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Why should you consider a Bus DVR System when managing a fleet of transport busses? here is why; It takes a long time to handle incidents involving huge vehicles like buses. Often, a lack of strong proof leads to corporations immediately accepting culpability, yet cheap agreements have resulted in an increase in lawsuits against such operators – who soon become recognized as a soft-target for future similar lawsuits Every year, companies lose millions of dollars due to false insurance claims, crash-for-cash, and wastage. A transport manager’s work gets much more challenging when vandalism and assaults on drivers are factored into the equation.

QOHO provides the answer by collecting footage from the Bus DVR System. In the event of an occurrence, the QOHO Bus DVR System acts as a reliable witness and offers indisputable proof. Companies may save a lot of money if they can establish that an accident was staged or if there are contradicting accounts about what happened. They can also assist their drivers, who are typically subjected to heightened scrutiny following an incident.

QOHO’s Bus DVR System is made of durable components that are suited for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including buses, taxis, and shuttles. DVR, external cameras, and other surveillance and security devices are all part of the system.”

Using cutting-edge technology, our Bus DVR system is of the highest quality, and we can promise you that the specs are among the best on the market.

4ch single SD card 1080P Bus DVR System MDVR6104SH

This Bus DVR system supports 4 channels and 3 audio storage, it is also equipped latest audio and video compression technology perfect for any vehicle.

4ch 1080P dual SD card Bus DVR system MDVR7104S

High-performance Bus DVR system that can connect 4 channels designed with road safety camera

4ch dual SD card 1080P bus DVR System

4 channel dual SD card 1080P Bus DVR system, IP 1080P side camera & waterproof 1080P rear camera

2ch 1080P Car DVR with DSM bus DVR system

A Bus DVR system built with 1080P 20 degrees wide front road view camera and 1080P 130-degree wide cabin view camera + Driver Fatigue Monitor

4ch 1080P single SD cardBus DVR System QH MDVR6104SH

4 channel Bus DVR system 1080P Single SD Card + high-resolution cameras & car DVR camera

2ch 1080P IP camera dual SD card Bus DVR System MDVR8102

1ch IP camera 1080P + extended 1ch 1080P IP side camera Bus DVR System.

QOHO is the Outstanding Bus DVR System Manufacturer in China

Anytime you’re searching for a bus DVR system, there are a few factors to keep in mind, regardless of the application.

The bus DVR system front-facing camera’s field of vision should be as broad as possible for optimal performance. A broad area in front of the Bus should be captured, as well as any vehicles (or potentially animals or humans) on the roadside. The frame rate of the bus DVR system camera is as, if not more, essential. It must be able to record without skipping frames or suffering from excessive motion blur, as it will be recording video while in motion, especially on highways. Rates that are higher are preferable. Some low-cost devices can record at a slower rate than more expensive equipment. It is recommended that bus DVR system cameras capture at least 30 frames-per-second (fps).

We at QOHO have been in the electronics business for more than 16 years, delivering the best Bus DVR systems and other surveillance devices to our customers.

Positive connections with consumers are important to our company, and we want to continue to have them in the future. As a result, we provide complete support throughout the process. Even after the transaction, QOHO will still be there to help you with any questions you may have.

If you wish to inquire about our Bus DVR system, Use this website’s purchase form to get in touch!

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QOHO is the Top-notch Manufacturer of Bus DVR System in Shenzhen, China

Since public transit grows in popularity across the world, adopting effective models employed in international transportation networks can assist guide both judgments and practices when it comes to public security.

As an idea, implementing a Bus DVR System to increase public transit security.

Technologies such as bus DVR systems, which are used in transport monitoring systems including on trains or buses, get a particular set of criteria and parameters that are important to their serviceability and performance. In order to optimize space, decrease congestion, and withstand high-temperature extremes as well as hostile settings, a bus DVR system needs to be lightweight and robust.

QOHO can provide an excellent and reliable Bus DVR system that meets your budget. Our bus DVR systems are built-n with the latest tech and innovation techniques to ensure utmost quality to our clients.

When it comes to enhancing transit security measures, our bus DVR system solutions are both strong and dependable. They’ll help you increase passenger and staff safety while reducing fraud and damage to your vehicle.

If you already have a detailed specification of a bus DVR system, kindly send us a message and we will give you the best deal possible!

Bus DVR System – Your Instructive Guide

Bus DVR System FAQ Banner

Today’s tourists and commuters rely on buses and coaches to get around. Large trucks need a high level of focus and expertise, especially in crowded metropolitan areas. They might also be a nuisance if you need to interact with several people at once. A key concern for all bus and coach companies is staying up with the newest fleet privacy and protection technologies such as a Bus DVR System.

A Bus DVR system is certainly something you’ve come across if you’re seeking a dependable and cost-effective security & surveillance system for busses. Contrary to typical conventional security cameras, the bus DVR systems capture and preserve video material digitally instead of using tapes or film. Such bus DVR systems lead to improved video quality and need less maintenance than traditional security systems. This section will describe how Bus DVR systems work to assist you to understand what you are getting into when selecting a Bus DVR system.

