disable the automatic microphone when you are not in use.

If your car camera system turns on, it has no limit to the amount of recording you can make. The more video it records, the more storage space it uses.

Usually, the car camera system can be set to record approximately two hours of footage on a 16GB Micro SD card. When it reaches the two-hour mark, the oldest recordings will be overwritten automatically.

How does the car camera system work with android?

Car Camera System FAQs 3

Yes, car camera systems are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and video recorders.

The car camera system is a new kind of automotive device that allows you to easily connect, monitor, and control your vehicle’s onboard camera system from any smartphone or tablet.

The display of the car camera system will keep vehicles in your blind spot. When you’re driving, the display will show what’s in front of you so you can focus on the road ahead.

You can use a car camera system to check out nearby traffic, road conditions, and safety hazards. You can also send your reports about incidents to other users to be aware of what’s going on around them.

To use the car camera system on your Android mobile device, follow these steps.

  • Click the Camera icon on the App menu
  • Tap the front or rear camera which you want to operate
  • Apply effects and tap if you wish to any effects
  • For focusing, Tap the focus button and adjust it
  • Tap the Focus button to adjust the focus
  • Select the desired area of the frame you want to focus on

The car camera system is a state-of-the-art technology that has been incorporated into many new vehicles. This technology allows users to view and transfer captured videos from the car camera system simultaneously as they’re viewing them via a wireless connection.

What are the main types of a car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs 4

The cameras installed in the car camera system determine the system’s success because other components of a car camera system do not affect the system’s performance.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the types of cameras will affect the functioning of your car camera system, which are given below:

  • Mini AHD Car Camera System for car inside use
  • High-resolution road safety guard wide-angle Car Camera System
  • Mini Hidden Car Camera System with audio for the inside view
  • High-resolution waterproof side Car Camera System left/right/top/rear installation
  • Mini vehicle car Mobile IR Car Camera System Waterproof
  • Dual lens one body vehicle wide view AHD Mobile Car Camera System
  • Car IR Night Vision Car Camera System with dual-lens
  • 1Ch MDVR with GPS 4G WiFi Car Camera System
  • 2Ch HD 3 4G WiFi dual SD Card Car Camera System
  • 2ch GPS 4G WiFi telematics Car Camera System
  • AHD 140-degree comprehensive view and front road view Car Camera System
  • AHD Mini Metal IR Box camera vehicle inside view Car Camera System

Which are the essential features of a car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs 5 (1)


The essential features of a car camera system can be elaborated as under:

  • A car camera system can help protect you from fraudulent activity or a crash.
  • The Car Camera System gives you voice capability, record time, and experience the convenience of peace of mind.
  • The Night Vision feature of the car camera system helps provide quality video when driving at night. With a compact design that easily mounts to your windshield, a driver can operate without the distraction of holding a phone in your hand.

There are few essential features to consider before deciding on a car camera system. As a result, it can be hard to determine what features a car camera system should have.

While some features are essential to help drivers get the most out of their new car camera system:

  • The car camera system’s recording should be in a loop format, and it should auto start.
  • Car Camera System should be GPS supported and record speed logging also
  • Effect recognition and incident cataloging
  • Supercapacitor not a built-in battery
  • Protected parking mode

How does a car camera system work as a car camera recorder?

A convenient car camera system would be mounted inside the car to get the required captured data no matter where you were.

And for the camera to have recording features, the user would have to purchase some recording software or card to go along with the device.

By doing this. A car camera system can be work as a car camera recorder.

It is needed to explain how a car camera system works as a car camera recorder:

  • A car camera system is a video recording device mounted directly onto a vehicle’s windshield.
  • It records videos when the ignition key is turned, making them ideal for capturing accidents and other incidents as they happen.
  • The video is recorded onto a micro SD card, with each clip filmed on a short three-minute segment onto the memory card.
  • A car camera system can capture an accident and provide crucial information on who was involved, who was at fault, and how it happened.
  • Footage captured through a car camera system is a powerful tool for accident investigators and lawyers. It can be impossible to determine who was at fault in an accident without it. This could result in you getting higher insurance rates.
  • Indeed, having a car camera system in your car means having the ability to prove events, such as car accidents or witnessing crimes through recording.
  • A video-based car camera system uses mobile cameras to record the whole road ahead, making it easier for drivers to see any accidents which may occur when it relates to android.

