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As per current statistics, numerous vehicle drivers reportedly lost and paid a sum of money to fraudsters who stage bogus incidents in order to defraud innocent motorists. Robbers breaking into unattended automobiles are also increasing.

Installing a 360° car camera will allow customers to document and monitor everything that happens to your car when it is unsecured when traveling. The 360° car camera provides drivers with the documentation that is necessary if your car is involved in a crash or if a thief sneaks into your automobile.

Whenever it comes to fulfilling 360° car camera concerns, QOHO is your reliable supplier.

Did you ever considered installing a 360° Car Camera in your automobile? If you are unfamiliar with the product, here is your time to learn about it. The 360° car camera  is the finest device to consider placing in your automobile for utmost security when driving. A 360° Car camera is a digital camera technology that captures video of your car’s surroundings and stores it inside an SD card or Hard disk drive that can be viewed from any location that has an internet service. This is meant to notify the driver when there is a security issue happening around the car.

QOHO has a lot of helpful vehicle security device for you! Anyone can reach us at any time, and we will provide the best offer.

360 car camera recorder

A 360° Car camera with Dual-lens recording with a 360-degree front lens and a 170 degree rear lens. It also has 24 hours parking monitoring and has a loop view.

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2MP 1080P Dual Lens One Body Vehicle Wide View AHD 360° Car Camera

360 Car camera - Cabin camera MC810 (1)

A 360° Car Camera with 720P AHD front road view camera and a 140-degree wide view angle is ideal for your fleet business

360° car camera - side camera MC512

A 360° Car Camera IP67 Water-proof & Vandal-proof housing with different directions for different orientations installation

360° car camera MC505

1080P High-Resolution Road Safety Guard Wide Angle 360° Car Camera

360° car camera MC505

1080P 5pcs IR LED High-Resolution Side or Rear Camera for 360° Car Camera

QOHO is a Professional 360° Car Camera Manufacturer in China

Checking on the vital things
In low-light circumstances, a wider picture is possible.

When driving a car you would probably ask yourself these questions;
Is there enough room in front and enough space in the back? What happened to the curb? When it comes to maneuvering and parking, seeing is almost always preferable to having to hear. The 360° car camera from QOHO assists drivers by offering a clear picture of the car’s surroundings, allowing them to navigate and park securely and efficiently.

When purchasing a 360° car camera for your car, keep in mind that it must capture high-resolution footage and also has the majority, if not all, of the functionalities that your car needs.

Unlike traditional 360° car cameras, Our 360° car cameras are designed to keep your vehicle secure. With our recorders & cameras, users may achieve better recordings & use them as proof of their righteousness if essential. Its unmatched features make it an ideal supplier for those looking for a truly incredible 360° car camera.

QOHO has curated a list of vehicle surveillance technology and systems, as well as highly integrated 360° Car Cameras, for 16 years.

Our company can provide you with modern equipment, particularly a 360° Car Camera that can meet your vehicle’s requirements. We train teams in order to create a unique product. QOHO’s qualified technical specialists will give the best fleet monitoring strategy based on the 360° Car Camera characteristics needed by your fleet or personal car. QOHO  will assist you in selecting the best solution for your sample preparation requirements. Either you drive or operate trucks, cars, cabs, or buses, QOHO has a great deal to offer.

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QOHO 360° Car Camera is the Solution to Your Fleet Management Problems

Many automobiles come equipped with a vehicle monitor display that allows drivers to choose from a variety of settings and views. They can see under the engine or behind the hood, along the vehicle’s sides, or from a top-down view in a bird’s-eye perspective. The 360° car camera is practically installed around automobiles, as a result, hard to see or even unable to view areas all around the vehicle are a distant memory. Drivers can have a better sense of direction and see even minor impediments.

If you often have any difficulties with your car fleet management or if you are ever worried that your vehicle might be damaged due to a traffic collision with another vehicle and may result in false allegations  QOHO 360° car camera can help you solve your problems.

Since 2005, QOHO has been designing and producing security products. Our firm has spent years creating and improving its goods, particularly our 360° Car cameras.

QOHO makes standard, long-lasting materials in the production of its devices. QOHO’s quality assurance personnel guarantees that everything about the devices, from production to shipping, is in excellent functioning condition before they are shipped to the customer.

Please contact our firm if you have a complete 360° Car camera request in mind, and we would be delighted to assist you!

360° Car Camera – Your Comprehensive Guide

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Even the finest drivers have trouble fitting into tight parking spaces, however, the 360° car camera help eliminate close to zero speed scratches.

Minor mishaps are by far the most aggravating. Moderate parking hits may inflict little but extremely unpleasant damage, be it scratching a tire against a sidewalk, banging a car bumper against a post, or opening a car door into another vehicle or wall. New vehicle models are now required to include backup cameras, although greater visibility will always be preferable. Several manufacturers use a 360° car camera system to provide a comprehensive picture of the car’s surroundings.

