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According to recent data, many road users have lost some money to scammers who create fake accidents in order to extract money from unwary motorists. Attackers stealing into parked cars are also on the upswing.

A 360° car security camera is a gadget that enables users to record and watch anything which transpires to their vehicle while it is left unsupervised while traveling. It gives the proof drivers need if their vehicle is in a road accident or if a burglar breaks into their car.

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Have you ever had a 360° Car Security Camera installed in your vehicle? If not, now is your chance to become acquainted with the product. It is the best camera you should think about installing in your vehicle. A 360° Car security camera is a video recording device that captures footage of your vehicle and stores it on a device that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It is used to send you an alert whenever a problem occurs in your vehicle.

QOHO has so many exciting things in store for you! You can contact us at any time, and we will respond as soon as possible.

dual lens 360 car security camera

2MP 1080P Dual Lens One Body Vehicle Wide View AHD 360° Car Security Camera

360 Car Security camera - Cabin camera MC810 (1)

A 360° Car Security Camera with 720P AHD front road view camera and a 140-degree wide view angle is ideal for your fleet business

360 car security camera rear camera MC512 (2)

A 360° Car Security Camera IP67 Water-proof & Vandal-proof housing with different directions for different orientations installation

360° car security camera road view MC1205 (3)

1080P High-Resolution Road Safety Guard Wide Angle 360° Car Security Camera

Side Camera for 360°car security camera system MC505 (1)

1080P 5pcs IR LED High-Resolution Side or Rear Camera for 360° Car Security Camera

360° Car security Camera recorder

A 360° Car security camera with Dual-lens recording with 360-degree front lens and a 170 degree rear lens. It also has 24 hours parking monitoring and has a loop view.

QOHO is a Professional 360° Car Security Camera Manufacturer in China

Before choosing a 360° car security camera for your automobile, be sure that it is intended to record high-resolution video and has most or all of the important functions that your vehicle requires.

Unlike standard 360° car security cameras, QOHO’s 360° car security cameras are specifically intended to keep your car safer. You may capture high-quality recordings with our cameras and recorders and use them as evidence of your innocence if necessary. Its unrivaled characteristics make it an excellent choice for those seeking a really amazing 360° car security camera partner.

Since 2005, QOHO has worked with a broad range of surveillance equipment and kits, as well as fully working 360° Car Security Cameras.

We can offer you elevated solutions such as a 360° Car Security Camera that will fulfill the needs of your car. To build a distinctive product, we build teams. Based on the 360° Car Security Camera specifications of your fleet or personal car, QOHO’s skilled technical experts will provide the optimal fleet management approach. We will help you choose the optimum solution for your material processing needs. QOHO has a lot to offer whether you drive or manage trucks, automobiles, taxis, or buses.

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QOHO 360° Car Security Camera is the Solution to Your Fleet Management Problems

Have you encountered any issues when managing your vehicle fleet? or Have any of you ever been concerned that your own car may be involved in a traffic accident with another vehicle, resulting in false accusations? QOHO can assist you in resolving them.

QOHO has been developing and manufacturing security devices since 2005. Our company has spent years perfecting and developing its products, most especially our 360° Car security cameras.

QOHO’s global sales staff is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will even help you run & maintain your gadgets to work properly. It is performed to ensure that clients are satisfied with the purchase and that there are no issues with it.

QOHO makes standard, long-lasting materials in the production of its devices. QOHO’s quality assurance personnel guarantees that everything about the devices, from production to shipping, is in excellent functioning condition before they are shipped to the customer.

If you have got a comprehensive 360° Car Security camera request in mind, please feel free to contact our company and we will be happy to assist you!

360° Car Security Camera – Your Informative Reference & Guide!

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As we all know having a car or when frequently driving a car, you must have a lot to consider because you are at risk of road accidents whenever you go out for a drive. Some may think that you drive safely, you can prevent getting into road incidents.

Unfortunately, other road users may be driving recklessly and have bad driving behavior. Installing a device such as a 360° car security camera system can be helpful to record or document unpredicted accidents that are caused by other road users.

The 360° car security camera system can also be your guide on the road because it covers the entire vehicle surrounding giving you an eagle’s eye view on the road.

This guide will assist you to understand and gain enough information prior to purchasing 360° car security cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What’s a 360° car security camera?
  • How does a 360° car security camera function?
  • Why do I have to consider investing in a 360° car security camera?
  • Is it possible for a 360° car security camera to record even when parked overnight?
  • What’s the cost of a 360° car security camera?
  • What characteristics should a 360° Car Security Camera have?
  • Is it legal to utilize 360º car security camera video footage in the judiciary?
  • What function does a 360° Car Security Camera perform in supervising the driver?
  • Where can I purchase a 360° car security camera?


What’s a 360° car security camera?

A 360° car security camera system can be a single camera device or consist of several other vehicle cameras that are connected to a digital video recorder. These devices are used to document all the angles of the vehicle for a bird’s eye view when traveling on the road. The 360° car security camera can be able to cover all the vehicle blind spots for better driving.