Which car camera system can be the best? How to choose?

Car Camera System FAQs 6

There are many brands in the market. But choosing the best car camera system is not so difficult. It is easy. Visit online brands to get information related to specifications, warranty, and cost according to your budget.

While visiting online, look at reviews and ratings of the car camera system manufacturer, or you can read the product review before purchasing.

You should know about the features of your car camera system offers to be able to use it for different conditions.

The most important feature is to choose a car camera system that can withstand extreme temperatures.

What are the most important uses of a car camera system?

Car camera systems have several uses, including recording incidents while your car is parked and alerting you to potential accidents. However, few significant benefits are given below:

  • They can also be set to turn on when motion is detected around your car, ensuring you know about any vandalism, attempted break-ins, or hit and run accidents.
  • Car security cameras can provide helpful evidence in case of an accident or a theft.
  • Some car camera systems can also record footage while the car is parked, alerting police of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Car Camera System is used for a lot of things; to protect the driver, always protect the passengers in a car, and even to keep other drivers safe
  • Car Cameras System in cars also protects drivers from fraudulent claims from pedestrians and other drivers when accidents happen.
  • Law enforcement officers can use this car camera system during traffic stops and when issuing tickets if they see violations have been committed.
  • Peace of mind is another significant factor individuals are buying these cameras for a while driving their vehicles.

That way, if there is a car crash or someone hits your parked car, you can tell who’s at fault easily by reviewing the footage of the incident through a car camera system.

How to install a car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs 7

To install a high-tech car camera system, you’ll need to follow specific vital steps.

  • Observe the system specification and find the parts already connected to it
  • Understand the layout of the car camera system
  • Select the accurate place to mount the cameras
  • Mount all the right, left, top, front and rear cameras if any
  • Fix the display unit
  • Join all the cables properly and hide them under the cover ceiling of the vehicle.
  • Connect the power supply
  • Record the video from front and rear cameras of the car camera system
  • Test The car camera system record and playback

Is a car camera system helpful in driver’s monitoring?

Car Camera System FAQs 8

Yes, with a car camera system, you can monitor your driver’s experience when they’re behind the wheel.

You can also monitor vehicle speed, make sure the driver along the vehicle is going safe, and, if necessary, have something to playback in case of an accident or any other situation.

The car’s navigation system looks at the driver’s behavior and predicts whether the driver is falling asleep behind the wheel.

If the system determines that the driver is drowsy and driving in a risky manner, it will sound an alarm.

Is a car camera system helpful in recording evidence?

Car Camera System FAQs 9

Yes, a Car Cameras System helps record evidence. A car camera system can support and record when and where an incident occurs. It could also assist law enforcement agencies with traffic accident investigations.

Most people know that a car camera system is beneficial in protecting drivers in an auto accident by recording the whole incident.

However, many fail to realize that it can also provide professional drivers with evidence and documentation for various licensing agencies to issue the license after observing the car camera system recording.

Therefore, car camera systems are essential tools for providing evidence to insurance fraud investigation and reviewing potential violations by a driver or operator of a motor vehicle.

What are the benefits of a car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs 10

There are a lot of benefits to the car camera system. However, few services are given below:

  • The car camera system is a versatile, innovative device developed to make driving safer.
  • It is a valuable tool that can monitor every driver who wants to record any information with a touch of a key, reduce insurance costs, and protect against false accusations and other fraud cases.
  • Car Camera System is a secure, easy-to-use system used for watching what happens in and around your car.
  • It can be used as evidence in any legal case involving the vehicle and its contents.
  • Car Camera systems are also helpful for tracking the car’s location and accessing its connected features.
  • Because the car camera system records that on the spot, this feature is more useful when used in a car accident or involved in an accident.
  • The car camera system can record specific evidence for someone who has problems with driving.