List of Topics

  • Bus DVR System; How does it work?
  • Can you explain the Benefits of a Bus DVR system?
  • Basic elements of a Bus DVR System
  • The Advantages and Downsides of Using a Bus DVR System
  • Bus DVR System for Mini Bus
  • An anti-vibration analysis is intended for a Bus DVR system for what reasons?
  • The value of a vehicle Bus DVR system
  • Who sells Bus DVR Systems?


Bus DVR System; How does it work?

Bus DVR System FAQ 1

There are several vehicle surveillance cameras for busses that are linked to a DVR device or a digital video recording system.

Traditional analog closed-circuit television or CCTV systems are often upgraded with this type of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) then be called bus DVR system.

DVR or computer hard disks will be used to capture digital footage from the vehicle sensors and save it on the bus DVR system or user’s the hard drive. How much space you have on your hard disk will be the major constraint for you. It is also impacted by the effectiveness of the video clip you are trying to record: the greater the video frame rate, the bigger the file. Except if it really is set to erase past files when your bus DVR system runs out of storage, your bus DVR system will automatically cease filming when it reaches its capacity limit.

The computer’s hard drives can be used to watch the video from the bus DVR system. Digital copies come in handy to search through the film than with conventional CCTV cameras (where you have to fast forward or rewind to the exact time you want to see). As a result, most bus DVR system sensors will mark the video with a timestamp, making it much easier to browse through the film on a pc.

This sort of device may be properly installed by a technician.

Can you explain the Benefits of a Bus DVR system?

Bus DVR System FAQ 2

Installing a Bus DVR System in your bus is mostly for safety purposes. It makes sense to invest in this technology since busses are used for mass transport and travel frequently. The bus driver will be notified if they are driving tired. In addition, the Bus DVR system allows for multiple interactions, so if you operate a fleet of buses, you can assign duties and keep tabs on your operators through phone or pc. The bus DVR system also has Wireless internet, 4G, Lan, and 3G connections for actual time fleet control. To deter irresponsible driving, it also identifies excessive speeds.

Basic elements of a Bus DVR System

Bus DVR System FAQ 3

For obvious reasons, the emphasis on bus safety elements that enhance physical protection tends to dominate. Surveillance, on the other hand, is a critical component of bus security and must not be neglected. Because of this, bus technology such as bus DVR system firms have been developing innovative ways to support increase fleet knowledge and supervision.

Users can prohibit undesirable passengers from getting on a bus, maintain track of the buses and passengers, as well as safeguard your fleet while it is not operational with the proper technical measures.

  1. Vehicle Cameras

If there’s one chance, we’d suggest all bus DVR system owners make to boost onboard safety, it’s the addition of vehicle cameras, according to our assessment. Camcorders have many advantages that greatly exceed their few disadvantages. Managers can maintain a closer check on passenger and driver conduct using the Bus DVR system. As an added benefit, it provides irrefutable proof in the happening of a disagreement about what transpired aboard a bus

In the end, everyone on a bus could gain from that degree of protection in the proper circumstances with the help of a Bus DVR system.

  1. DVR or Digital Video Recorder

Such devices are referred to as “classic” gadgets. Traditional cameras are used in bus DVR systems, in which cannot decode footage. Coaxial wires are used to transmit raw surveillance video from analog vehicle cameras to the recorders. All video material is then processed by the DVR.

As soon as you link your mobile phone or other portable devices, you’ll be able to effortlessly browse and watch your surveillance video files from the Bus DVR system as desired

  1. Tracking using GPS

A GPS tracking system is another piece of Bus DVR System technology that we believe is critical. How can your buses be allowed to go about aimlessly? A GPS connection, along with a mapping system at your workplace, enables you to pinpoint the exact location of any bus, whenever, wherever in your region.

That of course, you’ll be alerted relatively quickly if the bus deviates from its path or arrives at an unplanned stop.

  1. Driver Fatigue Sensor

It is necessary to include a Driver fatigue sensor in a Bus DVR system since bus drivers typically work very long hours since buses are utilized for public transport services. As a result, individuals may feel weary and sleepy while driving down the highway. Whenever a driver fatigue sensor detects that your driver is weary or drowsy, it will send an audio warning to the driver to prevent drowsy driving that might cause road accidents.

  1. Coaxial Wires

They link the traditional vehicle camera to the bus DVR system via coaxial wires. Although the usage of a coax cable connection may not appear important owing to its restrictions, data is eventually sent through coaxial cables in the end. Electrical equipment cannot be connected to a coaxial wire simultaneously. As a result, another cable is required to transmit electronic pulses, while the other line delivers video footage. It’s difficult to attach these wires since they’re stronger and broader than Ethernet wires. Also, the bus DVR system will not be able to transmit audio via the conventional coaxial connection.