360° Car Security Camera FAQ1

The 360° car security camera system provides complete control of the environment all-around the vehicle as well as objects in “invisible” zones, substantially ensuring safety while reversing navigation, parking in limited areas, maneuvering, and other vehicle operations. The live stream from each of the 360° car security camera systems is captured as a distinct channel on an SD card or even a hard disk drive in loop mode, allowing the device to be utilized as a vehicle DVR.

360° car security camera systems, like dashboard cameras, give visibility while on the highway by sending out warnings and recording video of events. The dominant theme with the 360° car security cameras appears to focus on cloud data storage. This enables users to control access surveillance video recordings, which is particularly useful when there is car theft, break-in, or gadget robbery.

How does a 360° car security camera function?

The 360° car security camera system is a set of vehicle cameras or just a single camera that offers a 360-degree view of the vehicle. These cameras are usually linked to a DVR for storage and video footage processing.

The 360° car security cameras record everything that has been going on around and inside the vehicle your automobile the whole day.

The 360° car security cameras are intended to keep an eye on your vehicle for theft, accidents, and enforcement stops. 360° car security camera may also be used to record daily road journeys just for documentation.

If the 360° car security camera detects an automobile collision, it instantly stores the footage to your smartphone, such as the ten seconds preceding and following the event. Furthermore, the footage can be remotely viewed using the software.

Why do you need to consider investing in a 360° car security camera?

Selecting a security device like a 360° car security camera is a major leap. Is it not vital to consider whether you should consider investing in it or not? You would like to assure this will benefit you in our basic functionality. Our purchasing impulse is not founded on ownership. It is determined by what the commodity means to us. Most purchases are driven by wanting to improve one’s circumstances.

360° car security cameras may be utilized for a number of applications, such as minimizing fraudulent claims involving motorists who are not really responsible in road incidents or capturing reckless driving behavior in and out of the car. It could be utilized to capture traffic flow in adverse weather conditions or following an accident.

360° Car Security Camera FAQ2


The 360° car security cameras will activate immediately when you start the vehicle and therefore will give actual, accurate, and immediate proof when encountered a road accident

360° car security cameras are also installed to avoid accidents by monitoring the driver’s conduct. Users may evaluate and improve their driving style. As parents, you will never stop being concerned for your kids if they started to drive your car, correct? Users can also stay updated on them with this 360° car security camera. A further case in point is if you are running a fleet of automobiles. Do you always fear whether your cars are performing their functions properly? Fleet managers and vehicle owners must make certain that the fleet or personal vehicle is not compromised.

Is it possible for a 360° car security camera to record even when parked overnight?

Definitely! The 360° car security camera includes a night video recording capability.

360° car security camera with IR LED illumination that lights up the roadway and also its peripherals. Certain brands and models with broad-angle feature lenses capture so much of the road and vehicle ahead than other models having standard optics, providing more information as to what triggered an occurrence. Even if the automobile is turned off, some 360° car security cameras continue to gather and retain data. A 360° car security camera never stops to capture and retain video recordings even while you sleep since most products are supported by a lithium-ion battery supply.

What’s the cost of a 360° car security camera?

360° Car Security Camera FAQ3

Here is the first issue to be addressed when thinking about acquiring a device such as a 360° car security camera? Is this the standard price? The pricing will influence if or not you will buy the goods. We generally disregard things that are beyond our price range, however, if you will understand how competent and helpful the product is in delivering its function, you will purchase it regardless of the situation. There are many situations when you desperately need a commodity but could not afford it because of its expensive price. That’s where you will locate your alternatives. A trustworthy provider providing a low-cost product.

The 360° car security cameras are built to endure extreme weather conditions. They can endure falls, mild collisions, and plenty of traffic. The bulk of these devices range in price from $30 to $200 depending on the brand, features, and durability. Huge vehicles like busses and trucks must be installed with 360° car security cameras to protect the asset and the drivers from false charges.

One of the top pressing matters is to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of varying sorts of 360° car security cameras and select the ideal device for your preferences.

An affordable 360° car security camera will usually have poor screen resolution, poor lighting, and very few to no settings. While more expensive 360° car security cameras may incorporate GPS, High-resolution lenses, and other efficient functionalities that can help vehicle owners to drive conveniently and safely.

Every product has both high and poor-grade components. It is absolutely up to the consumer to choose the degree of performance that they desire for their car. Currently, technology and innovation are continuously changing, leading products to be more technologically advanced and their costs to climb. Never buy a 360° car security camera that is expensive but is not worth the price for its offered features.

What characteristics should a 360° Car Security Camera have?

Some of us are quite particular when it comes to choosing a vehicle device like a 360° Car security camera, right? We could be curious about the qualities and how can the 360° car security camera will help us. Before selecting where to invest your hard-earned money, it is indeed appropriate to be cautious. This guide will aid you in giving examples of them.

