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Your Steadfast Provider of Blind Spot Camera in Shenzhen, China

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QOHO's Finest Blind Spot Camera for any vehicle

QOHO provides a comprehensive range of car monitoring devices, including a blind spot camera for any vehicle type.

Any driver who operates a large vehicle can benefit from the use of a blind spot camera. A blind spot camera can assist drivers in maneuvering comfortably and seeing cars or objects in the vehicle’s blind area. Blind Spot Camera has contributed to the unseen areas that transpire while reversing out of a driveway or parking place. These cannot, nonetheless, support while performing lane adjustments on highways.

BSD camera MC512 (2)

High-resolution 1080P Waterproof Blind spot camera

BSD camera MC181 (5)

180 degrees wide view waterproof starlight blind spot camera

1080P BSD camera MC018 (1)

1080P 18pcs IR LED Waterproof IP blind spot camera

BSD camera MC003 (2)

2MP 180-degrees wide view waterproof IP69 blind spot camera

MC610 BSD camera

720P AHD Side view camera with IR night vision blind spot camera

BSD Camera MC505

1080P 5pcs IR LED High-Resolution Side or Rear  BSD Camera

QOHO is Your Supplier of Excellent Blind Spot Camera in China

For the last sixteen years, QOHO has excelled in car surveillance systems and providing Blind Spot Cameras. Our firm is one of the most dependable in China since we provide high-quality yet low-cost vehicle electronics such as a Blind Spot Camera.

Buses and other huge automobiles, for example, have many blind spots. By installing a Blind Spot Camera, you can assure not only the safety of your driver but also the protection of other minor passengers. Because product shipping vehicles frequently transport large quantities of products, it is important to put security features such as a blind spot camera in your vans and trucks to avoid hazards such as accidents.

As a result, if your company has a large fleet of automobiles, QOHO’s Blind Spot Camera is the best choice.

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QOHO is Your Provider of Reliable Blind Spot Cameras in Shenzhen, China!

For over sixteen years, QOHO established itself to be among the trusted brands of vehicle cameras such as a blind spot camera in China. We have other branches overseas that can assist you anywhere in the world. Our blind spot camera has export quality specifications that are affordable and reasonably priced for every vehicle owner to afford.

Blind spot cameras are equipped with the latest sensors and other technology that can keep up with global competitors. Notwithstanding people are not looking, Blind spot cameras are monitoring traffic. Once you’re driving on a highway or in congestion with multiple lanes, you’re largely gazing forward at the roadway and not considering weak spots. Nonetheless, the Blind spot camera, which utilizes detectors on the side and rear of the automobile, constantly tracks the congestion beyond you in addition to what’s approaching beside your vehicle.

So, if you want a trusted supplier to assist and provide you the best blind spot camera in China, QOHO got you covered.

Blind Spot Camera – Frequently Asked Questions

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Regardless of how small or how huge a vehicle is, they still possess several blind spots. A blind spot camera is now a necessity to install in a vehicle to avoid colliding with other road users. The blind spot camera comes in different specifications and models, the blind spot camera you may need to install in your vehicle may vary depending on your vehicle’s requirement.

In this reference, we will elaborate on all the facts and frequently asked questions about a blind spot camera. This article will be worthwhile for someone without any idea about what blind spot camera they need to install or acquire.

We will also list down all the benefits and even drawbacks of having a blind spot camera in order for you to understand and weigh down all the information prior to investing your good old money in this device.

Keep reading to be enlightened more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a blind spot camera?
  • Why then should I buy a Blind Spot Camera?
  • What are the two types of blind spot cameras?
  • How much will I spend to buy a blind spot camera?
  • What are the other things to consider when buying a blind spot camera?
  • Where are the blind spot cameras typically installed?
  • What Is the Function of the Blind Spot Camera?
  • What are the car models with installed blind spot cameras as standard?
  • Where can I purchase a blind spot camera?
  • Can you explain the drawbacks of having a blind spot camera?
  • Is it profitable to spend on a blind spot camera?


What is a blind spot camera?

Blind spot camera FAQ 1

A blind spot camera is indeed an excellent gadget in increasing your and the others’ protection when driving in traffic jams, swerving, or entering into congestion. Although various blind spot camera varies in multiple of ways, all blind spot cameras have the exact same objective: to assist drivers in determining whether or not there is an unnoticed automobile in your vehicle’s blind areas. This blind spot camera monitors your car’s blind spots using cameras installed around your vehicle. Whenever you trigger your hazard lights, the picture from the blind spot camera on that side of the car appears on your car monitor screen, giving you a quick view of what exactly is in your vehicle’s blind spot.