This article will be your guide to understand all the facts focusing on a 360° car camera, we have gathered frequently asked topics and questions concerning a 360° car camera to help clients before making a purchase.

Topics to be discussed about a 360° car camera

  1. 360° Car Camera: What is it?
  2. How is a 360° Car Camera working?
  3. Can a 360° car camera be installed in my vehicle?
  4. Is the 360° car camera worth investing in?
  5. Are there any vehicles with pre-installed 360° car cameras?
  6. Why then should you think about purchasing a 360° car camera?
  7. What is the installation cost for a 360° car camera?
  8. Is it permissible to use 360° car camera surveillance footage in court?
  9. Where can I buy a 360° car camera?
  10. Can a 360° car camera record high-resolution footage at night?
  11. What is a Bird’s Eye View 360° car camera?



360° Car Camera: What is it?

In an automobile, a 360° car camera system gives you an actual picture of the environment around your vehicle. The 360° car camera method utilizes the viewpoints of multiple surveillance cameras positioned around the car into a single image, which is usually a birds-eye view. The 360° car camera system reveals adjacent objects as you navigate into a parking place, allowing drivers to prevent collisions.

The 360° car camera system gives total monitoring of the car’s surroundings, including objects or anything inside the “hidden” zones or blind spots, providing significant safety when reversing navigating, driving in restricted locations, reversing, as well as other automobile functions. The 360° car camera system’s live feed is recorded as a different system on an SD card or maybe in a hard disk drive, enabling the 360° car camera to be used as a car recorder.

How is a 360° Car Camera working?

360° Car Camera FAQ 2

A 360° car camera system requires more than 1 vehicle camera to operate properly. Alternatively, multiple surveillance cameras were placed strategically throughout the car, generally around each bumper (inside an insignia, in the front, or near the trunk opening) and also on both sides (below the car side mirrors, near the border of the bumpers). The 360° car camera array activates whenever you move backward or, in certain cars, whenever you push a start button. The footage from each of the car cameras is interpreted by software and stitched together into a single picture on your dashboard vehicle screen. And once the car is traveling at traffic speeds, the 360° car cameras turn off to minimize distraction.

Just one of the 360° car cameras can be displayed in some automobiles. The camera on the passenger’s side, for instance, can provide a clearer image of the tires to avoid brushing into a sidewalk. Alternatively, the front car camera may display what really is in front of the car, such as a parking spot or other road hazards.

The use of newer 360° car camera systems goes much further. They may be modified to show multiple perspectives of the exterior rather than simply a top-down view or a single vehicle’s side image. It is like if a camera mounted on a drone hover above your vehicle, changing to the position you choose. Sadly, the way this technology works might not be as exciting as autonomous drones. Simply said, they feature more complex software that merges the images from several cameras into customizable viewpoints, with your car depicted in the center.

Can a 360° car camera be installed in my vehicle?

360° Car Camera FAQ 3

A 360° car camera surveillance system may be installed in your automobile utilizing 360° car camera kits that are on the market. They usually come with a remote that connects all of the cameras to the vehicle’s dashboard monitor or screen. While aftermarket 360° car cameras may give a better vision than a factory-installed reverse camera system (or no lens at all), they cannot compare to factory-installed devices.

Vehicle engineers go out to considerable efforts to place the 360° car cameras properly, hide them inside the vehicle’s architecture, and shield them from the harmful elements. More work is put into combining their perspectives into a unified image. Although a DIY 360° car camera setup won’t equal the quality or ease of a factory-installed system, it can still help with driving.

Is the 360° car camera worth investing in?

360° Car Camera FAQ 4

Even though other drivers are excellent at driving and parking than others, once the wheels are pinched and fenders are scratched, we always feel agony. A 360° car camera system is worthwhile if you prefer to prevent such car pain. Despite the fact that 360° car cameras are voluntary additions to most cars, the comfort and peacefulness they give might seem incomparably valuable. However, a conventional rear camera, parking detectors, or just your ability at slipping into parking places can be just as useful as a 360° car camera, particularly if the device is difficult to activate or shows on a monitor that is blurry or too tiny. Are you unsure whether a 360° car camera system is worthwhile? Take one for a spin and decide for yourself.

Are there any vehicles with pre-installed 360° car cameras?

Yes, if you are planning to look for an automobile with a 360° car camera installed already, these are some of the brands to check out;

  • Hyundai: Surround View Monitor
  • Infiniti: Around View Monitor
  • Kia: Surround View Monitor
  • Audi: Top-down view camera system
  • BMW: Surround View With 3D View
  • Chevrolet: Surround Vision
  • Ford: 360° car Camera
  • Land Rover: 360° car camera Parking Aid; Clear View
  • Mazda: 360° car camera View Monitor
  • Mercedes-Benz: Surround View System
  • Nissan: Around View Monitor
  • Toyota: Bird’s Eye View Camera
  • Volkswagen: Overhead View Camera (Area View)
  • Volvo: 360° Surround View

Why then should you think about purchasing a 360° car camera?