The Advantages and Downsides of Using a Bus DVR System

Bus DVR System FAQ 4

The benefit of Bus DVR Systems is that your footage is safe (as long as the hardware DVR is safe) and then they can capture high-resolution recordings. A little more sophisticated sensors may be outfitted with motion detectors and audio packages, allowing them to switch on and capture just when movement is detected. This preserves a large storage capacity and eradicates the requirement for anyone to constantly watch the clip stream of the Bus DVR System.

One disadvantage of a Bus DVR system is it cannot be linked to any networks. This implies you will not be able to control your video stream somewhere other than the DVR or a PC on-site. Whether you are connected to the internet and an IP camera, you may view a video feed of the sensor’s footage from your phone, laptop, or desktop. Bus DVR systems necessitate large amounts of memory as well. Although if you have a sophisticated camera that only records when the sensors are turned off, you will still want a capacity to capture as much as possible while the sensors are turned on. IP cameras are readily connected to detectors and warnings, and they quickly transmit film to the internet storage online as soon as it is captured.

Even though the lens and the entire Bus DVR system are taken, the footage would still be available online. Because a Bus DVR system is a closed circuit, all of it is local, thus anybody may interfere with or remove the Recorder to preserve or delete the recording.

Finally, the selection is based on how you want to utilize the Bus DVR system. If you only want to store footage during the day to study afterward and do not intend to review the video online in actual time, a Bus DVR system will become more cost-effective and appropriate for your purposes. Nevertheless, if you’d like to link your machine to the web but don’t possess (but do not want to spend for) HDD storage space, then IP cameras will provide you with elevated security recordings that could be operated for a variety of purposes.

Bus DVR System for Mini Bus

Bus DVR System FAQ 5

Minibusses are automobiles with a max length of 8 meters that may transport more than eight passengers, but not more than sixteen people in addition to the operator. They are an essential means of transportation for a large number of individuals and organizations. Local governments, transport firms, schools, volunteer organizations, parties, and communities all rely heavily on minibusses to carry out a variety of academic and social activities. Their everyday responsibilities range from highway travel to several falls in congested urban areas.

Individuals in minibusses are far less to get involved in a road accident per mile traveled than passengers in autos. Nonetheless, the danger of a road incident that happened for minibus riders may be greatly decreased by using the bus DVR System. Sensors and displays may provide crucial visual assistance to operators, and ADAS can provide an economic collision prevention solution.

An anti-vibration analysis is intended for a Bus DVR system for what reasons?

Bus DVR System FAQ 6

As an upshot of the technology’s rapid dissemination of information, the term “anti-vibration assessment,” once used by specialists in the video surveillance industry to describe a “damaging” current obligation in which high voltage, as well as high frequency, are incorporated to an element of a bulk device, is becoming a talking point for Bus DVR systems.

While being in operation, excessive vibration might cause malfunction. The Bus DVR system features a rattle anti-vibration method. On something like a product or regular basis, anti-vibration assessments are made on the Bus DVR system while it’s still in existence to certify that any errors or glitches identified in the operating system were fixed.

Shaking tests were conducted on the Bus DVR mainly in various different situations: horizontal, vertical, and combined. When tested under these scenarios, the existing Bus DVR system operates well and has an influence on the entire effectiveness.

The value of a vehicle Bus DVR system

For fleet managers, installing a Bus DVR system is well worth the investment. You may save money and time by using this technique.

A Bus DVR device put in your bus, for illustration, will allow you to collect documentation in the event of a serious road incident, such as a collision or assault. If the opposing party is to blame, it can save you dollars by speeding up the investigation procedure.

To put it differently, a Bus DVR system can help with driver monitoring. Tired drivers, rapid speed, sudden stopping, and needless rests are all detected by this technology. This will help you handle and eliminate employees who may lead to accidents or waste money by being unproductive, which will save you revenue.

Who sells Bus DVR Systems?

Bus DVR System FAQ 7

Bus DVR Systems, for example, may now be bought at shopping centers, auto supply stores, and other places. While at home, you may also acquire it by using your computer or phone. Today, bus DVR system suppliers and manufacturers are everywhere on the Internet due to the program’s usefulness. A few of the major online retailers and sites include eBay, Amazon, ALIBABA, and other sites, such as leading producers’ webpages, are available for searching.

For a bus DVR system with outstanding functionality at an affordable price, Chinese firms are the way to go. The following are a few things to keep in mind while shopping online, particularly from Chinese suppliers.

  • In recent years, Chinese businesses have been producing automotive technology, such as bus DVR systems, in large quantities. These gadgets are low-cost, yet their quality is comparable to that of multinational manufacturers.
  • Bus DVR system companies ought to have a user-friendly webpage that anybody can view and comprehend.
  • The bus DVR System company must have Product reviews from genuine individuals are available for ethical dealers.
  • In order to evaluate the Bus DVR System first, several firms provide a one-piece order per purchase.
  • R&D, or research and development, is also offered by several Bus DVR System Chinese firms.


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