Why then should I buy a Blind Spot Camera?

Blind spot camera FAQ 2

There are several reasons why you need to equip a blind spot camera in your vehicle, let me enumerate some:

A blind spot camera enhances your attentiveness when driving – A single set of eyes could only see so much simultaneously. When there’s a lot happening all around the car, it is beneficial to provide as much coverage for your safety as needed. Every blind spot camera achieves this by uninterruptedly scanning the location you cannot always perceive when traveling.

Blind spot cameras increase the time it takes to respond – The difference between life or death can be determined by response time. In the position to react to anything, you must first recognize it. Blind spot cameras are more efficient than reflectors alone because they provide immediate notice of something approaching or drove near the vehicle’s blind spot. When using mirrors, you must always see the image for you to respond appropriately.

A blind spot camera can make drivers and passengers feel more secure – Few individuals will disagree against the ability to explore in a vehicle that improves protection in any way imaginable. While traveling in an old car model, a blind spot camera can provide added peace of mind for riders. Better yet, the fundamental indications alert everybody in the car, so additional riders may assist you in noticing crucial items in conjunction with the blind spot camera.

A blind spot camera can assist huge vehicle drivers – Drivers of large cars benefit from blind spot cameras since their blind areas are greater than normal. With the capacity to observe huge, invisible regions surrounding your huge vehicle, be it on freeways or main roads, you can reduce or even eliminate stress by installing a blind spot camera.

A blind spot camera can help prevent vehicle accidents – Blind spot cameras, in addition to monitoring the regions around your vehicle, can save you from colliding with another vehicle, preventing crashes with other cars traveling in the same route or in a center lane.

What are the two types of blind spot cameras?

  • Blind spot camera installed at the factory

The most prevalent form of blind spot camera is the one that automakers provide as standard equipment or even as a significant repercussion on specific compact sedans. Because more and more automakers are beginning to provide these cameras as complimentary, the majority still retain them for even more costly vehicles. As a consequence, factory-installed blind spot cameras are often specially designed for the individual model, with very few (if any) being installed with older cars.

  • Blind spot camera in the aftermarket

Although aftermarket blind spot cameras are a tiny industry, it is growing as even more companies and large automobile accessory companies begin to provide made-to-order kits for a range of autos. Most of these blind spot cameras are designed to be nearly universal in applicability, which means you will not have to bother as much information about the brand, type, and year model of your car. Having said that, reliability considerably lower than with a factory-installed blind spot camera, although this differs depending on the choice.

How much will I spend to buy a blind spot camera?

Blind spot camera FAQ 3

Although the price and cost will depend on your vehicle requirement and own specification preferences, we will list down some of the prices for you to understand the differences of each blind spot camera per price range.

  • Blind spot camera under $250: these devices are typically restricted in capability and reliability. Most are equipped with a few detectors and rudimentary indications.
  • Blind spot camera for $250 to $500: This midrange of blind spot camera improves the effectiveness of the integrated sensors, but most still fall short of the performance of OEM & ODM systems available on the majority of current vehicles.
  • Blind spot camera for $500 and higher: That’s the price point to explore if you want the highest dependability and precision. Detector accuracy is good in this area, so internal control systems employ complex algorithms to eliminate incorrect activation as often as feasible.

What are the other things to consider when buying a blind spot camera?

Accuracy and Reliability – The effectiveness of the blind spot camera varies slightly depending on the system, brand, and model. Accuracy and reliability for a blind spot camera is basically how effectively the cameras can reject false alarms while not neglecting something which has to be observed. Elevated blind spot cameras tend to be more accurate, but maintaining false trigger percentage low also needs a sophisticated processor that is trained to distinguish between good and fake impulses as often as feasible.

Installation of a blind spot camera – Uncertainty your automobile doesn’t already have one, then you will need to purchase one in order to utilize it. If you really want positive results, Blind spot camera expert installation is usually the best option, however, many blind spot cameras make it possible to assemble all the blind spot camera individual elements yourself. Separate all the elements, such as wires and lens, will have to be placed in such enclosures, often with a screwdriver and some screws.

Where are the blind spot cameras typically installed?