360° Car Camera FAQ 5

Choosing security equipment such as a 360° car camera is a big step. Isn’t it critical to think about whether a vehicle owner should put the money in it or not? We want to be sure that this will help you with our fundamental functions. Our desire to buy is not based on possession. It is influenced by our interpretation of the financial asset. The majority of expenditures are motivated by a desire to enhance one’s self situation.

360° car cameras can be installed for a range of functions, including reducing baseless allegations featuring drivers who aren’t really at fault in a car crash or catching reckless driving conduct in and outside of the vehicle. It may also be used to record traffic movement during adverse weather conditions or after a road incident.

The 360° car cameras automatically function as soon as you turn on the car engine, providing real-time, exact, and fast documentation in the instance of a traffic collision.

360° car cameras are often placed to observe the motorist’s behavior in order to prevent road accidents. Individuals can assess and enhance their driving habits.

For a parent, you’d never cease being frightened about your children taking your car, yeah? With the help of this 360° car camera, customers can also keep track of their car. Another example is if you operate a wide fleet of vehicles. Do you often worry about your driver’s ability to execute his job accurately? The safety of the vehicle fleet or personal car must be ensured by fleet operators and car owners.

What is the installation cost for a 360° car camera?

360° Car Camera FAQ 6

What is the first thing that comes to mind when considering purchasing a technology like a 360° car camera? Is this really the market price? The price will impact whether or not customers purchase the products. People typically overlook items that are out of their budget range; nevertheless, if they realize how efficient and useful the device is in performing its purpose, then they will acquire it regardless of its cost. There are several instances where you badly need a product but are unable to obtain it due to its high cost. That is where you should find your other options; A reliable supplier offering affordable products.

The 360° car cameras are designed to withstand harsh environments. It can survive drops, minor crashes, and a lot of congestion. The majority of these gadgets cost between $30-$200, depending on the features, brand, and endurance. To safeguard the vehicle as well as the drivers from fraudulent accusations, commercial vehicles such as large trucks should be outfitted with 360° car cameras.

Is it permissible to use 360° car camera surveillance footage in court?

360° Car Camera FAQ 7

Several of the reasons why drivers get a 360° Car camera is really to give evidence in the situation of a road accident, right? Without a doubt, 360° Car camera footage might be utilized as testimony and evidence in both criminal and civil procedures, particularly in car crash lawsuits. 360° car camera evidence may be used in court occasionally.

This would be important if the driver is cited for a traffic infraction and a collision occurs as a result. This can help determine if the motorist was at fault or not, as well as what happened during the collision, but it will not always provide each of the elements, making determining responsibility difficult. It also attempts to understand that the footage you shoot with the 360° car camera has more credibility in court because it is more properly verifiable proof than traffic signal data from a cop car.

Where can I buy a 360° car camera?

360° Car Camera FAQ 8

Vehicle surveillance like a 360° car camera can now be purchased anywhere like malls, auto supplies, and other establishments. You can also get it even while at home and just using your phone or computer. 360° car camera sellers and manufacturers are all over the web because of its functionality nowadays. You can easily search through some of the biggest online shops and websites like AMAZON, EBAY, ALIBABA, and other sites including top manufacturer’s websites.

If you’re on a budget but still want a 360° car camera with excellent features, Chinese companies are to look for. Here are some of the facts when purchasing online especially from Chinese manufacturers.

  • Chinese companies began to produce vehicle technologies for quite some time now. These devices are low-cost yet can still match the quality of international brands.
  • A good choice of the company must have a user-friendly website that can be accessed and understood by any user.
  • Reliable companies have positive and authentic device reviews from real people.
  • If you want to test the product first, there are certain companies that offer 1 piece order per transaction.
  • There are also Chinese companies that offer R&D or research and development of your own device preferences and features.

Can a 360° car camera record high-resolution footage at night?

Definitely! The 360° car camera has the capacity to shoot footage even at night.

360° vehicle camera with Infrared LED lighting that illuminates the highway and the vehicle’s surroundings. Some models and variants with a wide-angle characteristic lens that record more views of the highway and car ahead than some other brands with conventional lenses, giving extra details about what caused an incident. Even after the vehicle is switched off, certain 360° car cameras continue to collect and store data. Because most devices are powered by a battery pack, a 360° car camera never stops capturing and storing video clips.

What is a Bird’s Eye View 360° car camera?

360° Car Camera FAQ 9

A birds-eye view lens is really just another name for a 360° car camera. 360° cameras are also known as surround-view surveillance cameras, top-down view cameras, or around-view cameras. They are various names for the same device: a camera program that allows you and seeing what is going on all-around your automobile.

Though bird’s eye-view sensor arrays provide images similar to those provided by a drone equipped with a camera flying 25 feet above your car, they are not “real.” Instead, the visuals and angle of inclination displayed by the camera system are assembled by a computer and synthesized utilizing information derived in from numerous digital vehicle cameras cleverly positioned around a car.



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