How does 4G-Live work in-car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs 11

With a 4G-Live car camera system, you can access your in-car recording from any mobile device. For example, your dash camera can provide visual evidence of collisions or events that may occur on the road.

4G-Live is an in-car video system that provides online connectivity of what is happening inside your vehicle and two-way voice communication with whoever you trust most: friends, family, colleagues, or the police.

Designed to help protect the innocent, preserve freedom of expression, and ensure the safety of your family, 4G-Live is an exclusive online connectivity feature that includes cameras and microphones as well as software that helps you to watch online.

Does the car camera system provide real-time monitoring?

Yes, the Car camera system provides real-time monitoring via WiFi, 4G. In addition, the car Camera System records and saves video for free onto the cloud to see whenever you want that what was happened.

And any time you drive, it’s automatically registered, transferred, and stored in the cloud!

So, if an accident occurs, you won’t have to guess what happened because you can just watch the footage.

The Car Camera system uses WiFi to help you with your road safety and driving records and provide real-time monitoring.

This is the best choice for your car to record every moment on the road safely.

When an event is detected, a video recording is made on the driver’s smartphone and streamed online.

The car camera system latest technology enables multiple cameras to be connected to one phone using just one data SIM card, so there are no additional costs for each camera used within one vehicle.

Using the intuitive interface of the App, you can easily manage your cameras – view live recordings in real-time, change configurations, or even turn them off if needed.

Can the car camera system on a car be converted into a dashcam type of recording?

Yes, the car camera system can be converted into a dashcam type of recording.

The camera on a car is just a lens, a couple of cables, and a screen.

Recording can be done with an SD Card, smartphone app, or by installing a digital video recorder in the vehicle.

The good news is that digital video recorders are easy to install and low in cost to convert a car camera system into a dashcam type of recording.

By replacing the camera on your car with a digital video recorder, you’ll get instant access to all the videos you’ve taken for years.

Is it possible to use the 360-degree camera on a car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs 12

Yes, you can find a 360-degree angle body-worn camera used in a car camera system.

This type of camera allows drivers to capture what happened before the accident and the vehicle that caused it.

These cameras are ideal for capturing evidence of road rage or aggressive driving behavior.

360-degree cameras are capable of being mounted on car camera systems.

360-degree cameras are top-rated in-car camera systems. They offer a complete view of a vehicle, and they have the highest video resolution.

The technical requirements to install 360-degree cameras cannot be compared to traditional dashboard-mounted car cameras.

If you decide to buy one of these cameras, make sure you hire an installer with enough 360-degree camera installation experience.”

The wide-angle lens captures 360-degree video, recording what’s happening all around your car, even when you’re not driving at night.

Is there any vehicle with a built-in car camera system?

Car Camera System FAQs 13

The BMW X3 M is equipped with a car camera system that allows users to record footage in every direction.

Due to their increasing popularity, car camera systems are now found in several vehicles, including the BMW X3 M, Cadillac Escalade, Volvo S80, and Tesla Model S.

Can a car camera system record both audio and video?

Car Camera System FAQ 13

Yes, the Car camera system records both audio and video with optional front and rear cameras.

You can record the driver on our driver-facing camera and passengers with a rear-facing camera; depending on which model you choose, you can playback audio from all cameras through your device or only specific cameras.

Some models of car camera systems allow you to add a dual channel dash camera that can record both the audio and video in a single device.

While most people get a car camera system to record the view from behind their windshields, many car camera systems also record audio, including conversations within the vehicle that you are not a part of.

With the number of avenues available to record high-quality video and audio, it’s no wonder that car-camera systems are becoming more critical day by day.


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