Blind spot camera FAQ 4

A vehicle has several blind spots regardless of its size. However, the number of blind spots is higher in larger vehicles like trucks and tankers. A blind spot camera can be installed in different parts of the vehicle, basically to have a perfect view of what is unseen from your rear or side mirrors.

At the back of the vehicle – for huge vehicles, the driver cannot really see what exactly behind his vehicle. With the blind spot camera installed at the back of the truck, the driver can maneuver easily and safely since he or she can see what is behind the truck.

Roof-level side of the vehicle – a blind spot camera can be positioned on the roof-level sides of the vehicle. This is suitable for vehicles with the same height as other average vehicles on the road.

Lower-level side of the vehicle – a blind spot camera can be installed in this area if the vehicle is tall and huge. This installation position is suitable for cargo and tanker trucks that are much taller than other average road users.

On the side mirror – a blind spot camera can also be installed on the side mirror area; this enables the driver to see the vehicles that are near or already inside the blind spot.

What Is the Function of the Blind Spot Camera?

Typically, such a blind spot camera is mounted to the bottom and vehicle sides of your current side mirror or behind the vehicle.  The blind spot camera has been installed, and the wires have been routed between the inside of your doors and the entrance boot. There are no apparent wires. A car monitor is connected to the blind spot camera, so the footage will show when the blind spot camera is triggered.

What are the car models with installed blind spot cameras as standard?

Among the most helpful safety devices available on today’s vehicles is the blind spot camera. The blind spot camera detects vehicles and objects in your vehicle’s blind spot Some will illuminate a little symbol in your rearview, and if you use the hazard lights to make a turn, they would sound an alert. Once you’re reversing from a parking lot, they warn you of automobiles approaching down the street that the driver might not notice.

Clearly, a blind spot camera is really not a substitute for a thorough check of the rear and side mirrors as well as a quick peek behind you—but we all make mistakes all the time. Here are 10 vehicles with excellent blind spot camera systems.

  • Volvo
  • Mazda
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Fiat

Blind spot camera FAQ 5

Can you explain the drawbacks of having a blind spot camera?

Although there are several advantages to using a blind spot camera and automated emergency braking, there are also acknowledged disadvantages. The disadvantages of blind spot camera will vary depending on the vehicle; however, some components are not designed to work well at slower speeds. This implies that at lesser speeds, the system is either restricted or entirely ineffective.

One of the main disadvantages of having a blind spot camera is theft. Since the blind spot camera is installed on the vehicle’s exterior, it can be easily noticed by passersby and have it removed quickly. It would be upsetting to have it replaced just because it is stolen.

Where can I purchase a blind spot camera?

Fortunately, certain blind spot camera brands and models and other devices or stuff can be bought from the web or online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba. But let me tell you, it’s not that easy to buy online especially blind spot cameras are not that cheap. You might want to check out legit manufacturers of blind spot cameras if you need to acquire several unit models. Here are the tips when looking for a legit brand of blind spot camera online.

Blind spot camera FAQ 6

  1. If you are just new to this and have no idea where to start, we recommend you start looking in China. Chinese companies started developing and producing electronic devices like blind spot cameras. They offer affordable blind spot cameras that are able to keep up with today’s trends and the latest specifications present in global brands.
  2. Once you locate and found a reliable blind spot camera supplier, examine their website to see if they have positive and credible product reviews. They also must have a consistent and reachable email address or contact number to assist you anytime.
  3. You should also consider a blind spot camera company that offer as low as 1 piece of unit per order transaction because it is economical for you if you want to try and check the quality of the blind spot camera first before getting several units which will prevent you from wasting too much money with unsure products.
  4. If the said blind spot company has an available stock on hand, you can place an order and wait for the product to be shipped. It will be delivered to your home probably within a week.
  5. Assuming you require a specific blind spot camera model or specification, certain blind spot camera firms also conduct R&D or Research and Development. You can provide your specs requirement and the company will build one for you.

Is it profitable to spend on a blind spot camera?

There really is no clear explanation of whether or not a blind spot camera is worthwhile. The result is determined by a number of things. The size of the car is one determining element to equip blind spot cameras. Customers who drive bigger cars, such as SUVs, buses, or trailers, may take advantage of a blind spot camera to help them when parking or maneuver on the freeway. Vehicle visibility is an important element to address. Bigger cars will be much more dangerous to operate, but they may have upperparts and more freedom to maneuver about to observe possible hazards arriving from the side. Blind spot cameras will most likely help vehicles with greater blind areas.

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