360° Car Security Camera FAQ4

  • There are two major recording types of devices, these are DVR and loop recording, the video footage will not get deleted from the 360° car security camera after the storage is full. Isn’t it fascinating to see which of the two is more applicable? Any of the two can be useful for regular travel. Just look for a respectable company that offers a 360° car security camera, and they will gladly help you and discuss the features of each device they provide.
  • Video capture format for 360° Car security cameras. In the field of recording, file types may be bewildering. Nevertheless, only a few variables are available to be mindful of. First, it’s indeed important to understand that a file type or video format is more than just a text file. in the end, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Type of memory storage.  Users should constantly consider the storage type while filming using specific equipment, such as a 360° car security camera. Memory cards are made from a variety of components. The greater the size of the memory card, the longer consumers can use the gadget.
  • One of the common forms of traffic incident is a collision with other road users. Whenever you drive, you must have seen or known about it on the highway. We’d like to prevent it, shouldn’t we? The 360° car security camera footage will indicate where the danger is if it has a rear-view camera on the vehicle rear or not, and also some systems even include capabilities like accident warning signals.
  • How is it secured to your car’s windscreen? Several states consider it unlawful when a 360° car security camera distorts the view of the road from the driver. Users really should think about how easy it would be to install the 360° car security camera they want to acquire.
  • Would you like to keep an eye on the car whenever it is parked in public places? Car owners would like to ensure that their automobile is safe and secure anytime and anywhere. But if you have to park and leave it in a remote location, how can you still monitor it? Users must have a 360° car security camera. In that case, vehicle owners can be able to remotely monitor their vehicle wherever they travel.
  • Battery saving mode when filming in an emergency. To conserve battery life, the 360° car security camera may limit its performance, causing it to move slower however for a longer amount of time. This functionality is required in order to use the battery in an unexpected incident.
  • An elevated gadget with capabilities including recorded proof, event alert, and driving behavior analysis. It is indeed fantastic to have functions that other 360° car security cameras don’t. That being said, expect the device to be a little costly, however if you select the 360° car security camera features that will match your needs, why not, right?

Is it legal to utilize 360° car security camera video footage in the judiciary?

360° Car Security Camera FAQ5

One of the motives that will make us a 360° Car security camera is to provide testimony in the odds of a traffic incident, correct? Absolutely, 360° Car security camera video proof could be used as evidence for both civil and criminal proceedings, especially vehicle accident claims. On occasion, 360° car security camera footage might be utilized in a trial.

This is especially significant if the motorist is punished with a road violation and there is an accident as a consequence. It can assist in identifying if or not the motorist was at blame or what occurred prior to and after the accident, but this doesn’t necessarily offer all of the facts, making finding culpability problematic. Also, it tries to comprehend that the film you take with your 360° car security camera can have higher legitimacy in trial since it accurately documented evidence as compared to the traffic light information from a police vehicle.

360° car security cameras are becoming more prevalent these days. We ought to be mindful of the countless 360° car security cameras that encircle us since technology advancement continues to control humans. Should you put a 360° car security camera in your automobile?

What function does a 360° Car Security Camera perform in supervising the driver?

360° Car Security Camera FAQ6

There have been currently a large number of automobiles in the industry. It encourages more people to get a car and drive a car on their own. Aren’t you afraid that your driving is putting you in danger on the road? A 360° car security camera can provide assistance.

Use a 360° car security camera to monitor your driver’s conduct if you want to keep your automobile operating longer. The 360° car security camera analyzes your driver’s driving behaviors and identifies particularly dangerous driving habits before they become perilous habits on the highway.

The 360° car security camera can also help you save money on crash-related expenditures. By examining the footage of the event, you may readily establish who is responsible. Unless the incident was solved by your supervisor, you may easily contact him and use the evidence you have.

Every action you take must be held accountable. In this scenario, start by evaluating your driving ability. If you continue to do it, it’s not a negative thing. Accidents occur, but as a driver, you should be ready for them.

Where can I purchase a 360º car security camera?

360° Car Security Camera FAQ7

Given today’s contemporary technology, you may quickly obtain any goods or commodity over the web. On the internet, there are numerous 360° car security camera selling websites with a lot to offer. Among these websites are AMAZON, EBAY, ALIBABA, and others. You may also seek for a reputable provider of 360° car security cameras, particularly in China. Chinese firms are among the leading suppliers and producers of security products such as a 360° car security camera. These businesses provide low-cost, high-quality products that can compete with major 360° vehicle security camera brands.

However, consider the fact that not everything you read on the internet is real or legitimate; some may make bogus feature claims that will squander your money. Search for a trustworthy business that provides 360° car security cameras, but how can you know whether a firm is trustworthy? Easy! Visit their website and seek for unbiased 360° car security camera product reviews. Reliable 360° vehicle security camera providers also have a 1pc minimum order each transaction, which allows you to try and inspect the goods first.

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